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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

  • Faith in Humanity: Couple both with breast cancer raise awareness

    It's a common misconception that only women are diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Photos of teachers walking students home getting well-deserved recognition

    Tabitha Tudy Jones saw a touching ritual Sept. 28, and decided to post a photo teacher Carl Schneider walking his students home to Facebook.
  • Young girl with rare bone disorder leads fundraising charge for Texas hospital

    Eight-year-old Addy Bryan is one determined little girl. Afflicted with a rare bone disorder in both of her legs that caused her knees to be backwards at birth, Addy spent years undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas.  Though the road to getting back on her feet and leading a […]
  • Faith in Humanity: Valley group gives low-cost medical, dental care

    It seems that, no matter how long Congress argues about or passes reforms, the cost of health care keeps going up. For some, that means medical or dental care is simply not in the budget. A Valley nonprofit, the Neighborhood Christian Clinic, is looking to change that. Through volunteer efforts and donations, the clinic provides […]
  • Faith in Humanity: Valley group supports, gives wigs to breast cancer patients

    In the fight for cancer, you need as many people in your corner as possible. While the support of family, friends and medical professionals can be comforting, it’s always good to talk to someone who’s been there, who survived cancer. When Holly Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, she was amazed at the […]
  • Faith in Humanity: Boy with cancer gets surprise backyard makeover

    A young boy with cancer wasn't able to leave his house much anymore, so neighbors came together to build him a special backyard.
  • Faith in Humanity: Arizona group helping disabled people find hope

    Being disabled presents countless obstacles in everyday life. Simple things can be come monumental tasks while others simply become impossible. Sometimes, it’s hard to maintain hope. That’s when the Joni and Friends International Disability Center steps in. Founded by a quadriplegic woman, the center seeks to help those with a disability, or their family or […]
  • Faith in Humanity: Underprivileged boy receives hundreds of books thanks to Facebook post

    Here’s a story sure to get a strong reaction out of any bookworm.  When a mailman in Utah requested a few books for an underprivileged kid with none to read, he was expecting maybe 20 or so of his friends to come through. Ron Lynch a mail carrier from Utah was on his normal route, […]
  • Faith in Humanity: Valley teen awarded for anti-bullying work

    A Phoenix-area teenager has been recognized for his efforts to stop bullying.
  • Faith in Humanity: Strangers pay parking meter for mom as she waits with son in the hospital

    Five women helped Kaylee Goemans avoid a parking ticket as she waited inside a hospital with her ill 6-week-old
  • Faith in Humanity: Valley group offers veterans, families free tickets

    The idea of going to a professional sports game or a cool event always seems like a good idea, but when the numbers start to add up, the cost can get intimidating.
  • Faith in Humanity: Son surprises father by buying him a new home

    Charles Green, also known as YouTube star "The Angry Grandpa," broke down after learning his son Michael bought him a home.
  • Faith in Humanity: Teenager inspires Nike to create shoe for people with disabilities

    The actions of Matthew Walzer, a 16-year-old student with cerebral palsy, inspired Nike officials to create the new Nike FLYEASE, a shoe that can be put on effortlessly.
  • Faith in Humanity: Valley group changing animal, human lives

    A Valley group is dedicated to changing the lives of both humans and their furry friends.
  • Faith in Humanity: Valley group holding youth basketball tournament

    A Valley group that encourages kids to avoid violence will host a basketball tournament this weekend in Phoenix.