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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

  • Faith in Humanity: Michigan State player bonds with young girl

    Friendships are special things, but sometimes they evolve into something truly amazing.
  • Faith in Humanity: Musician rediscovered on YouTube

    It's amazing what one YouTube video can do to change a person's life.
  • Faith in Humanity: Waiter surprises homeless people with full meal

    Giving food to the homeless is always a nice thing to do, but not many people take the time to act as if they are waiting on them.
  • Injured SXSW fan gets private concert in hospital

    An 18 year old who was injured when a suspected drunken driver crashed into a crowd of people at South by Southwest in Austin got a private concert in her hospital room by one of her favorite bands.
  • Faith in Humanity: Disney returns lost bear after a bit of fun

    The loss of a teddy bear is tragic for any child, but for Brooklyn Andrews, it was devastating. During a family trip to Disney World, she left her bear, Toby, behind. At 14, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but the bear was given to her by her late father before he deployed to Iraq. […]
  • Faith in humanity: Michigan boy pays off students’ lunch bills

    When 8-year-old Cayden Taipalus saw a friend handed a cheese sandwich instead of a hot meal because he had an outstanding lunch account balance, he know he had to do something.
  • High school wrestler shows amazing class in defeat

    Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on the Character Counts blog on Many of us have experienced working hard for a goal, ultimately to fall short. For Malik Stewart, a high school wrestler from Blaine, Minnesota, that goal was to win the state championship in the 120-pound class. It didn’t happen. Stewart was pinned […]
  • Faith in humanity: Internet comes to aid of homeless prank target

    It's great when a YouTube video showing people doing good things goes viral but it's even better when the Internet piles goodwill on top of it.
  • Faith in humanity: Dog stays with injured owner, then finds help

    People and animals often have a special connection, but one Alaskan man found out just how special that was when his dog saved his life.
  • Faith in humanity: Unknowingly saving a classmate’s life

    Small acts of kindness are what makes the world go ’round, especially because we never know how far they can go. According to, one high school student had no idea how big of an impact he had on his friend’s life until they graduated. The student, who didn’t identify himself, said he met his […]
  • Runners halt to thank WWII veteran

    Sometimes there are things more important than shaving a few seconds off your race time.
  • Holiday Recipes: Pamela’s Stuffing Waffles

    Basic stuffing recipe (The number of waffles depends on the type of waffle maker you have) 1 Loaf of bread torn into pieces(whichever kind you like for stuffing) 3 carrots diced 2 celery stalk diced 3 cloves of garlic diced 1 tbs butter 1 tsp olive oil 4 c chick broth 2 tsp poultry seasoning […]
  • Short Takes: Are NASCAR drivers true athletes?

    Short Takes is a feature on where you get to ask any of our hosts, reporters or personalities about something in the news and they’ll give you their take on it. Darrin Smith wanted to know what Pamela Hughes, of the Bruce St. James Show on News/Talk 92.3 KTAR, thought about former NFL quarterback […]
  • Sweden breaks out ‘real women’ mannequins

    It's about time we saw some mannequins who are shaped like real women.