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  • The history of craft beer in Arizona

    Happy Halloween! This edition of Thirsty Thursday welcomes Ed Sipos. Ed has spent the last several years preparing a special treat for all off us Arizona beer heads. His new book is Brewing Arizona – A Century of Beer in the Grand Canyon State. In case you missed the launch party at Four Peaks on […]
  • Nerd alert! ‘Star Wars’ bloopers video is here to rescue us!

    I’m going to say it: I am a nerd. I am an unapologetic “Star Wars” fan, so much so that the highlight of our four-day Disney vacation was building a 6- foot Darth Maul light saber with my son. So you could imagine my unbridled glee when the new viral video hit my laptop. Yes, […]
  • Thirsty Thursday speaks with Ben VanderMeer from Sierra Nevada Brewing

    Happy Thirsty Thursday! It’s Beer School Night at World of Beer in Tempe on Thursday. Yes, there will be a test (tasting) and you might be held after class. Worse things could happen. Please be on your best behavior for the substitute teacher tonight, Ben VanderMeer from Sierra Nevada Brewing. I had the opportunity to […]
  • Colorado health insured can hang with ‘Brosurance’

    Bros are selling Obamacare in Colorado. Dude, we're totally serious.
  • I laugh at death…you should, too!

    The management at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati should be ashamed of themselves. If a veteran’s family wants to memorialize their daughter with a 7-foot Spongebob Squarepants headstone, it should be their right to do so. After all, this is America, and this young woman died defending our nation – and our right to have […]
  • Why the shutdown will end sooner rather than later

    What would happen if we citizens realized that we can survive with a leaner government?
  • Co-founder of The Phoenix Ale Brewery George Hancock

    This week’s installment of Thirsty Thursday stars the co-founder of The Phoenix Ale Brewery, George Hancock. We open chatting about the legacy of the late co-founder, Gregory Fretz. Fretzy was instrumental in convincing George to leave Seattle, head for Phoenix and join the upstart desert micro-brew community. George compares the Arizona Beer Culture to his […]
  • Thirsty Thursday speaks with Beer Czar Ken Morrison

    The Beer Czar, Ken Morrison, joins us for this week’s installment of Thirsty Thursday. The Beer Czar specializes in the “Newbies” of the craft beer world. Together, we will help you storm the gates of Craft Beer. Follow Thirsty Thursday’s happenings on Twitter.
  • Hey, National Rifle Association: It’s quiet time

    Gun enthusiasts, let's admit it: The National Rifle Association botched its response to the tragedy in Sandy hook.
  • The US A-Team — global mercenaries at work

    Forget about all of this “World’s Police” nonsense. The United States has been handed a new calling as global mercenaries, the USA-Team, if you will. Don’t believe me? I present to you this week’s testimony of Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry said at Wednesday’s hearing that Arab countries have offered to pay for the […]
  • It’s NFL Opening Day! But it’s Thursday…

    Men, we have been anticipating this day for months: It's FINALLY opening day of the NFL season.
  • AZ forecast: cloudy with 100 percent chance of whining

    Arizonans complain about the weather for about 300 days of the year. Knock if off.
  • Barack Obama, John Kerry and the Syrian football

    They have done it.
  • The Obama sequestration cut only where it hurts

    Reports have been emerging about the dreaded sequestration not being as bad as it was billed to be.
  • Schools need to end the war on boys

    For many parts of the Valley, the school year is up and running.