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  • Phoenix radio hosts involved in war of words

    First off, we swear we didn't do it.
  • Rich kid overshares prompt parents to look at their own children

    If you want to know what the rich kids of the planet are doing on a seemingly daily basis, the information is merely a click away.
  • McCain calls Biden an ‘idiot’ and now tells why Clinton should be VP

    Earlier this week Meghan McCain was on KTAR and called Joe Biden an “idiot.” An “idiot” because, among other things, his remarks to a crowd in Virginia earlier this week. “Romney said in the first 100 days he’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules. Unchain Wall Street!” Biden then […]
  • Try this quiz!

    Try this short quiz to see which 2012 presidential candidate you side with. Mac took the quiz and his results were a tie between two candidates. Two candidates that you don’t see much of. Share your results.
  • Tim Tebow goes ‘sexy Jesus’ for GQ

    We'd like to be able to say New York jets quarterback Tim Tebow is back in the news, but let's face it, he never left.
  • Kobe Bryant’s wife fuming over shirtless photo

    U.S. Olympian Kobe Bryant is in hot water with his wife again.
  • ‘Man Aisle’ coming to a grocery store near you?

    Relief could be coming for guys who have trouble shopping.
  • Video shows another killer whale attack at Sea World

    We've all heard about the fatal attack by a killer whale on a Sea World trainer in 2010, but new video shows that the attack wasn't an isolated incident.
  • Chick-fil-A president says ‘guilty’ to being anti-gay marriage

    Apparently, chicken and religion now mix.
  • Booty Bopping child rapper raises eyebrows

    Kids these days. A sexually suggestive music video has gone viral and features six-year-old Albert Roundtree Jr., singing, dancing and shaking his booty in a music video dubbed ‘Booty Pop’. There are, of course, women dressed in skimpy bikinis dancing around Albert, with him making inappropriate gestures while singing, “I can make your booty pop.” […]
  • Top 20 all-time TV moments

    What are some of the most indelible television images from the past 50 years? According to a survey conducted by Nielsen and Sony Electronics, viewers ranked the top 20 TV moments of all-time. These results were based on a questionnaire relating to events the American public had watched over the years. Not surprisingly, the September […]
  • The Source: Would you quit if you took a big pay cut?

    In the bad economy, companies are cutting salaries and employees in order to keep their head above water.
  • The Source: What stresses men out the most?

    Stress is something we all deal with, but Mac Watson and Larry Gaydos wanted to go to the source of what stresses men out the most.
  • Viral video shows the crazy attached girlfriend

    Everyone has heard the horror stories of a far-too-clingy ex, but a new viral video takes it to the next level.
  • Interview mistakes that have actually happened

    Next time you interview and don’t get the job you may want to look at few of the mistakes you made during the process. These mistakes people make when they interview are just a complete lack of common sense…