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  • The Source: What stresses men out the most?

    Stress is something we all deal with, but Mac Watson and Larry Gaydos wanted to go to the source of what stresses men out the most.
  • Viral video shows the crazy attached girlfriend

    Everyone has heard the horror stories of a far-too-clingy ex, but a new viral video takes it to the next level.
  • Interview mistakes that have actually happened

    Next time you interview and don’t get the job you may want to look at few of the mistakes you made during the process. These mistakes people make when they interview are just a complete lack of common sense…
  • Mac & Gaydos’ Daily Download: Tuesday, June 5

    5. Barnes and Noble not only issued an apology yesterday, but have completely flip-flopped on the issue 4. Airlines want to start seating passengers based on mood 3. Disney bans junk-food ads… Bloomberg might be a hypocrite 2. Coyotes deal will cost Glendale residents a crap-ton of money 1. Facebook will disappear in 10 years… […]
  • Mac & Gaydos’ Daily Download: Monday, June 4

    5. Grandfather gets kicked out of the Barnes and Noble Children’s Section 4. Babeu comments on the 5 bodies found in a burned-down car 3. Kim Kardashian should not be in the same poll as Jerry Sandusky and OJ Simpson 2. Another Flashlight incident, people are panicking all over the Valley 1. First Lady’s visit […]