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Get Outdoors With Mike Russell

  • The Arizona Big Game Draw explained

    When I moved to Arizona, I was shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- to find out that I wasn't able to buy a fist full of game tags from Walmart.
  • It’s finally here!

    It’s finally here! Arizona’s ONLY radio show dedicated to the outdoors: Get Outdoors with Mike Russell. The show will focus on the outdoor playground that Arizona is known for being. Get Outdoors with Mike Russell will air Saturdays at 2 p.m. The show will focus on hunting, fishing, camping, day trips, family adventures, shooting sports […]
  • The shame of shopping on Thanksgiving

    Evil profiteers are destroying the sanctity of Thanksgiving Day by opening their stores. So what?
  • Arizona Hops and Vines

    Meet the wonderful women of Arizona Hops and Vines in Sonoita, AZ. Yes, the fruits of their labor become the delicious hoppiness of your favorite southern Arizona microbrews. You’re going to want to fasten your seatbelt for this one as we discuss hop chewing, “Drag Queen” races, bad decisions and wine/beer combos. You have been […]
  • Get ready for International Stout Day!

    Today we will celebrate the wonderful world of stouts. Why you ask? Friday is International Stout Day! That’s right…go to for more info. For the newbie, a stout is in its most basic sense…a strong porter. That’s why it is called a stout. Stouts come in all shapes and sizes from basic, Oatmeal and […]
  • The history of craft beer in Arizona

    Happy Halloween! This edition of Thirsty Thursday welcomes Ed Sipos. Ed has spent the last several years preparing a special treat for all off us Arizona beer heads. His new book is Brewing Arizona – A Century of Beer in the Grand Canyon State. In case you missed the launch party at Four Peaks on […]
  • Nerd alert! ‘Star Wars’ bloopers video is here to rescue us!

    I’m going to say it: I am a nerd. I am an unapologetic “Star Wars” fan, so much so that the highlight of our four-day Disney vacation was building a 6- foot Darth Maul light saber with my son. So you could imagine my unbridled glee when the new viral video hit my laptop. Yes, […]
  • Thirsty Thursday speaks with Ben VanderMeer from Sierra Nevada Brewing

    Happy Thirsty Thursday! It’s Beer School Night at World of Beer in Tempe on Thursday. Yes, there will be a test (tasting) and you might be held after class. Worse things could happen. Please be on your best behavior for the substitute teacher tonight, Ben VanderMeer from Sierra Nevada Brewing. I had the opportunity to […]
  • Colorado health insured can hang with ‘Brosurance’

    Bros are selling Obamacare in Colorado. Dude, we're totally serious.