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Get Outdoors With Mike Russell

  • Next level clay shooting is here but you need a Ferrari

    Meet clay-shooting champion Philip Thorrold. This guy gets to shoot for a living. From time to time, he gets to do it from a Ferrari 599.
  • Don’t worry, anglers: Drone fishing won’t be a trend for long

    Rod and reel, spear, net, hand line, and even noodling — I thought that, when it comes to fishing methods, I had seen it all. Then I saw this video of… wait for it… DRONE FISHING! Yes, fishing with what us old guys see as a remote-controlled helicopter. As you can see in the video, […]
  • KTAR’s Mike Russell, 12 News kick off Arizona dove season

    Tuesday was a holiday of sorts for Arizona hunters: Dove season officially began. The opening of dove season — Sept. 1-15 and Nov. 26-Jan. 9 — draws both locals and out-of-towners to the Valley’s outskirt’s to hunt the birds. Mike Russell, host of KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Get Outdoors, joined 12 News to mark the […]
  • Get Outdoors: The dentist vs. the Cecil the lion — get a grip!

    I will begin by stating that as an avid outdoorsman, poaching is the most vile practice in this industry. There is no excuse, period. Which happens to be subject of the latest slactivist rage pulsing through the Internet. The story of an American dentist who coughed up $50,000, traveled to Africa, and hunted a lion. […]
  • Mick vs. Shark: Why surfers get chomped

    Over the weekend, Mick Fanning learned something about sharks.
  • Hooked: Where they’re biting on Go Fishing Day in metro Phoenix

    It might not seem like Arizona is the place to go fishing with its lack of water.
  • Get Outdoors: A new way to prepare your wild turkey

    Stop cooking your game the same old way. Let Chef Eddie Matney help you up your kitchen game…game.
  • Get Outdoors: Rod-and-reel transplant mid-yellowtail hook-up

    Now that the bite is kicking up out West, I thought I would share an amazing piece of video from our last road trip. Winey hooked into a nice yellowtail when his rental rod-reel combo jammed on him. Think about that for a second: You spend all of this time, effort and cash for a […]
  • A gun owner’s take on the viral NYC guns with history ad

    I have just a few thoughts on last week's video by the anti-gun group called States United to Prevent Gun Violence.
  • Get Outdoors: Sight fishing for bass at Saguaro Lake

    It is that time of year: The bass are on their beds in full “protect the future at all costs” mode. Sight fishing is the play and it’s paying off. We had the opportunity to hit the water at Saguaro Lake last week with the owner of The Arizona Fishing Guides, Scooter Griffith. Usually you […]
  • Get Outdoors: Check out the new Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T

    It has been a long time coming — a kayak for the entire family. Here it is and it is literally for the entire family! Seriously, do the neighbors want to jump on board? There is room for them as well. Of course, I am talking about Hobie’s 2015 Pro Angler 17T. Yes, it is […]
  • Get Outdoors: Raw footage of our epic double hookup

    A few weeks ago, we brought you our thoughts on an amazing trip with Kevin Nakada, the Sea Samurai out of La Jolla California. What was missing from that video was yellowtail jerky, making bait and the awesomeness and raw action of the double hookup. I was close to landing my halibut when Cooper Rummell […]
  • Get Outdoors: Double hookup – sea bass and halibut

    KTAR’s Cooper Rummell and I had the opportunity to hit the Pacific waters with the Sea Samurai, Kevin Nakata. Kevin had the brand spankin’ new Hobie kayaks dialed in and we quickly hit the water. We were going to fish with live bait, so we spent a small portion of the morning catching the bait […]
  • Rob Hunter did well helping a suicidal veteran

    Rob Hunter did something great on Wednesday. We have covered the VA scandal in great detail over the past few months. We have spoken with the major players in D.C. and have taken our listeners inside the VA by interviewing those that have intimate knowledge of the system. But that is all it has been: […]
  • Get Outdoors: Airlines are hooking anglers in the wallet!

    We've been nickel and dimed by the airlines for years now -- baggage fees, drink fees, seat fees and yes, pillow fees.