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Get Outdoors With Mike Russell

  • Get Outdoors: Check out the new Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T

    It has been a long time coming — a kayak for the entire family. Here it is and it is literally for the entire family! Seriously, do the neighbors want to jump on board? There is room for them as well. Of course, I am talking about Hobie’s 2015 Pro Angler 17T. Yes, it is […]
  • Get Outdoors: Raw footage of our epic double hookup

    A few weeks ago, we brought you our thoughts on an amazing trip with Kevin Nakada, the Sea Samurai out of La Jolla California. What was missing from that video was yellowtail jerky, making bait and the awesomeness and raw action of the double hookup. I was close to landing my halibut when Cooper Rummell […]
  • Get Outdoors: Double hookup – sea bass and halibut

    KTAR’s Cooper Rummell and I had the opportunity to hit the Pacific waters with the Sea Samurai, Kevin Nakata. Kevin had the brand spankin’ new Hobie kayaks dialed in and we quickly hit the water. We were going to fish with live bait, so we spent a small portion of the morning catching the bait […]
  • Rob Hunter did well helping a suicidal veteran

    Rob Hunter did something great on Wednesday. We have covered the VA scandal in great detail over the past few months. We have spoken with the major players in D.C. and have taken our listeners inside the VA by interviewing those that have intimate knowledge of the system. But that is all it has been: […]
  • Get Outdoors: Airlines are hooking anglers in the wallet!

    We've been nickel and dimed by the airlines for years now -- baggage fees, drink fees, seat fees and yes, pillow fees.
  • Get Outdoors: When you enter the ocean, you drop in the food chain

    Holy…what…wait…THAT JUST HAPPENED! Let’s get something straight: When you are not on land, you are no longer the boss! Never is this more evident than when the crazies are out spearfishing. This video proves my point perfectly. If you are planning some fun-filled spearfishing adventure in the near future, please consider the following: 1) There […]
  • Shark bowfishing is a thing? Sign me up!f

    SHARK! Wait! I’ve often sung the praises of an activity that combines two of my passions, bowhunting and fishing. Yes, bowfishing. But I had no clue that a third passion of mine had entered the game — SHARKS! Apparently shark bowfishing is possible and quite popular. Here’s a scary thought for all of the helicopter […]
  • Get Outdoors: Why your doctor should prescribe a healthy dose of fishing

    Bass Pro Shops has put together a list of the health benefits of fishing. Just tuck these away for the next time your spouse complains about you fishing too much. Benefits to your heart The American Heart Association recommends that adult spend at least 30 minutes per day participating in an activity of “moderate intensity.” […]
  • Get Outdoors: Rolling Stone’s gun study misses target

    They have done it! After years of exhaustive research, Rolling Stone magazine has finally published its findings on the five most dangerous guns in America. How can we ever thank them? Is there a Nobel Prize for research? If so, these guys need a nomination now! I hope you are picking up on my sarcasm. […]
  • Get Outdoors: Recon 6 Watch

    I will have to admit, I am a bit of watch junkie. I love a good-looking, durable watch. But if I am going to invest in a good watch, I want that thing to be indestructible! When I heard that Tim Ralston had designed a watch I had to see it for myself. Before I […]
  • Get Outdoors: Campfire in a Can

    As promised…the “How To” video for Campfire in a Can. I visited my friend Tim Ralston at Gear Up for the step-by-step instructions on how to make one of these. I can’t think of a more useful item for camping, hunting, beach bonfires, trail riding, fishing or hiking. It’s light, compact and stays cool. I […]
  • It’s time to dive…for free!

    I think back on all of the wonderful gifts that my wife has bought me over the years and I can honestly say that the BEST gift was scuba diving lessons.
  • The NRA on Arizona legislation, run on ammunition

    There are several pieces of legislation working through Arizona's Legislature. We needed to get a handle on all these issues and eliminate some of the noise.
  • So you caught a fish from a lake…now what?

    When it comes to lake/pond/river fishing, I have mostly been a catch-and-release angler.
  • The Arizona Big Game Draw explained

    When I moved to Arizona, I was shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- to find out that I wasn't able to buy a fist full of game tags from Walmart.
  • It’s finally here!

    It’s finally here! Arizona’s ONLY radio show dedicated to the outdoors: Get Outdoors with Mike Russell. The show will focus on the outdoor playground that Arizona is known for being. Get Outdoors with Mike Russell will air Saturdays at 2 p.m. The show will focus on hunting, fishing, camping, day trips, family adventures, shooting sports […]
  • The shame of shopping on Thanksgiving

    Evil profiteers are destroying the sanctity of Thanksgiving Day by opening their stores. So what?
  • Arizona Hops and Vines

    Meet the wonderful women of Arizona Hops and Vines in Sonoita, AZ. Yes, the fruits of their labor become the delicious hoppiness of your favorite southern Arizona microbrews. You’re going to want to fasten your seatbelt for this one as we discuss hop chewing, “Drag Queen” races, bad decisions and wine/beer combos. You have been […]
  • Get ready for International Stout Day!

    Today we will celebrate the wonderful world of stouts. Why you ask? Friday is International Stout Day! That’s right…go to for more info. For the newbie, a stout is in its most basic sense…a strong porter. That’s why it is called a stout. Stouts come in all shapes and sizes from basic, Oatmeal and […]
  • The history of craft beer in Arizona

    Happy Halloween! This edition of Thirsty Thursday welcomes Ed Sipos. Ed has spent the last several years preparing a special treat for all off us Arizona beer heads. His new book is Brewing Arizona – A Century of Beer in the Grand Canyon State. In case you missed the launch party at Four Peaks on […]