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  • Red-light cameras? There’s an app for that

    Photo radar systems are a contentious subject for many, especially if you’ve ever been nailed by the tell tale flash. Lots of apps like Waze are designed to help point out automated traffic devices on the roadways, but now you can get an app from the source. The ReflexLocator app has been created by RedFlex, […]
  • Fountain App

    If you own a home, you’re well aware of all of the home improvement tasks that are waiting on you. Time is generally the biggest enemy, but sometimes its a lack of expertise that keeps you from attacking a project. Well, there’s an iPhone app for that….and it’s called Fountain. Fountain is a new entry […]
  • Tether

    If you’re big fan of Apple products, you probably have an iPhone and a Mac that you use every day. Apple has done a lot to make these two devices work together very nicely. But did you know that you could tether them so your iPhone would automatically lock your computer when you stepped away […]
  • Google cloud printing

    Honey, I need to print something from my iPhone! This recent request from my wife reminded me of a tip I gave years ago that’s even more useful today. Since we all seem to use Google services every day, why not include printing just about anything from anywhere with Google Cloud Print. As long as […]
  • Cozy Landlord/Tenant

    Today’s tip is for anyone that has a rental property or rents a place from a private individual. Whether you’re the landlord or the tenant, if you’re still using the old fashioned deliver a check method, you know how inconvenient it can be for both sides. A web service called Cozy can make this monthly […]
  • Roadie app – Waffle House partnership

    The sharing economy has led to extremely popular startups like Uber and AirBnB because they leverage the power of the smartphone. And now, a well funded startup called Roadie is attempting to compete with UPS and Fedex by creating what they call a neighbor-to-neighbor shipping network. Their network is designed to match those that are […]
  • Yahoo Mail password

    Remembering all your passwords continues to plague most Internet users, so Yahoo has come up with an interesting way to deal with the problem: get rid of the traditional password. Yahoo recently activated a new service called “on-demand” passwords, which lets anyone log into a Yahoo account using a short password the company texts to […]
  • Is my computer safe when it’s asleep?

    Does putting the computer to sleep disconnect it from the Internet and while in sleep mode is it affected by "Wake on Lan?"
  • Instant AppMachine

    Smartphones and tablets continue to grow in popularity and one of the big reasons: apps! If you’ve been thinking about creating an app for your business or organization, but there just isn’t a budget for it, a startup that debuted at SXSW is worth taking a look at. The Instant AppMachine enables just about anyone […]
  • Fake tech support search ads

    When a problem pops up with your computer and you want to find the tech support number, Google’s a good place to find it, right? Wrong! A growing number of people are being victimized when they call what they believe to be legitimate numbers for tech support that they found in a search. For instance, […]
  • – automated savings

    Saving money is such an important skill set, but so many Americans struggle with doing it consistently or at all. The average savings for people under the age of 35 is almost non-existent. An interesting attempt to help solve this problem comes from a well funded startup called Digit. Digit’s aim is simple, automate your […]
  • Hopper App

    The Internet’s filled with websites that claim to know the best day and time to book airline travel, but it’s much too complex to be that simple. If you generally plan your trips in advance, checkout the website and app from a company called Hopper. Hopper helps you with tips on the best time to […]
  • ResearchKIT

    A couple of weeks ago, you heard all about the new Apple Watch from Tim Cook and his gang. Despite all the hype, there was something much more important announced at that event that didn’t get nearly enough recognition: the ResearchKit app platform. Apple decided to help the research community by making it easy for […]

    Today’s tip starts with a quick explanation of some geek speak: word cloud A word cloud is a visual representation of a large amount of text, with the most prominently used words in larger fonts or special colors. Word clouds are a great way to quickly extract important themes in large bodies of text. For […]
  • Free MacBook Pro video repair

    If you own an older Apple Macbook Pro and you think you’ve been seeing weird video issues, you may not be imagining things. Apple recently announced a free repair program for owners of various MacBook Pro models that range from 2011 to 2013. Symptoms of the problem can include distorted video, no video, or unexpected […]