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  • Can Macintosh computers get Windows viruses?

    Q: I’m getting a Windows blue screen error on my Macbook that won’t let me do anything on the Internet. I’m confused; can a Mac get a Windows virus? It’s not possible for a Macintosh to contract an actual Windows specific virus, so the answer is no. What you’re most likely experiencing is a browser-based […]
  • Update Internet Explorer even if you use Microsoft Edge

    Q: I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and started using the new Edge browser, so do I still need to install critical updates for Internet Explorer? Microsoft’s Edge browser is a complete departure from Internet Explorer and is actually a completely different product. One of the reasons Microsoft took this approach was to shed all […]
  • Are Windows 10’s rumored privacy issues overblown or cause for concern?

    Q: I’m hearing a lot of issues concerning privacy with Windows 10. Should I be worried or is it being overblown? Microsoft definitely took a completely different approach with Windows 10 and because of that, privacy concerns are being heatedly discussed across the Internet. Some would have you believe that it’s a privacy nightmare and […]
  • Here’s what we know about Windows 10’s issues so far

    Q: Any insight into how Windows 10 upgrades are going so far?  Is it safe to jump in? As I previously wrote, Microsoft is offering a free upgrade for the next year that most people will likely find compelling. As with any major operating system update, it’s always safer to hang back and let the […]
  • How to avoid falling victim to major Android security flaw

    Q: I have an Android phone and just heard about the major security problem, so what do I do? A number of newly-discovered vulnerabilities in a central Android software component called Stagefright, which is used to play, process or record multimedia files, is estimated to affect up to 95 percent of Android users. According to […]
  • Car hacking just became a real concern for millions of drivers

    How worried should I be about my new car that has Wi-Fi getting hacked?
  • Four reasons why you keep getting spam emails

    How are spammers getting my email if I hardly ever use it? I don't respond to any offers and I want to know if there is way to stop them!
  • Is it time to get rid of Adobe Flash?

    With the latest hacker exploits of Adobe Flash making the rounds, is it time to just completely uninstall it from my machine?
  • Popular new app is nothing more than piracy made easy

    A friend told me about an app called Popcorn Time that allows you to watch TV shows and movies from your phone or tablet. Is it safe to use?
  • It happens: New computers can crash too

    I have a fairly new iMac with a Fusion hard drive that crashed. When I took it to the Apple Store, they said that data recovery wasn't possible and that I had to start from scratch. Is there a data recovery option?
  • Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

    I'm getting the "Get Windows 10" alert on my computer in the bottom right-hand corner. Should I download it?
  • A good tool for sniffing out scam websites

    I think I have fallen for a scam. My desktop said my computer was compromised with some kind of malware and gave me a number to call. I did call and fell for the scam, so what should I do?
  • Tips for speeding up a slow browser

    I've been using Chrome as my browser in Windows 7 for a while, but it seems like it's getting real slow these days; is there a better option?
  • Matrix Airfare search

    There are lots of websites that offer to help you find great travel deals, but if you have a flexible travel schedule, I really love the Matrix Airfare Search Tool. You start by entering your departure and destination cities, a 30 day departure date range and the range of days you can stay at your […]
  • DropBox for Gmail

    The process for sending large files via email can be time consuming or require your recipient to sign up for a special service. If you use Gmail and Dropbox, today’s tip will help you leverage them together in new way that streamlines the process. A recent update to the Dropbox for Gmail extension for the […]