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  • Transferring files from infected PC to new PC

    I have an old computer with (Windows) XP that is running very slow (I think it has a virus). I would like to get a new computer and transfer things to the new computer but I'm afraid it will transfer the virus. What should I do?
  • Easy way to compare online

    Searching the internet makes comparing things easy, you just hop back and forth between browser windows and take notes. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could compare the iPhone versus the Galaxy S3 or the Kindle versus the Nook in one place? You can! gives you all the facts about any two things you’re […]
  • Facebook Question: Driver updates

    Updates, updates, everywhere there are updates for your computer, so you should be updating everything all the time right? Well, not necessarily. Kevin asked us on Facebook ,about a website, that offered to update all his drivers. Drivers are small software programs that control your hardware and updating them all at once is a bad […]
  • Common wireless network mistakes

    When you setup your wireless network, try to avoid these common mistakes. Lets start with the basics: 1. When you plug in your router, you have to give it a name. Don’t use your last name. You don’t need to tell anyone with malicious intent that this is your network. 2. Turn off the broadcast. […]
  • Better battery life for new smartphones

    Lots of you got new smartphones yesterday, and we know how exciting a new device can be. But we also know how disappointing it is, when the thing dies after just a short amount of time. Now that you have your shiny new smartphone in your hand, lets make some basic adjustments to make the […]
  • Making Netflix Better

    If you use Netflix, and more than 30 million of us do, did you know there are some simple things you can do to make it work better? If you get frustrated when Netflix suggest a movie you have no interest in, you can fix that with just a couple of clicks. When the movie […]
  • Food Pair: For all the foodies out there

    There’s a ton of foodie websites out there. From TV channels sites, to snobby recipe sites and specialty sites, but there’s one that does it better. is the easiest way to find recipes online. Search nearly a million recipes from the best sites across the Web. Now you don’t have to hop from site […]
  • Are extended warranties on computers worth buying?

    Are extended warranties on computers worth buying?
  • How do I know if I downloaded the Facebook Photo Sync app by accident?

    How do I know if I downloaded the Facebook Photo Sync app by accident?
  • Google Chromebooks: The pros and cons

    Curious what y'all thought about the (Google) Chromebook or if you could point me to a post if you've already covered it.
  • Is buying refurbished electronics a safe thing to do?

    With all of the "special deals" being offered during the holiday shopping season, is it safe to buy electronics that have been refurbished?
  • Are my e-mails private from government agencies?

    What is metadata? And after the scandal of Gen. Petraeus, are our emails private from government agencies?
  • How does Microsoft’s Surface tablet compare to the iPad?

    How does Microsoft's Surface tablet compare to the iPad?
  • Windows 8 upgrade tips and advice

    I'm considering Windows 8 but don't know if my current computer is capable of the upgrade. Any quick way to figure out if I need a new computer or not?
  • Getting iTunes music from home to work

    I have thousands of songs in my iTunes at home that I would like to listen to at work and I don't want to pay Apple to use iTunes Match. Any other suggestions?