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  • Making Netflix Better

    If you use Netflix, and more than 30 million of us do, did you know there are some simple things you can do to make it work better? If you get frustrated when Netflix suggest a movie you have no interest in, you can fix that with just a couple of clicks. When the movie […]
  • Food Pair: For all the foodies out there

    There’s a ton of foodie websites out there. From TV channels sites, to snobby recipe sites and specialty sites, but there’s one that does it better. is the easiest way to find recipes online. Search nearly a million recipes from the best sites across the Web. Now you don’t have to hop from site […]
  • Are extended warranties on computers worth buying?

    Are extended warranties on computers worth buying?
  • How do I know if I downloaded the Facebook Photo Sync app by accident?

    How do I know if I downloaded the Facebook Photo Sync app by accident?
  • Google Chromebooks: The pros and cons

    Curious what y'all thought about the (Google) Chromebook or if you could point me to a post if you've already covered it.
  • Is buying refurbished electronics a safe thing to do?

    With all of the "special deals" being offered during the holiday shopping season, is it safe to buy electronics that have been refurbished?
  • Are my e-mails private from government agencies?

    What is metadata? And after the scandal of Gen. Petraeus, are our emails private from government agencies?
  • How does Microsoft’s Surface tablet compare to the iPad?

    How does Microsoft's Surface tablet compare to the iPad?
  • Windows 8 upgrade tips and advice

    I'm considering Windows 8 but don't know if my current computer is capable of the upgrade. Any quick way to figure out if I need a new computer or not?
  • Getting iTunes music from home to work

    I have thousands of songs in my iTunes at home that I would like to listen to at work and I don't want to pay Apple to use iTunes Match. Any other suggestions?
  • How to get Google Maps on Apple’s iOS 6

    I upgraded my iPhone 4S to iOS 6 and heard about all the problems with the new Maps app that Apple switched to. Is there a way to get Google Maps back on my phone or something else that's more reliable?
  • Add-ons can prevent clicking on dangerous links

    I heard you guys talking on your radio show about some tool that used red, green and yellow dots to alert you of dangerous websites when you are searching. I was in my car and couldn't write it down, so could you tell me what it was called?
  • Wipe your old smartphone before you sell

    What should I do to get rid of personal info on my smartphone before I sell it?
  • ‘Perfect password’ tips

    I understand why you say that I should use complex passwords that are different for each of my accounts, but how can I possibly remember them all?
  • Sniffing out the Microsoft phone call scam

    I just received a call from someone asking me to click the Windows button +R. The caller says he’s from the computer maintenance department of Microsoft Windows and they are doing a routine check. He left a phone number and his name and asked that I call back. I’m figuring he was up to no […]