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  • Is there a difference between paid and free password managers?

    Q: Is a paid password manager necessarily better or safer than a free one? Passwords are a daily source of frustration for all of us because so much of our lives are tied up in the online world. As everyone should know by now, using weak passwords — especially the same weak password on all […]
  • Deciding which smart thermostat will work best for you

    Heating or cooling your home when no one is home will add up over time, which is why a smart thermostat can pay for itself.
  • Pay attention because online typos can end with a scam

    Watch what you type in your search bar, because an errant keystroke or typo can send you to a scam website.
  • How to see what your Amazon Echo has recorded you saying

    Is it true the Amazon Echo records everything I’m saying to it and that someone has figured out how to hack it? Sort of. Here's how to hear what it caught.
  • How do I keep my Roomba from sharing my information?

    If you're concerned about your Roomba sharing your floor plan with other companies, here is what you need to do to stop it.
  • Some factors to consider when adding a DIY home security system

    There’s never been a better time to add a DIY security to your home that allows you to monitor what’s going on, but you'll have some choices to make.
  • Be smart: Tips for using public Wi-Fi safely

    Using free Wi-Fi away from work or home has become the standard, but there are some steps you should take to prevent someone gaining access to your devices.
  • Having a Mac means I won’t get hit by ransomware, right? Wrong

    Having a Mac lessens your chance of being targeted by ransomware, but that is not an excuse to drop you guard while surfing the internet.
  • Do mesh Wi-Fi networks provide better coverage than traditional routers?

    A newer Wi-Fi technology known as a mesh network, while more expensive, is significantly better than a router when dealing with large areas of coverage.
  • Is it true some color laser printers print invisible ID dots on each page?

    Is it true that color laser printers print invisible dots to ID the printer on every page? It is, but that's only true of some brands.
  • How to tell if you were exposed to the HP key-tracking problem

    Some HP laptops have a program that unintentionally tracks every key you press. Here's how to yell if your device was affected.
  • If you’re still using Windows Vista, you might want to consider an upgrade

    Windows Vista, a software released by Microsoft in 2007, could be vulnerable to hacks and other security threats, so users should think about upgrading.
  • Some questions and answers about creating a paperless home

    We’ve been hearing the promise of the paperless office for more than 30 years, but very few of us have taken the time that it takes to make the transition.
  • Lessons and tips we can all learn from 1 billion hacked Yahoo accounts

    The announcement of 1 billion Yahoo accounts being compromised in 2013 holds many lessons for everyone and some tips to be safer online.
  • Should I consider adding Trusteer Endpoint Protection to my computer?

    Trusteer Endpoint Protection is a legitimate program that is specifically designed to help fight financial fraud and is often recommended by various banks.