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    He Said: Joe’s Midnight Run is a Phoenix liquor store turned tasty eatery

    A neighborhood liquor store turned into a thriving new restaurant? Who would have known?! That's the theme behind Joe's Midnight Run in Phoenix.
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    She Said: Pomo is a treasure and a pizza spot worth visiting

    Pomo Pizzeria is back in full force serving up delicious dish after delicious dish.
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    He Said: St. Francis’ summer menu another hit for Uptown Phoenix fixture

    The summer menu at St. Francis in Uptown Phoenix is another home run for the popular eatery. You'll have to check this one out.
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    She Said: The Breakfast Joynt gives small-town feel in Scottsdale’s DC Ranch

    A friend suggested we meet up at The Breakfast Joynt in DC Ranch in Scottsdale and I was pleasantly surprised by this comforting little place.
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    He Said: Go to Lou Malnati’s for the pizza, stay for the pizza, return for the pizza

    One of the most legendary deep dish pizza places in Chicago, Lou Malnati's, has opened in Phoenix. You should go eat their pizza. Now.
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    She Said: The newest Herb Box is a tasty addition to north-central Phoenix

    The Herb Box is a great Arizona local restaurant chain and I am thrilled they have expanded to the north-central part of Phoenix.
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    He Said: Gadzooks is like Chipotle but with awesome enchiladas

    If you're looking for a great place to grab some quick build-your-own enchiladas in Phoenix, look no further than Gadzooks.
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    Up to the plate: Reviewing the Arizona Diamondbacks’ new food options

    Every year, the Arizona Diamondbacks launch new food options at Chase Field that spark public interest. We tried some of this season's new, tasty options.
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    She Said: Cherry Blossom Noodle Cafe blends Asian, Italian flavors in best way

    I call Cherry Blossom Noodle Cafe "interesting" because it blends Asian and Italian flavors together in such a great way.
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    He Said: Corduroy menu is full of luscious, exotic food, terrific drinks

    Corduroy is another adaptive reuse restaurant, showcasing all the amazing things that are happening in and around central Phoenix.
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    She Said: Snoh is the experience you need on a hot Arizona day

    With Arizona's high summer temperatures quickly approaching, Snoh -- which serves a mix of shaved ice and ice cream -- is a place you must go try!
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    He Said: Chestnut offers healthy but hearty farm-to-table dining

    The menu at Chestnut in Phoenix is both healthy and delicious and, most importantly, fresh. But the farm-to-table restaurant doesn't skimp on portions.
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    She Said: I didn’t meet a dish I didn’t like at Drexyl in Scottsdale

    The variety of dishes on a menu that offer both light and heavy meals makes Drexyl a place you want to visit again and again.
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    12 ‘craic’-ing Phoenix-area pubs to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

    Here are our picks for the 12 best Phoenix-area Irish pubs for St. Patrick's Day fun.
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    She Said: Phoenix Devoured 2016 was full of can’t-miss eats

    Now that I am am finally not too full to type, here are my picks for the best eats that were at Phoenix's 2016 Devoured Culinary Classic.