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  • Is desalination the key to California’s water future?

    Could the solution to California's drought problem be lapping at its sandy shores?
  • Arizona wine industry committed to water conservation

    Agriculture is a big part of Arizona's economy. It also is a drain on the state's water supply.
  • Las Vegas water usage could impact Arizona’s future

    We've all heard the phrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," but what happens when it doesn't? What happens when the city upriver is facing a possible water crisis itself?
  • Expert says Arizona will not ‘run out of water’

    We're approaching two decades of drought in the Southwest. The good news is, we're not going to run out of water, according to Pam Pickard, president of the Central Arizona Project Board.
  • Central Arizona Project prepared for Arizona’s water future

    Central Arizona Project (CAP) is the primary steward of Arizona’s Colorado River water supplies and places paramount importance on the health and sustainability of the river. Since 2000, the Colorado River basin has endured the worst drought in centuries, yet Colorado River water users in California, Nevada and Arizona have not had to reduce the […]
  • Climate expert: No easy way out of Arizona drought

    Arizona has been in a drought for 17 years and Arizona State University climate expert Randy Cerveny said it's now completely in the hands of Mother Nature as to when it will all end.
  • CAP: Desalination may be key to Valley’s water future

    The Valley gets much of its water from the Colorado River but the supply from that river may dwindle in the future and the state may have to search for other ways to quench the thirst of residents.
  • Arizona’s water system avoiding California-level drought

    Both Arizona and California are in droughts, but one state's water management system is better adapted to dry conditions.
  • Palm Springs, agriculture big drains on California drought

    When states are hit with drought, especially those heavy in agriculture like California and Arizona, there is often a worry that there won't be enough water to go around.
  • Professor: Water crisis avoidable if planned for now

    Arizona could face a water crisis in the next 25 years but that can be avoided if the state starts planning now, a professor said.