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  • Disabled vets

    Hear Brian Manciini, wounded combat veteran and founder of “Honor House” and Larry Villano, CEO of Terros. What kind of a job are we doing caring for our wounded vets — and how their organizations are stepping up to the challenge.
  • Will we ever know the truth about the Kennedy Assasination?

    I remember the day President John F. Kennedy got shot like it was yesterday, though I was just a kid.
  • The Kennedy Assassination

    I remember the day President John F. Kennedy got shot like it was yesterday, though I was just a kid.
  • Civil Rights in America 1962-2013 – A Personal Retrospective

    What was it like for a northern student to go to Mississippi to help register black voters in 1962? Some were killed; all were intimidated. Our guest this week is Dave Tierney, a prominent local attorney and community activist. Over 50 years ago, Dave was one of these young students. Hear his riveting personal story […]
  • Sunday’s Think Tank: The shudown, debt ceiling and other insanity

    Congress shut down our federal government for almost three weeks. By threatening to simply not pay our bills for goods and services we had already purchased, financial markets were sent into a fear-driven frenzy. How could this have been avoided? What’s next? Join The Think Tank on Sunday, Oct. 20, for guest Art Hinshaw, a […]
  • The wrong people are paying for the government shutdown

    Only "essential" government workers are working. "Essential" versus "non-essential" was a poorly chosen and misleading phrase.
  • Can’t we all just get along?

    What do our conflicts with the Muslim World, the George Zimmerman/Travon Martin case, and the resentments of the Tea Party all have in common? Dr. J’Lein Liese is an expert in leadership and conflict resolution with 20 years experience working in conflict resolution. She has special expertise in the Middle East and does training to […]
  • Congressional war powers

    John Shu was a White House attorney under both President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush. He is an expert in constitutional law. He discusses the legality of bombing Syria without congressional approval.
  • A special edition Think Tank

    Post Speech Analysis of President Obama’s speech to the nation on Syria.
  • Crime and punishment

    Mona Lynch is a University of California author who has written a scathing critique of criminal justice in Arizona. Bill Montgomery, as Maricopa County Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer for most of Arizona. And Cecil Ash has been described by one knowledgeable observer as “probably the most knowledgeable person in the state about […]