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  • How water rights and water projects shaped Arizona

    Renowned Arizona historian Jack L. August is in the Think Tank this week.
  • The political landscape with Sabato’s Crystal Ball

    Political insiders regard Sabato’s Crystal Ball as one of the most insightful sources of information on American politics available anywhere. This week’s Think Tank features Kyle Kondik, the Managing Editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball. We discuss the biggest political surprise of 2014: the demise of House Majority leader Eric Cantor. How did this happen? What […]
  • Scandals, prisoner swap and Tienanmen anniversary

    This week’s Think Tank explores two scandals, one national, one local: the VA Scandal and allegations Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne’s office put state paid employees to work on his re-election campaign. We also discuss differing points of view on the prisoner exchange for U.S. serviceman Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban who were in Guantanamo. […]
  • So you want to be a governor?

    Two Republican candidates for governor get grilled in the Think Tank. Scott Smith was a business executive before becoming Mayor of Mesa. Ken Bennett was president of the Arizona Senate before becoming Arizona secretary of state. By most accounts, these are two of the leading candidates for the Republican nomination for governor. We ask each […]
  • Is this the least important election in years?

    This week’s Think Tank will attempt to provoke you with observations on four disparate topics: 1. Why, contrary to everything you have heard, this could be the least important election in many years. 2. Women make 77 cents on the dollar? Is this an outrage, or a phony statistic? 3. Monica joins the show. One […]
  • The smartest kids in the world

    Several other countries are producing way better educational outcomes, while spending less on education and paying teachers considerably higher salaries than we do in the U.S. And get this: They’re doing it in public schools that educate everyone, not just cherry-picking motivated students in private or charter schools. Hint: Neither liberal nor conservative solutions do […]
  • Long-time Arizonan Alfredo Guiterrez

    Alfredo Guiterrez is one of the most enduring and interesting figures in recent Arizona history. Years ago he worked with Cesar Chavez. He was minority leader in the Arizona State Senate for many years, during an era when democrats and republicans could actually negotiate in good faith and compromise for the public good. Guiterrez was […]
  • Former U.S. Senator DeConcini joins The Think Tank

    Former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini discusses contemporary political issues from the vantage of his 18 years in congress.
  • Super Bowl Blues: Civil Rights in America 1962-2013 – A personal retrospective

    What was it like for a northern student to go to Mississippi to help register black voters in 1962? Some were killed; all were intimidated. Our guest this week is Dave Tierney, a prominent local attorney and community activist. Over 50 years ago, Dave was one of these young students. Hear his riveting personal story […]
  • Legal myths

    Someone spills coffee on themselves and collects millions in a lawsuit.