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The Think Tank

  • The economy where are we headed?

    The worst of the Great Recession is clearly over. Are Boom Times ahead? Or are we in a temporary bubble headed for a crash? Hear the take of Dennis Hoffman, the state’s premier economic forecaster (and Director of the Seidman Research Institute at the Carey School of Business at ASU) and Wayne Stutzer, a financial […]
  • Politics and the law

    All of the most pressing political issues seem to end up in court sooner or later.
  • Taxes! Everything you ever wanted to know. . .

    Everyone hates ‘em. But how much do you know about… • How can Apple, one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world pay no taxes? • How heavily are we taxed compared to other countries? • Who gets taxed and who doesn’t? • What is the likely impact of the Affordable Healthcare […]
  • The political persuaders

    For the last four weeks we have done policy wonk stuff, talking about issues and policy. But ultimately, all of these issues get decided by people we elect. And we elect them based on perceptions of who they are. And these perceptions are shaped by consultants. This week we have two of the best of […]
  • The Think Tank: What’s going on in Arizona’s Legislature and how if affects you

    This week’s Think Tank will ask: What are the prospects for the governor’s $1.6 billion proposed expansion of Medicaid/AHCCCS? What are the motivations of those on both sides of the issue? Will we see more gun legislation? What about the mental health aspects of gun violence? Will sales tax simplification pave the way for taxing […]
  • The Think Tank: Guns and gun control

    Guns and gun control. Columbine, Tucson, Sandy Hook Do we need gun control legislation? This week’s Think Tank will present the views of — • Hildy Saizow, a criminologist and an advocate of gun safety legislation. She is President of Arizonans for Gun Safety • Todd Rathner, a National Rifle Association board member. The NRA […]
  • A human face on the topic of immigration

    Illegal! The topic of illegal immigration has been widely discussed for years, especially in our border state
  • The Think tank debut

    There is no shortage of political argument in this country. Check out cable TV. MSNBC and Fox present opposite and usually predictable views of just about everything. CNN is less predictable but also often thrives on argument more than discussion. This approach can generate a lot more heat than light. A whole lot of shouting […]