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  • Why is Healthcare So Expensive?

    It’s not Obamacare (or the lack thereof). It is a lot of stuff you probably haven’t considered. Our guest, Dr. Francine Hardaway has. And, based on years of observations, she shares her perspectives . You can read many of her thoughts on the subject here. Or you can hear for yourself on this week’s Think […]
  • Government Spending: Out of Control?

    We have all complained about "Government Spending." It's too big, taxes to support it are too high, It is Out of Control, etc.
  • What is so BLEEPING funny?

    Bleeped! After a year and a half, Mike O’Neil gets bleeped on his own show! And co-host Mike Russell thinks this is so funny, instead of just editing it out, has a conspicuous BLEEP inserted into the audio recording. Listener Contest: First person who can figure out what Mike said gets a personal shout-out on […]
  • Congressional races, polling themes and listener take on immigration

    Arizona Republic reporter Rebekah Sanders discusses the nine Arizona Congressional races. The interesting ones to watch are: • the Democratic primary contest between Mary Rose Wilcox and Ruben Gallego in CD7, • the Republican race in northeastern Arizona between House Speaker Andy Tobin, businessman Gary Kiehne and freshman state lawmaker Adam Kwasman, • the prospects […]
  • Central American Immigration: Why are they coming here?

    As net immigration from Mexico has dropped to near zero, it has been replaced by a surge in immigration from Central America, notably Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. And many of these new immigrants are children. Why are Central American children enduring hardships and risking death to come to this country? Our guests this week […]
  • Dirty politics and dark money

    Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne leads off this weeks show. Has the state’s leading law enforcement officer violated campaign and civil service laws — or is he the victim of unfounded allegations? Hear what he himself has to say about these allegations and then hear the response of the attorney who represents his most recent […]
  • Former Attorney General Grant Woods joins the show

    Former Attorney General Grant Woods has unique perspectives on many contemporary Arizona political issues. Hear what he has to say about: • The prospects for moderates and moderation in the Republican Party. • The viability of lawsuits versus the federal government. • The reason Arizona has so many laws struck down by the federal courts. […]
  • It’s time for the lightning round

    Lightning round this week. Four segments, four topics. • Middle East prophecies: How they are driving what is happening • The Demise of the Tea Party? Not so fast. • Arizona politics: Candidate self-destruction. • The graduation speech your kid should have heard (but didn’t).
  • How water rights and water projects shaped Arizona

    Renowned Arizona historian Jack L. August is in the Think Tank this week.
  • The political landscape with Sabato’s Crystal Ball

    Political insiders regard Sabato’s Crystal Ball as one of the most insightful sources of information on American politics available anywhere. This week’s Think Tank features Kyle Kondik, the Managing Editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball. We discuss the biggest political surprise of 2014: the demise of House Majority leader Eric Cantor. How did this happen? What […]