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  • Crime and punishment

    Mona Lynch is a University of California author who has written a scathing critique of criminal justice in Arizona. Bill Montgomery, as Maricopa County Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer for most of Arizona. And Cecil Ash has been described by one knowledgeable observer as “probably the most knowledgeable person in the state about […]
  • Obamacare: Just the facts

    Some people have decided that The Affordable Healthcare Act (“Obamacare”) is a threat to Western Civilization. Others apparently think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Most, however, know very little about how this law will actually work. This week’s Think Tank will attempt to rectify that in a discussion with a healthcare expert. […]
  • We can’t have it both ways

    The State of Arizona is appealing FEMA’s decision not to classify the Yarnell fire as a federal disaster. Interesting. Late last year, many in Arizona were applauding the Federal government sequester, which mandated an across-the-board cut in federal spending. Every agency of government, without exception, had to absorb a fixed percentage cut in spending. Fast […]
  • Terry Goddard, fixture in Arizona politics for more than 35 years

    Terry Goddard has been involved in much of Phoenix and Arizona history for nearly 40 years. He was elected Attorney General of Arizona, twice elected Mayor of Phoenix and was twice a Democratic nominee for Governor. Before assuming elected office he ran initiatives that resulted in killing a gas tax and electing Phoenix City Council […]
  • Education in Arizona

    Guests: John Huppenthal, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Andrew Morril, president, Arizona Education Association How are we doing as a state? Are we still at the bottom of national rankings of educational attainment? What is the impact of charter schools (we have almost twice as many as any other state) on educational quality? Does testing […]
  • Candidate debate

    The Phoenix City Council District 6 race between Sal DeCiccio and Karlene Keogh Parks is the most contentious race in Phoenix. I watched them debate last week. Here’s what I learned: both candidates are against taxes, in favor of jobs, want more accountability in government and both love the police and fire departments. We brought […]
  • Several election rules changed by Arizona legislature this session

    Think that the most important time in elections is when you vote in November? Think again. Change the rules of the game and you can change the outcome, long before anyone votes. The Arizona legislature changed several election rules this session. Were these to prevent voter fraud? Or were these to ensure partisan advantage? Listen […]
  • Mexico, Trayvon Martin and other issues

    Mexico, Trayvon Martin and other issues. What about that Mexican border? And, for that matter, how safe is Mexico? These issues, the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case and other issues dominate this week’s discussion. The Think Tank, Sunday July 21, 5-6 p.m.
  • Is Arizona politics irreparably broken?

    The recently completed legislative session was one of the most rancorous in Arizona history. Will the Republican Party turn on itself? Will legislative Republican leaders be able to mend fences with Governor Brewer? Longtime Capitol reporter Howard Fischer and KTAR veteran reporter Jim Cross discuss prospects. The Think Tank, Sunday July 14, 5-6 p.m.
  • July 4 Weekend Special: Immigration

    What could be more appropriate this July 4th weekend than to take another look at the issue of immigration?