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  • Free money still out there to buy a home in the Phoenix area

    If you're in the market to buy a home and need a little help with the down payment or closing costs, we have the answer to your prayers.
  • Phoenix housing market, already good for sellers, getting better for buyers

    Phoenix's housing market, which has favored sellers as of late, is beginning to shift centrally to benefit buyers.
  • Five things to stop doing to your Realtor

    Your Realtor is working for you to make your life and home selling or buying process easier, so show them a little love. Please?
  • Good news for self-employed Arizonans looking to buy a home

    And they thought they were forgotten: There's help coming very soon for the self-employed who want to buy a home in Arizona.
  • Luxury Paradise Valley, Ariz. estate on the auction block

    Even if you are not currently in the market for a mansion, one can’t help but absorb the specs for the luxury home on the auction block in Paradise Valley, Arizona, this weekend.
  • No change in Fed interest rate good news for Phoenix homebuyers

    The Federal Reserve’s recent decision to not raise interest rates is welcome news to those who may be sitting on the fence about buying a home.
  • New home numbers hit 10-year highs, but still remain slow

    September saw the highest numbers in newly-constructed single-family homes since October 2005, but analysts said new home builds are underperforming.
  • Booming rental income in Phoenix expected to slow

    What goes up, must eventually level off, so say those keeping a close watch on the rental market in Phoenix.
  • Expert: Phoenix not approaching another housing bubble

    Double trouble for another housing bubble? Not so, say industry watchers, at least not in the Phoenix area.
  • Pulte named top Phoenix-area homebuilder for fourth straight year

    The Pulte Group has pulled out another win as the top homebuilder in the Phoenix area. Based on recorded housing starts in the Valley, the company took the No. 1 spot for a fourth consecutive year in the Phoenix Business Journal’s annual homebuilders list, which began in 2011. Pulte, which is currently developing several new […]