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Stacey Brooks

  • Terry Bradshaw Roast had a star-studded red carpet

    NFL Hall of Famer and four-time Super Bowl-winning Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and current FOX NFL Sunday broadcaster Terry Bradshaw was honored at the Friars Club Roast at the Arizona Biltmore hotel Thursday. We were on the red carpet to find out whether Bradshaw’s friends and colleagues thought he was ready for the cheap shots and […]
  • Dog photos for sick Arizona boy show how awesome people can be

    Dog lovers from around the world are using social media to rally around a Phoenix teen who is undergoing treatment for cancer by posting to a Facebook page called "Photo Doggies for Anthony."
  • Bill Cosby is a case of Dr. Huxtable vs. Mr. Hyde

    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • Let’s not get in way of terminally ill Brittany Maynard’s dying with dignity

    With Nov. 1 -- the day Brittany Maynard originally said she was planning to end her own life if her suffering became too great -- quickly approaching, the terminally ill 29-year-old has released an emotional video addressing how she's feeling now that it's so close.
  • Facebook, Apple will pay for female employees to freeze eggs

    I got married late in life, at 41 to be exact. I could tell you that I never met the right man, which is certainly true, but I think that's because, for many years, I put my career ahead of family.
  • Retailers threatening to gobble up Thanksgiving by opening all day

    The traditional Christmas shopping kickoff -- the long Black Friday weekend -- could completely swallow Thanksgiving Day this year, according to some retail industry analysts.
  • Hey, Marriott: Why should I tip your housekeepers?

    I never tip the housekeeper when I stay in a hotel. Do you?
  • American’s pumpkin pandemonium continues with new Oreos

    Have you noticed that Americans are obsessed with pumpkin?
  • Ray Rice’s wife shouldn’t blame the media, she should look in the mirror

    I’ll never understand why battered women stay with their abusers. I’ve participated in the annual Walk to End Domestic Violence and worked locally with the Sojourner Center. I’ve spoken to countless women who have stayed with their husbands even though they were victims of abuse. I have heard their explanations about being tied to their […]
  • Losing Joan Rivers is hard, losing a mother is harder

    I’m shocked that Joan Rivers is dead. Although I knew how dire the situation was, I was hoping she would pull through. Her death personally touches my heart because I can relate to what her daughter, Melissa, is going through. Taking my mother off life support was the single hardest decision I’ve ever made in […]