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  • Breast cancer: Improved testing and treatments means more survivors

    Despite ongoing efforts to find a cure, it is estimated over 300,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is never welcome news. Fortunately, even with the number of breast cancer patients on the rise, the number of survivors are also rising, giving hope to women everywhere. In fact, […]
  • Best and worst of Super Bowl commercials

    Every year America sits down to watch the Super Bowl, but some people aren’t in it for the football. Super Bowl commercials have been something to look forward to for years, as advertisers do their darndest to promote their brands in a catchy or meaningful way. Here are some of the most memorable Super Bowl […]
  • Failed back surgery: New hope for patients living in pain

    Severe lower back pain is one of the most common ailments reported by adults in the U.S. According to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 25 percent of respondents reported experiencing back pain in the prior three months. Many patients suffering from chronic back pain turn to surgery for […]
  • Ticking time bombs: Telltale signs your water heater is about to explode

    No matter where you live in the U.S., there is a good chance your neighborhood is full of potential ticking time bombs. There might even be one in your home. No one has been invaded or infiltrated. The potential explosive devices were installed with the blessings of the homeowners. Last year, we wrote an article about […]
  • Reading glasses could be a thing of the past

    There’s something magical about immersing yourself in a piece of carefully crafted literature. A great story can take you on a vacation of the mind and is often overlooked as one of the cheapest forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, for many readers, this joy has been tainted by vision loss caused by aging eyes, also known […]
  • 6 cool ways teachers are using technology in the classroom

    It wasn’t long ago that the only high-tech equipment in most school classrooms consisted of an overhead projector and a television and DVD player. Today, there are technological teaching tools unimaginable just a decade ago, however, adoption of technology is frequently hampered by the lack of financial resources. CenturyLink is trying to change that by […]
  • Emerging tech jobs in Phoenix and how to get one in 2017

    There’s no doubt the IT job market is on the rise. In fact, according to tech blogger, Greg Head, there are more than 200 software companies based in Arizona and that number is expected to increase. While jobs are abundant, that doesn’t mean just anyone can get one. A career in the tech world requires […]
  • 4 top treatments athletes use for pain

    Whether professionals or just weekend warriors, athletes put tremendous strain on their bodies. For those who play sports like football, basketball or soccer — where contact and collisions are certain — injuries are virtually guaranteed. Not long ago, a single serious injury could end the career of a star athlete or a recreational athlete. Today, […]
  • Emergency! What to do when bathrooms flood

    There is one holiday surprise no one ever wants: a flooded bathroom. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, it is something that can ruin your Christmas spirit, especially if it happens when you have holiday visitors. Indoor water damage is costly as well as inconvenient. According to, the average reported cost to repair an incident of water […]
  • Operation Santa Claus needs holiday help

    Christmas is the season for children and generosity. Those two things achieve perfect harmony each year in Operation Santa Claus. Now in its 15th year, the annual holiday drive has collected over 75 tons of food, 65,000 toys for children and thousands of monetary donations for local charities. In 2015, the value of donations exceeded […]