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  • Smart home basics: things you need to know to get started

    Smartphone technology gave users new levels of freedom. Your phone became a mobile office, a computer, a camera, a social media hub, a gaming system and much more. The next level in the technology revolution is embracing smart home capabilities. Smart homes can save money while being environmentally friendly and can even potentially save lives […]
  • 5 Surprising things causing back pain

    If you are among the tens of millions of people who suffer from back pain, it’s likely you’ve already sought treatment at some point. If your pain came back (or perhaps never went away), it’s possible your back pain could be the result of an unexpected source. While back pain is frequently caused by an […]
  • Arizona agriculture is a $17.1B industry

    When someone mentions business, rarely does it evoke images of hay fields, Holstein cows, cotton fields, chickens and melons. Yet even in a technology-driven, mostly urban modern society, agriculture is big business in Arizona. The state agriculture industry is worth $17.1 billion, according to the Arizona Farm Bureau. In 2016, the Grand Canyon State had more than 19,000 […]
  • Timeline: Arizona’s roots in brewing history

    The history of beer is as long as human civilization itself. Archeologists trace the first brewing back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Before modern refrigeration, beer was often safer than water, not to mention richer in flavor and calories, which made it the perfect drink for laborers. In Arizona, beer brewing has contributed to the […]
  • 5 reasons to love the D-backs this season

    Baseball season is underway and the D-backs set the tone with their Opening Day win against the San Francisco Giants. We’ll have to wait and see what the season holds for 2017, but either way, here are five good reasons to love the D-backs. It’s good for the community The Arizona Diamondback Foundation was established […]
  • Tips for taking your home entertainment experience to the backyard

    In the 1940s, a new type of movie experience captured the fancy of people across the U.S. Called drive-ins, for the first time, these theaters allowed people to experience a popular form of entertainment outdoors. While drive-in theaters have largely disappeared, the concept of watching movies outdoors in a casual setting with friends and food […]
  • Tech-related injuries your parents never experienced

    Our modern world is ruled by technology. Twenty years ago, few people imagined that telephones would serve as portable computers or that text messages would largely replace conversation for a new generation. Just as most people could not foresee the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets, they likely did not anticipate these devices as catalysts […]
  • Top 6 things you should never put down the drain

    Contrary to what some people seem to believe, when you flush something down your toilet or pour it into a sink, it doesn’t disappear. Toilets and drains are not mystical portals. They are more like roadways trying to transport traffic from one point to another. Just like a mishap on the road can cause traffic […]
  • Workers comp: Signs your co-worker could be a fraud

    Across the U.S., compensation for workplace injuries totals hundreds of billions annually. In some states, the total is more than $675 million, according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor. Because of the scope and complexity of the issue, there are some who try to take advantage of the system. In the U.S., insurance fraud […]
  • Who’s the real founder of America’s pastime?

    Baseball is a favorite pastime of many Americans. For nearly 160 years, people from all around the nation have gathered to watch greats like Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Roger Clemens play a game that originated in the very country we call home. The sport as we know it now was […]