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  • Skin Cancer in Arizona: Stats, facts and new immunotherapy drugs making strides

    With some of the nation’s hottest and brightest sunshine, Arizona is near the top when it comes to skin cancer rates, and Arizonans should take particular care against sun exposure. In Arizona, 18.8 people per 100,000 developed melanoma skin cancer in 2013, the most recent year for which data is available, according to the Centers for […]
  • Distracted walking injuries end up not so funny

    A YouTube search for distracted walking produces numerous videos (like this) of people walking into other people, falling down stairs, running into cars, walking into posts and more. Most are meant to be humorous, but many incidents are tragic rather than funny. A serious problem Distracted walking reached epidemic levels as society became addicted to […]
  • Scary situations: 5 quick tips before you let a contractor in your home

    When a pipe bursts or another home emergency hits, the last thing you want to worry about is if the person showing up to your door is not only a real plumber but also fully qualified and trained to do the task. Organizations like AARP and shows like Dateline do their best to bust scammers, but when […]
  • Four ways telemedicine is changing the health care industry

    Not too long ago, the thought of actually seeing the person you are talking to over the phone seemed extraordinary. Now, doctors are seeing patients via telemedicine and it’s certainly changing the way people are managing their health care. The thought of telemedicine seems like a futuristic concept for many but the first recorded telemedicine project […]
  • 5 mistakes homeowners make in the spring

    Every spring, wise homeowners go through a checklist to make certain their property is ready for the upcoming seasons. Most remember to clean up the landscape, check the air-conditioning system, repair broken sprinkler heads, tune up the mower and so on. However, during this springtime process, some homeowners don’t take the time to do a […]
  • Three rivers run through it: Exploring Arizona’s waterways

    When you think of Rivers in Arizona, The Colorado River likely comes to mind. With the wildlife it supports, the fresh water resources it offers and the recreation options it boasts, it is one of the most famous rivers in the world. But there’s a whole lot more to our water story. Specifically, the Verde […]
  • Smart home basics: things you need to know to get started

    Smartphone technology gave users new levels of freedom. Your phone became a mobile office, a computer, a camera, a social media hub, a gaming system and much more. The next level in the technology revolution is embracing smart home capabilities. Smart homes can save money while being environmentally friendly and can even potentially save lives […]
  • 5 Surprising things causing back pain

    If you are among the tens of millions of people who suffer from back pain, it’s likely you’ve already sought treatment at some point. If your pain came back (or perhaps never went away), it’s possible your back pain could be the result of an unexpected source. While back pain is frequently caused by an […]
  • Arizona agriculture is a $17.1B industry

    When someone mentions business, rarely does it evoke images of hay fields, Holstein cows, cotton fields, chickens and melons. Yet even in a technology-driven, mostly urban modern society, agriculture is big business in Arizona. The state agriculture industry is worth $17.1 billion, according to the Arizona Farm Bureau. In 2016, the Grand Canyon State had more than 19,000 […]
  • Timeline: Arizona’s roots in brewing history

    The history of beer is as long as human civilization itself. Archeologists trace the first brewing back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Before modern refrigeration, beer was often safer than water, not to mention richer in flavor and calories, which made it the perfect drink for laborers. In Arizona, beer brewing has contributed to the […]