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  • Project Quit – ASHLine

    Project Quit is a new initiative in a developed partnership with the Arizona Smokers' Helpline (ASHLine) to showcase the tobacco quit process.
  • Shopping for a home loan

    Before you shop for a loan, it’s good to understand what lender fees are typically charged to close a loan transaction. (Learn more here.) After you know about closing costs, you’re ready to: 1. Find a mortgage professional at a reputable lending company 2. Define the loan program that works best for you 3. Analyze […]
  • Understanding mortgage lender fees

    As you prepare to buy a home or refinance your current one, you're probably scouting for a mortgage with the best rate.
  • Smoking is dumb so quit

    Smoking isn't cool.
  • Get screened for cancer

    What would you do if you had a mole that suddenly changed a weird color and shape?
  • Get off the couch and move more

    A few weeks ago my alarm went off an hour earlier than normal, and when I looked at the clock it took me a few minutes to remember why I set the alarm so early.
  • Welcome to Men’s Health Week and the New Man Up Arizona

    Today kicks off Men's Health Week, a worldwide event to bring attention to health issues that affect men's health. It also marks the official re-launch of Man Up Arizona 2.0. The goal of Man Up Arizona is to provide men of all ages in Arizona with resources on how you can be healthier. I'm excited that we are kicking off the week with several topics that are traditionally the top health issues that affect men, and also the easiest to fix.
  • What you should know about HOA’s before purchasing real estate

    A HOA stands for Homeowner’s Association, the purpose of which is generally to maintain the community property values. To this end, HOA management in Phoenix and elsewhere create certain guidelines and rules that you must follow if you purchase residential property within their stated grounds. More often than not, they require HOA fees of you, […]
  • Gunsmiths help keep guns and rifles in ready to fire condition

    Gunsmiths perform a vital, niche specific function that is always valued and sought out by private citizens and organizations that own or seek to buy firearms.
  • Tips for buying work clothes on a budget

    Though a common attire among medical staff, scrubs, so named after the phrase 'scrubbing in' are relatively new wear for medical staff. According to Jacksonville University, while nurses commonly wore the signature white uniform, doctors wore casual clothing during surgical procedures as late as the 20th century.