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  • 9 great ways to kick butts for good

    Families are often destroyed when a loved one passes away. The emotional and financial impacts are too much to bear. Yet, Americans continue to put themselves at risk, even though the number one preventable cause of death can be eliminated for good. An estimated 393,000 Americans die of smoking-related diseases each year. But if the […]
  • The fastest way to sell your home

    The process of selling a home can be overwhelming. It takes a great deal of preparation, and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to focus your energies. Here are eight tips to ensure you sell your home fast — and at the right price. 1. Get the right agent For many real estate agents, selling […]
  • Allergies or the flu? 3 ways to help you tell the difference

    As flu season winds down, allergy season gears up. This is the time of year when a stuffy or runny nose could easily be the flu, a cold or allergies. How can you best treat your symptoms if you don’t know what is causing them? Here are three possible signs to tell the difference. When […]
  • 5 tips for getting your job searching skills back on track

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of last Sept., over 3 million long-term unemployed Americans were still searching for fulltime work.
  • Find hidden money for your business with the AZ R&D tax credit

    Successful Arizona business owners are used to taking risks. Yet they rarely take advantage of available tax credits to improve, innovate and initiate changes in their business.
  • Phoenix Undy Run/Walk coming up in mid-November

    The 2014 Phoenix Undy Run/Walk is an annual event that raises money and awareness for colon cancer. The Undy Run/Walk holds true to it’s name by allowing participants to run or walk wearing their underwear on the outside of their clothes. It’s a simple concept that reminds us to open the dialogue with your doctor […]
  • 7 steps to a successful home remodeling project

    Creating new space can be an exciting project for homeowners. In many cases, it's also a good financial investment. Adapting your home to better suit your lifestyle often beats the cost of buying a new house and the hassle of moving.
  • Protecting yourself from skin cancer

    Your sunburn and suntan may fade, but your cells remember, and those memories can lead to skin cancer if you’re not careful. Arizona is home to three of the sunniest cities in the country: Yuma, Phoenix, and Tucson. It’s hard to go outside in our state without being in the sun. While the sun provides […]
  • Man Up and watch the documentary

    Take a look at this new documentary about the importance of screening and treatment for colorectal cancer.
  • Be careful and limit your chances of traumatic injuries

    Every time my wife sees me taking out the ladder to fix something, she gives me the same warning — that I usually ignore — which is “be careful on that thing.” Maybe her warning is because she knows that after poisoning, falls are the second leading cause of unintentional deaths, and falls are the […]