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  • How a Super Bowl ad launched a successful company

    There are occasional moments in life where we can pinpoint a moment when something changed forever in the life of a person or a corporation. Change usually occurs gradually over time. For both individuals and companies, the path to success is usually built on a long road traveled with diligence and patience. Wealth then comes […]
  • If you have human insight earn a psychology Ph.D.

    One of the most attractive online degrees by far is in the realm of psychology, where reputable universities make it possible to earn a legitimate terminal degree. A masters degree or a doctorate in psychology enables you to actually earn a substantial living in your chosen field, and is highly sought after in business and […]
  • The many advantages of keeping a home phone line

    There are many advantages to keeping a home phone service. There are many people who use only their cell phone today to communicate. The thought behind that is the cell phone is used more than the home line and can go anywhere so why pay the extra expense. Here are some of the reasons that […]