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  • Pros and cons of VOIP connections in business and home

    Voice over Internet Protocol is technology that enables you to make phone calls, send emails, and conduct video conferencing over the internet rather than through traditional land lines.
  • Making exercise and diet a priority in 2013

    Resolutions seem the same every year. You make a decision to put exercise and diet at the top of the priority list, then you lose hope and drive. Make 2013 the year you keep exercise and diet a top priority. It's easy when you do workouts you love that keep you on track.
  • 2013 budget tip: Drink espresso at home

    Getting through the day without some form of caffeine, even just in the mornings, can be brutal. Since humans are natural creatures for convenience, looking for the fastest, easiest way to get that morning fix is all that matters. Having a freshly prepared espresso in the morning is something countless of Americans do each day and for some, it is a pre-work ritual. Unfortunately, this morning pick-me-up can average $4 to $8 per cup; adding up to over $1,000 spent each year. When you add it up, grabbing that cup of morning espresso doesn't seem as pleasant. For 2013, make it a New Year's Resolution to be budget-wise and start drinking espresso at home with a single serve espresso machine.
  • Ritchie Brothers hosting heavy equipment auction in Phoenix

    Ritchie Brothers is the largest industrial auctioneer in the world.
  • Safe at home – We’re not just talking baseball

    Keeping jewelry protected in your home is not difficult with the right safe. Determining what you need in a jewelry safe can be a little more complicated. There are a number of options out there but to get the best possible safe that serves your exact needs – consider a custom safe. Custom safes will […]
  • Honoring long-term employees with something memorable

    For the longest time, you have considered honoring your long-term employees. You want to award them with a memorable action that’s for keeps. They have been of good service to your company. Your loyal employees deserve a lot of things but fun ones to display constantly are crystal awards. Employees who receive recognition and rewards […]
  • Best tips for coupon clipping and organization

    They’re not your granny’s coupons. You can find them offered on multiple websites — printable coupons. Just enter your zip code and instantly you have access to dozens of coupons good for use at restaurants, businesses, and grocery stores in your area. Pick the ones you like, hit print, and there you are! Of course […]
  • Amazon’s local distribution center busier than ever

    With the holiday season, the Amazon distribution center in Scottsdale, Ariz. had the energy dial ratcheted up to 11.
  • Tungsten is the new black — surprise him with a strong gift

    With the holidays here, it will soon be time to start the challenging process of finding the perfect gift for the man in your life. Why not a gift that captures your special guys' strength and power, with a bold sense of adventure?
  • Terrible things you never want a mechanic to say

    We all know that sinking feeling — your car won't start, smoke rises from the engine, and that grinding noise is back.