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  • How to tell the difference between a headache and a migraine

    Headaches are never fun. Severe headaches can be so debilitating the sufferer is unable to function until the pain stops, which sometimes can take hours or days.
  • The best Pac-12 football stadiums to watch a game

    There's nothing better than watching your favorite Pac-12 team in a roaring stadium, but for many fans the best seat in the house is their favorite chair watching four games at the same time.
  • Gold offers security as Greek banking turmoil spreads

    When Greece announced that its banks would be closed June 29, the U.S. stock market responded with the S&P 500 Index falling 43 points or about 2 percent. Not coincidently, the price of gold bullion rose as stocks fell. It's a regular occurrence.
  • Watch the MLB All-Star Game with top notch equipment

    If you don't have tickets to Cincinnati for the Mid-summer Classic, watching it from the comfort of your couch and in cool AC is probably the best bet.
  • Six best gifts for dad that don’t include a grill

    It’s notoriously hard to buy a Father’s Day gift. What do you get the man who looked after you for so many years? Another new great BBQ gift seems so cliché. After all, not every guy likes to cook outdoors. Don’t worry. We’ve come up with six gifts that don’t involve a grill to put […]
  • The truth about buying gold

    "All that glitters is not gold," wrote William Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice. The quotation is meant as a warning that just because something is bright and flashy isn't a measure of real worth.
  • The best gift for Father’s Day, guaranteed

    The third Sunday in June causes many sons and daughters a little bit of panic. It’s Father’s Day again and you are fresh out of good ideas. As years go by, it’s harder to get the best gift for dad. Ugly ties were cute in grade school but after a few decades, it gets a […]
  • Man up and save a life

    The average age of a cardiac arrest victim is 62 years old, but you're never too young to think about heart health. While the causes of cardiac arrest may vary, the statistics according to the American Heart Association are pretty bleak.
  • The best time to move in Arizona

    The thought of moving is exhausting. Packing up the house. Loading the truck. Driving the truck. Unpacking the truck. Unpacking the boxes in the new house. Yet despite the hassle, Americans can’t seem to stop moving. In fact, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, nearly 36 million Americans move every year. Arizona ranks […]
  • 5 reasons you should be buying gold right now

    With Cash for Gold stores popping up in recent years, one might get the wrong impression about this precious metal. Trading unwanted jewelry is much different than investing in the real deal.