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  • Holiday plumbing blunders you can avoid

    This article is Sponsored by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. With holiday preparations in full swing, you have enough going on without worrying about plumbing problems. While we don’t get a huge amount of cold weather, there are days that drop below freezing that can cause plumbing problems with your pipes. During the holidays, drains take a lot […]
  • Race for the 2015 Heisman Trophy

    This article is Sponsored by Nissan. In 1892, John Heisman had no idea his name would become synonymous with one of the sporting world’s most prestigious awards. According to he went to school to become lawyer, but instead coached football at Auburn, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Rice, University of Pennsylvania, and Washington and Jefferson. The first recipient was […]
  • New mortgage changes could affect your home loan

    This article is Sponsored by Peoples Mortgage. Since the 2008 crumbling of the housing market, there have been many new regulations, policies, guidelines and standards for mortgage lenders and borrowers. While all new policies are intended to create a better, more transparent process for the lender and borrower, they can, at the same time, change the process, […]
  • The tax credit most small businesses overlook

    This article is Sponsored by BeachFleishman.   Running your business is hard enough without having to keep up on constant tax updates. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of room for error, not to mention missing out on a possible tax break along the way. Research and Development Tax Credits are available to a wide variety of industries […]
  • 4 keys to understanding chronic pain and insomnia

    This article is Sponsored by Novocur. The relationship between sleep and pain is complex. Chronic pain can cause sleep deprivation, and the lack of sleep may heighten the sense of pain, making getting a good night’s sleep almost impossible. Many patients with back pain also experience sleep deprivation issues. A sleeping disorder associated with chronic […]
  • A breakfast even picky eaters will love

    This article is Sponsored by Dairy Council of Arizona. Even though studies show kids who eat breakfast perform better in school, finding the time for breakfast still remains a challenge for most parents. Picky eaters and tight schedules make the problem worse, resulting in poor nutrition and lower academic achievement in school. The Arizona Milk Producers are […]
  • Giving veterans a fresh start with education

    This article is Sponsored by Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation. There’s something heartwarming about the stories showing military men and women returning home to the open arms of spouses and children. As a community, we tie yellow ribbons around trees and possibly show up to a parade, thanking our veterans for their service. Certainly, the day […]
  • Breakfast recipes to help you fuel up for the day

    This article is Sponsored by Dairy Council of Arizona. Research indicates  children who don’t eat right and exercise are not accessing their full potential. One study found children who regularly missed breakfast scored lower on IQ tests than children who usually ate breakfast. To help kids reach their highest potential, the Arizona Milk Producers are teaming up with […]
  • Top 5 reasons to donate to a community college

    This article is Sponsored by Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation. In recent years, the popularity of community colleges has grown. In Arizona alone, the 10 Maricopa Community College campuses provide affordable educational opportunities for more than 250,000 students each year. Like traditional universities, community colleges rely on donations to offer the quality of education each student deserves. Here are five reasons […]
  • Women or men, young or old: Who really watches the most TV?

    This article is Sponsored by CenturyLink. A generation or so ago, watching television involved sitting in front of a square box and manually flipping through a dozen channels. Many households had a single set, which could create contention as family members competed to see who got to choose the program. Obviously, the current situation is […]