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  • 6 signs you need a new roof

    This article is Sponsored by KY-KO Roofing. With all the recent rain in Arizona and more on the way, it might be obvious for some when you need a roof repair. For many homeowners, the first indication they have a roof problem is the discovery of water leaking through to a wall or ceiling. But […]
  • 5 types of technology for correcting your vision

    This article is Sponsored by Schwartz Laser Eye Center. It’s only been 17 years since Lasik eye treatments became generally available in the U.S. FDA approval for the procedure was granted in 1999, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, although testing and trials began about 10 years earlier. The ensuing years have produced improvements and […]
  • Losing weight could mean relief for chronic pain sufferers

    This article is Sponsored by Novocur. Add chronic pain to the list of health problems linked to being overweight. A study of more than 1 million Americans found a link between obesity and pain, even among people who were otherwise healthy, reports Prior to the study, the general assumption was overweight individuals experienced more pain […]
  • How to tell if your water heater is about to explode

    This article is Sponsored by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. You might not be aware, but your home contains a device with the explosive power to destroy your house. Part bomb, part rocket, if this thing blows it can blast through walls or a roof and soar hundreds of feet into the air. Once you see its […]
  • 5 ultimate, all-time Golden Globe award snubs

    This article is Sponsored by CenturyLink. Through its 73-year history controversy erupts annually before and after the Golden Globe Awards are nominated and then announced. Ninety-three members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association choose the winners of the Golden Globe Awards for excellence in film and television and they often leave out films and programs […]
  • 6 tax breaks your CPA may be missing for your business

    This article is Sponsored by BeachFleishman. For individuals, a new year means resolutions, goals and reflections. In business, those same things occur as companies try to assess, plan and adjust to try to make certain that the next year is better than the previous year. The annual reckoning is important for any firm, whether large or small. […]
  • Ultimate fan guide to championship weekend events

    This article is Sponsored by Hensley Beverage Company. Phoenix is no stranger to top sporting events like the Super Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, all-star games and more. On Jan. 11, the area will again play host to one of sports’ biggest events — college football’s 2016 national championship game. This is only the second championship game since […]
  • The 5 best college bowl games in the last 40 years

    This article is Sponsored by CenturyLink. Each year, college football fans eagerly look forward to bowl games — the reward for teams that do well during the regular season. Over the years there have been plenty of blowouts, but there have also been some incredible, amazing contests that linger in the memory of fans for decades. To […]
  • Critical considerations when deciding how much house you can afford

    This article is Sponsored by Peoples Mortgage.   When you contemplate buying a home, one of the more important considerations is determining how much you can afford to pay. It’s a complicated question. Virtually every real estate or mortgage company website offers a calculator to help you figure out how much you should be able […]
  • 6 holiday sports movies everyone will love to watch

    This article is Sponsored by CenturyLink. Christmas isn’t the typical scene in Arizona. There’s no real snow here in the Valley and temperatures are usually warm and balmy. While some people adopt traditions like baking cookies, sports fans have their own traditions. Basketball fans watch the Chicago Bulls or LA Lakers play on Christmas Day. […]