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  • 3 most overlooked ways to keep your home healthy

    This article is Sponsored by American Vision Windows. Having family members who seem to spend more time sick than healthy is a reality many families learn to deal with, but they may not have to. Illness can come from a number of external sources, but did you know your own home might also contribute to […]
  • 6 ways the air in your home could be making you sick

    This article is Sponsored by Az Energy Efficient Home. It’s easy to spot a bad air day outside. Smog and dirt in the air can dramatically reduce visibility. Of course that ugly air is also unhealthy. For 2015, the American Lung Association rated the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale area 10th among metropolitan areas with the most polluted air in the U.S. In […]
  • CrossFit dangers: 5 common injuries and how to deal with them

    This article is Sponsored by Novocur. With the exception of signing up for a military boot camp, CrossFit training offers results that surpass virtually any other exercise regimen. It seems everyone knows someone who got in shape with CrossFit and the craze continues to grow. “CrossFit seems to have literally conquered the world of fitness,” […]
  • Today’s radiation treatments offer better success, fewer side effects

    This article is Sponsored by Dignity Health. The use of radiation for medical treatments dates to the late 1800s, and was successfully used as cancer therapy beginning in the 1930s. Now, advanced radiation therapies are helping treat cancer with fewer side effects. Cancer cells divide rapidly and grow out of control. “Radiation therapy kills cancer […]
  • Tips to make watching TV on the patio even better

    This article is Sponsored by CenturyLink. For Arizona residents who love the outdoors, spring is the perfect season. The summer’s triple-digit days have yet to arrive, so it’s a great time to enjoy beautiful weather from an outdoor patio living area. Outdoor patio spaces allow homeowners to bring indoor activities outside, like cooking, lounging and […]
  • What really happens when you donate to a community college?

    This article is Sponsored by Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation. After the 2008 recession, attendance at community colleges nationwide spiked as unemployed workers sought education to learn improved job skills. According to a Federal Reserve report, nearly 37 percent of all post-secondary students are enrolled in community colleges. In some states, that number rises to almost 60 […]
  • Sun and skin cancer: Separating fact from fiction

    This article is Sponsored by Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Year-round warmth and sunshine make Arizona ideal for spring training, golf and all types of other outdoor activities. But all that glorious sunshine may also increase the risk for skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, reports the American Cancer Society. About 3.5 million […]
  • 5 critical lifestyle changes for a healthy colon

    This article is Sponsored by TGen. A driver who sees a flashing sign warning about dangerous road conditions is likely to slow down or even switch to an alternate route. When it comes to colon cancer, though, many people ignore warnings and fail to make lifestyle course corrections that could prevent a health catastrophe. Cancer of the colon […]
  • Hot tips for choosing your March Madness brackets

    This article is Sponsored by CenturyLink. If you’re a basketball fan, March Madness may feel like a month-long holiday. It’s a contagion spreading through schools, offices and even the White House (here is President Obama’s 2015 bracket where he picked Kentucky to win.) The American Gaming Association estimates more than 70 million tournament brackets are filled […]
  • Spring clean your windows like a pro with these 8 tips

    This article is Sponsored by American Vision Windows. With the arrival of spring, homeowners often turn their attention to neglected tasks. One of those is window cleaning. Clean windows are important, because they are our visible link to the outside world. Having windows designed especially for Arizona’s harsh arid climate can reduce energy costs and make life more enjoyable. […]