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  • What’s it like to be visually impaired?

    Have you ever considered which of your senses is most important to you? They say that without your sense of smell, food is nearly tasteless. Those who can’t hear live in a silent world without music or laughter. But imagine being visually impaired. Crossing a street, cooking dinner, even feeling safe are all daily challenges. […]
  • Book claims Jodi Arias was ‘nymphomaniac’

    A new book on the Jodi Arias trial claims the convicted killer is a "nymphomaniac" and that her victim, Travis Alexander, was sexually addicted to her.
  • Take 5 for Foodies: Cookies in Bloom

    Cookies in Bloom specializes in custom made cookies and cookie bouquets for any occasion. Michael Madden, CEO and President of the company talked with Pat McMahon about the reason for starting the company and reveals the weirdest request he’s gotten for a custom cookie bouquet. Location: 3931 E Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018 602-955-3030 […]