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  • Mars landing looms for NASA; anxiety building a day out

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — With just a day to go, NASA’s InSight spacecraft aimed for a bull’s-eye touchdown on Mars, zooming in like an arrow with no turning back. InSight’s journey of six months and 300 million miles (482 million kilometers) comes to a precarious grand finale Monday afternoon. The robotic geologist — designed […]
  • Children’s brains are most elastic, moldable in their first 20 years

    New research shows that human brains are most elastic in the first two decades of life.
  • Human fetal tissue long used for variety of medical studies

    Controversy over Planned Parenthood's supplying fetal tissue for research has focused attention on a little-discussed aspect of science.
  • Jail releases more footage of Sandra Bland before her death

    Texas authorities on Tuesday released several hours of footage showing Sandra Bland during her three days in jail, saying they wanted to dispel rumors that she was dead before arriving there.
  • Spaceship pilot describes harrowing free fall after breakup

    Free-falling miles above the desert, his test spaceship ripped to pieces and the frigid air hard to breathe, pilot Peter Siebold struggled through crippling injuries to turn on his oxygen and just to stay conscious.
  • Remains of 4 early colonial leaders discovered at Jamestown

    Archaeologists have uncovered human remains of four of the earliest leaders of the English colony that would become America, buried for more than 400 years near the altar of what was America's first Protestant church in Jamestown, Virginia.
  • FBI: Packages sent to Oregon sheriffs were not toxic

    The FBI said Tuesday that no toxic substances have been found in letters sent to about 20 Oregon sheriffs or their offices.
  • Critically endangered northern white rhino dies at Czech zoo

    One of the last five northern white rhinoceros left in the world has died.
  • French archaeology students find 560,000-year-old tooth

    Two students have found a human tooth from about 560,000 years ago in a famous prehistoric cave in southwestern France, a discovery praised by archaeologists as the oldest human body part ever discovered in the country and being rare from that period in Europe.
  • Scientists worry about arms race in artificial intelligence

    Scientists and tech experts -- including Prof. Stephen Hawking and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak -- warned Tuesday of a global arms race with weapons using artificial intelligence.