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  • What kind of maintenance should I do on my plumbing?

    Like many problems in life, plumbing disasters usually happen because of neglect.
  • How do I repair blisters in drywall due to water damage?

    If water is getting into your wall from rain, a sprinkler that's too close to your house, or even from a plumbing leak you're likely to see patches of damage on your walls near the spot of the intrusion. That's because drywall has a paper backing, so when it gets wet, it can bubble and wrinkle, sort of like a sheet of paper does.
  • What are the pros and cons of compact fluorescent light bulbs?

    Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are poised to replace those familiar incandescent bulbs we've been using since electricity became a household necessity.
  • Romey’s Chicken Resource Guide

    For everything you've ever wanted to know about chickens, check out what Romey has to say.
  • Roof ventilation: What does Rosie recommend?

    First, let's look at the kinds of roof vents.
  • How can I renew my cultured marble countertops?

    How can you spruce up the look of your kitchen or bath without spending a fortune? Freshen up your countertops!
  • Fireplace safety is important around the holidays

    When it finally gets cold in the Valley, many residents rush to light their fireplace up.
  • Christmas traditions at Rosie’s

    For the six kids who grew up in Rosie's house, Christmas officially began on the Eve with the reading of a "Cajun Night Before Christmas," because you know, chere, dem dere flyin' reindeer what you call dem, dey can't fly low through dem cypress kness and Spanish moss, no!
  • Bad Odors: How to get rid of them

    Odors are generally something we avoid in polite conversation. You’re not likely to walk into your neighbor’s house and ask, “Wow, what is that smell?” Homeowners aren’t shy though about asking us that question. We have dozens of ideas on our Rosie on the House Web site about how to get rid of this or […]
  • Four plumbing jobs you can do yourself

    It's 4 p.m. Saturday and you're cooking dinner for a big crowd, and suddenly the kitchen sink backs up. Who do you call? Or can you fix it yourself before guests arrive? Believe it or not, before you call a plumber, you can attempt this job yourself and probably succeed.