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  • Tips to keep your trees looking great this fall in Arizona

    It’s Labor Day weekend and that’s one of three times of year we urge homeowners to fertilize their citrus to ensure a juicy crop. Most of the time, granular fertilizers work best for an applied slow release. If there’s rain in the forecast, try timing your application ahead of the storm and let nature help […]
  • Five low-water trees to provide shade for your Arizona home

    Among many other benefits, planting trees around your home really can save energy, according to the National Forest Service. The NFS said shade from two 25-foot tall trees on the west side of the house plus one 25-footer on the east side could save you almost 25 percent of your air conditioning cost if you […]
  • Climb your way to no injuries with these ladder safety tips

    Many do-it-yourself projects involve climbing a ladder — painting walls, cleaning gutters, changing batteries in smoke detectors, hanging lights and decorations, changing light bulbs, installing fans and getting the kids’ basketball off the top of the flat roof. So it’s no surprise that tens of thousands of Americans end up as LFIs (ladder fall injuries) […]
  • Playing it safe with your electricity during Arizona monsoon season

    There are still a few weeks left in Arizona’s monsoon season. When those storm clouds roll in, they can bring electrical blackouts or surges that can mess up electronic devices in your home as well as your appliances. Here are some ideas for coping safely with electricity problems during a storm: Prevent electrical surges due […]
  • Homeowner alert: Five ways to spot a monsoon storm chaser

    Monsoon season in Arizona means it’s also prime time for storm chasers. These chasers can be fake tradespeople who pretend to be competent contractors and offer to fix the leak in your roof that started in a big storm, cut down the damaged tree in your yard or fix that broken window. In Arizona — […]
  • The 10 most popular DIY articles and information

    One of the best resources Arizona Homeowners have access to is the state’s largest collection of do-it-yourself articles and information on
  • 15 do-it-yourself projects to tackle before the kids go back to school

    It's hard to believe, but next month schools will be starting up again.
  • The latest gear for your outdoor fun

    By now, many of you are likely looking to escape the heat and head to any number of gloriously cool destinations in Northern Arizona.
  • Six ways to fight back against scorpions

    With our monsoon humidity and searing heat, summertime can definitely be bark scorpion season in Arizona.
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July by buying American-made products

    Over the years at Rosie on the House, we have always urged our listeners and web visitors to "buy American" as much as they can when they shop.