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Chad Benson doesn't look or sound like a typical talk radio host. And that's a GREAT thing. Conversational, informative, irreverent and very FUNNY. Chad's take on the issues offers a refreshing sound that gives talk listeners the hard news and opinion that they need in a thoughtful, entertaining way that they CRAVE.

March 23, 2018   (30:38)3-23-2018
President Donald Trump signed the $1.3 trillion spending bill to keep the federal government open, then excoriated Congress for passing the plan in the first place.
Ben Gleib, Comedian   (9:54)3-22-2018
Comedian Ben Gleib joins to talk about how he become a Comedian and what to expect if you were to attend his show.
March 22, 2018   (28:49)3-22-2018
Tempe police release the video of the accident that left a pedestrian killed after a self-driving Uber car struck her.
Andy Biggs, Arizona Congressman   (8:41)3-21-2018
Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs joins to talk about the Omnibus Bill and if that will mean the government will shut down.
Beth Lewis, Teacher and Chair of Save Our Schools Arizona   (10:03)3-21-2018
Beth Lewis, Teacher and Chair of Save Our Schools Arizona joins the show to talk about what needs to be done to get teachers better pay.
March 21, 2018   (28:24)3-21-2018
Nine Phoenix-area schools kept the lights off Today after a slew of teachers called in sick to protest at the State Capitol. Beth Lewis, teacher and Chair of Save Our Schools Arizona joins the show to talk about what needs to be done to get teachers better pay.
Brad Zinn, Comedian and Cynthia Gosa Lozaro, Founder of the Damion Gosa Memorial Foundation   (14:29)3-20-2018
Brad Zinn and Cynthia Gosa Lozaro join to talk about "The Great Comedians 'Those Felt Hat and Big Cigar Funny Men'". Also touch on the Damion Gosa Memorial Foundation.
March 20, 2018   (28:45)3-20-2018
A 17-year-old male student shot two other students at Great Mills High School in Maryland on Tuesday morning before a school resource officer engaged him and stopped the threat. Another explosion in Austin this time injuring one person. Plus valley teachers are going to have sick...
March 19, 2018   (30:41)3-19-2018
A woman walking a Tempe street Sunday evening was struck and killed by a self-driving Uber car, police said. The company said it has halted further tests of those vehicles.
Ralph Guariglio, Chairman of the Ostrich Festival   (9:53)3-7-2018
Chairman of the Ostrich Festival Ralph Guariglio joins to talk about what you can expect to see at the Ostrich Festival and how one can become on ostrich rider and racer.
March 7, 2018   (31:17)3-7-2018
Today was wear "Red for Ed" to support teachers getting more pay in Arizona, however it disappointed when the Arizona?s teachers union President Joe Thomas endorsed David Garcia for Governor.
March 6, 2018   (32:09)3-6-2018
A dad posted a video on Facebook of him in the car following his son as the kid is running to school in the rain for being a bully on the bus. Is this parenting like he says or is it excessive?
Belen Sisa, DACA Recipient   (14:06)3-5-2018
Belen Sisa joins Chad to give her perspective on immigration as a DACA recipient and what she thinks needs to be done going forward.
March 5, 2018   (31:51)3-5-2018
The DACA expiration date has passed, Chad talks to DACA recipient Belen Sisa about immigration and what she thinks needs to be done.
March 2, 2018   (28:09)3-2-2018
The FBI released its 2016 crime statistics for Arizona and the numbers reveal that Phoenix is the most dangerous city in the Valley. It appears Buckeye, one of the nation's fastest growing cities, is the safest as it had just one violent crime for every 2,000 residents.
March 1, 2018   (27:27)3-1-2018
University of Arizona Head Basketball Coach Sean Miller held a press conference claiming that the reports are false and he didn?t pay any players to come play for him at UofA. Arizona Wildcats coach Sean Miller will coach Thursday night as the school president and athletic direc...
February 28, 2018   (28:06)2-28-2018
President Trump met with lawmakers in a rare televised bipartisan gathering on gun control and school safety and said that lawmakers are afraid of the NRA. Also one of the nation?s largest sports retailers, Dick?s Sporting Goods, said that it was immediately ending sales of all a...
February 27, 2018   (28:50)2-27-2018
Schools are closing down when they catch wind of a shooting threat. Is this the way to go? Will kids take advantage of this?
February 26, 2018   (28:02)2-26-2018
ESPN has issued a pair of corrections regarding the date that Arizona Wildcats men's basketball coach Sean Miller allegedly discussed a $100,000 payment to prized recruit and UA star freshman Deandre Ayton.
Nadine Sabulsky, The Naked Life Coach   (6:54)2-22-2018
The Naked Life Coach Nadine Sabulsky joins to talk about how she got into this type of life coaching and also talks about the importance of having a life coach.