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Rosie on the House

Rosie began remodeling in 1972 and is founder of one of the most successful remodeling companies in the nation. Tune in to KTAR News 92.3 on Saturdays, 7-11 a.m., to hear Rosie and his son, Romey, tackle projects around the house.

September 15th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:39:16)9-21-2018
Thinking of redesigning your desert landscape?  Here's some suggestions worth listening to. Learn about different places around Arizona where you can view and learn about all different types of cactus, agaves, aloes and other desert flora that might work in your yard. Top Garde...
September 15th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:48)9-21-2018
We talk with the folks at a landmark in Phoenix you may have never heard of, Tovrea Castle! Learn why someone built a Castle in the middle of the desert in the late 1920's, why it was built in shape of a 'wedding cake' and why it still exists today.  A unique story for an unus...
September 15th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:39:58)9-21-2018
Rosie tackles caller's questions about their home maintenance and construction projects.
September 15th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:40)9-21-2018
Now that it's time to start growing your vegetable garden.  Jay Harper and friends gives you tips on how to properly get healty soil ready to give your veggies the best head start this year!
September 8th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:39:27)9-8-2018
Mark and Jenny from Sunburst Landscaping talk about Easy Turf.  Looks, feels and behaves like real turf with their innovative Max Flow system for efficient drainage.  Designed and used in major league stadiums and college fields.  Its trending in landscapes and backyards fo...
September 8th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:40:05)9-8-2018
Rosie On The House is Every Arizona Homeowners Best friend thru the radio show/podcast, Rosie Referral Network, newsletter and lots of information for the homeowner at Rosie On The  Plus callers including A/C units improperly installed, window security screens, plumbin...
September 8th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:53)9-8-2018
Integrity Tree Services's John Eisnehower talks about our Tree Of The Month Pomegranate, jucing and freezing fruit, fall tree pruning methods and fertilizing your trees and plants.  Plus callers have question about their tree issues.
September 8th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:28)9-8-2018
Olympic gold medalist Misty Hyman won a stunning upset victory at the 2000 Sydney games when she came from behind to break the American record and win the 200-meter butterfly. Recognized as a pioneer in the sport for her innovative underwater dolphin kick, she won 13 U.S. and f...
September 1st, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:36)9-1-2018
As the weather cools, Arizona is getting ready for our second spring – a time to plant, landscape and launch a new beginning for our yards.  Before you start, we'd suggest visiting some inspiring garden spots and beautiful wild landscapes you can find all over the state.  Ou...
September 1st, 2018: Hour 3   (00:37:49)9-1-2018
Rosie and Romey discuss the happenings at Rosie On The  Our E-store has items tested by us with all procedes going to our three charaties.  Our Referral Network, including Rosie's guide on how to chose a proper contractor.  And a digital home maintenance program H...
September 1st, 2018: Hour 2   (00:39:34)9-1-2018
You'd be suprised to know tons of cotton is grown and exported from Arizona.   Julie from The Arizona Farm Bureau with guest Paco Ollerton of Tierra Verde Farms talks about cotton farming and what it entails.  From seed to plant to harvest, its used for clothing, cattle feed, ...
September 1st, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:20)9-1-2018
Rosie's daughter Katie Stumbo of Go Conquer Fitness returns to taunt Rosie about his eating habits.    With the on peak electric rates extended, some folks are eating dinner after 8PM when lower off peak rates kick in.  Late dinners have led to some folks gaining weight.  ...
August 25th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:39:02)8-25-2018
Soft soils, heaving, moisture buildup in the slab.  One thing foundation problems all have in common is that they will only get worse when ignored, leaving you exposed to potential property damage.  Bob Brown of Arizona Foundations Solutions explains the best way to address thi...
August 25th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:40:04)8-25-2018
We talk about home maintenance and repairs.  Especially for first time home owners.  And Romey describes in detail building his dream 'maintenance free' home.  A discussion on a 'ram earth' home with a listener who lived in one and talks about his experience.
August 25th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:52)8-25-2018
Farmer Greg says time to plant for the fall.  Put your plans together for an edible landscape.  Lots of tips on how to examine your space for a garden, sun and shade exposure and putting together healthy soil to get your garden growing!
August 25th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:12)8-25-2018
Romey and Garry go thru the list of events comming up around the state, update on our Arizona Staycation giveaway and Dr. Sky busts a myth that the full moon and Mars will appear the same size as the moon in the night sky plus the many stars of the zodiac.
Water Treatment with Jack Eversol   (00:39:05)8-18-2018
A discussion about water treatment from Jack Eversol of Kinetico Tucson.  Throughout Arizona and other places, water can be too hard, smells a bit off or doesn't taste as good as it should.  Hard water can make cleaning more difficult and cause scale in your water pipes.  Jac...
August 18th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:41)8-18-2018
Tap water is safe, but the hardness can give it an off taste and leave scale in pipes.  George Funkhouser of All About Water discusses the technology and systems to improve your home water quality.  The levels of water treatment like reverse osmosis (RO), filters, softners, e...
August 18th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:16)8-18-2018
Tom Reilly of Renovations remodeling joins Rosie to discuss recent news about water resources.  Sources, consumption, shortages, conservation.  What stories are true and not true.  Update on construction.  Plus callers have questions about windows, roof coatings and more. ...
August 18th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:31)8-18-2018
Jay Harper of The Farms Choice talks about the time to start planning your fall garden, tree planting and winter lawns.  Plus many other tips on getting your ground ready, what to plant and types of shade trees.  
August 18th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:47)8-18-2018
Former Managing Editor Win Holden and Editor Kelly Kramer of ARIZONA HIGHWAYS Magazine discuss its beginnings nearly a century ago.  Its become one of the most popular state magazines in the country known for its incredible photography, stories and its influence on Arizona tou...
August 11th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:51)8-11-2018
Mike with Above And Beyond Pools talks remodeling your home pool.  When do you know its time to resurface the pool.  Pros and cons between salt and chlorine systems.  How extensive can you go with a remodel including the most popular pool feature.  Discussion of the 3 filtr...
August 11th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:39:57)8-11-2018
Kyle and Bobby of Sun Valley Solar talk about the upcomming APS Solar Buy Back Rate change and what customers need to do to lock in their current rate for the next 10 years.  The many tax credits available installing a solar system.  A current look at the grid and its future....
August 11th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:56)8-11-2018
John with Integrity Tree Service discusses the tree damage around the city after days of monsoon storms.  The Tree Of The Month The Desert Fern.  Assessing if a tree can be saved.  And various tree support systems.
August 11th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:29)8-11-2018
We talk about the serious monsoon weather and events around the state.  Plus we ask our listeners for topic suggestions for the Arizona Hour.
August 4th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:39:24)8-4-2018
Representatives from Hayward Pools discuss pool water maintenance, interior finishes and equipment .  Plus how automation has taken pools to do anything you want.  Listeners call in their questions on cleaning maintenance issues, salt water systems versus chlorine, wasps and ...
August 4th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:39:27)8-4-2018
Rosie goes over what's happening at Rosie On The House.  And listeners have questions on up front payments from contractors, window type suggestions, awning storm damage, repairing and recoating patio concrete, and hot water heater leak.
August 4th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:36:57)8-4-2018
Charlotte from Mortimer Farms in Dewey, AZ talking corn with Julie with The Arizona Farm Bureau.  They explain how corn is grown on the farm, when its ready to harvest and the function of the stalk and silk husks.  Plus the other things grown on the 'u pick em' farm.
August 4th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:46)8-4-2018
Arizona State Astrophysics Professor Rogier Windhorst discusses the origins of gravity and black holes.  Laser Interferometer Gravitatiional-Wave Observatory in Washington and Louisiana that detect ripples in time and space.  What this facinating and sometimes hard to grasp r...
July 28th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:49)7-28-2018
Jeff from REEis Air Conditioning explains what a Whole Home Energy Audit is and how the procedure works.  A audit is an important step in identifying the conditions in your home which are affecting your family’s health, comfort, safety and energy efficiency. By performing t...
July 28th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:39:35)7-28-2018
Rosie has a list from the American Inistitute Of Architechs of the most popular things homeowners want in their home.  And listeners have questions too!  Insulation suggestions for a slump block home, hiring an inspector during the process of building a new home, alternative se...
July 28th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:39)7-28-2018
Farmer Greg of The Urban Farm discusses water harvesting.  Ways to turn lack of water into an abundance.  Various methods to collect water to use for your gardens, lawns and trees.  Difference between rainwater and graywater.  Various sources from stormwater, evap cooler wa...
July 28th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:10)7-28-2018
Ray Odom is a legend in Arizona.  Inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall Of Fame, Ray has had an amazing career.  Broadcaster, promoter and race horse owner, he was the first promoter to bring a young Elvis Presley to Arizona.  As well as country music icons Joh...
July 21st, 2018: Hour 4   (00:40:07)7-21-2018
Bob from Green Valley Cooling & Heating and Steve from Daikin North America spend the hour talking about air conditioning.  How does it work?  What type of maintenance should be done annually to keep it in shape and last longer.  Plus Steve discusses the fastest growing coolin...
July 21st, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:45)7-21-2018
Cajun dancing, eating crawfish, and the cost of remodeling the bathroom plus the most common trends for it!  Jennifer gets on her soapbox about shady roofers in the area attempting to take advantage of homeowners.  Plus callers with home issues including a homeowner who got est...
July 21st, 2018: Hour 2   (00:37:45)7-21-2018
Jay Harper goes over the 'to-do' list for the garden and thinking ahead to fall planting.  Plants that use more or less water to grow.  And callers with questions about bark beetles and pine trees, keeping a tree from blooming too much, adding sawdust to ice to slow down meltin...
July 21st, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:20)7-21-2018
Random topics include a story of a man who visions building a water pipeline from the Snake River to Lake Mead to help with the drought, events around the state, what's your favorite place to visit in Arizona and DR. SKY from Sedona discusses what to see this month in the dark sk...
July 14th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:40:05)7-14-2018
Isley's Home Service join us for our topic of the month, air conditioning.   How it works, what it takes to keep it in top condition, and how it can improve air quality.  Plus how whole home energy audits can help you get the most efficient system for your home.  Proper duct...
July 14th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:39:34)7-14-2018
Rosie has some vital tips on avoiding scams for repairing storm damage.  Jennifer gets on her soapbox to warn everyone about roofing scams in the area.  Plus a caller has a problem with a SINGING TOILET!  Bob Ross of Lightning Busters talks about a lightning surge protection...
July 14th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:13)7-14-2018
John Eisenhower of Integrity Tree Service discusses watching out for tree service scams after recent storms.  Plus other tree maintenance like proper staking, trimming and protecting the bark from sunburn.  Plus our Tree Of The Month:  The True Vitex, also known as the Monks...
July 14th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:40:35)7-14-2018
An informative, fun hour about something we can't live without.  Electricity!  Jacob Tetlow, VP Transmission & Distribution of Arizona Public Service (APS), discusses what it is, how its made, and how its managed and distributed to your home.  The origin of electricity goes wa...
July 7th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:39:30)7-7-2018
Our focus this month is on air conditioning.  Richard Rojo from Trane Air Conditioners details how air conditioners works, seer ratings, compressors, and one of the fastest growing industries 'ductless mini-splits'.  Plus callers have questions about their home A/C units.  ...
July 7th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:39:26)7-7-2018
Rosie has a list of what can cause water damage during monsoon season and preventative measures you can take before it happens.  Plus caller questions on tile cracking on a part of the floor, roofing issue, energy consumption for a garage refridgerator/freezer, and cool air comi...
July 7th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:36:21)7-7-2018
July is National Watermelon Month!  Julie Murphree of the Arizona Farm Bureauand Charlie Montgomery of Rousseau Farms talk about growing the millions of pounds of watermelon produced, the hundreds of varieties, and the story behind seedless watermelons.  Arizona is one of th...
July 7th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:42)7-7-2018
Dr. Dean of Grand Canyon University discusses some of the unique ways Arizonans celebrated Independence Day.  The roots of the traditional July 4th celebration come from the east coast.  But as the country expanded west, Arizona celebrated in different ways.  Plus the specia...
June 30th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:50)6-30-2018
Sandy Cowen of My Life In Order discusses getting your affairs in order no matter what age.  Documenting your wishes for the future, organizing and separating items of monitary value and sentimental value, wills, power of attorney, important documents.  Simply put, making it ...
June 30th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:40:01)6-30-2018
We talk with Joelle Kahn of Tierra Antigua Realty in Tucson about the hot housing market.  Bruce Yacko of Eco-Friendly cleaners Jaws Cleaners (Just Add Water) has a great cleaner for your BBQ pits.  And callers give their input on their power bills connected to the APS R...
June 30th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:57)6-30-2018
Jay Harper shares some ideas on watering, pesky weed control and pre emergents.  Chelsea McGuire of The Arizona Farm Bureau updates the progress on the new farm bill.  And listener questions about spurge on a lawn, termites in a grapefruit tree, planting a new lawn, watering am...
June 30th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:43)6-30-2018
You likely never heard of Vail, Arizona.  But it is ground zero for the history of southern Arizona!  From a population of 500 in 2000 to over 12,000 residents today, JJ Lamb of The Vail Preservation Society discusses the preservation, educating the youth in the town, and an ...
June 23rd, 2018: Hour 4   (00:39:57)6-23-2018
A fast and furious hour of homeowner questions including permits for a gazebo, foundation heave issue, weather stripping, tankless water heater, removing old weed suppression black plastic, home siding and a dripping sound from an air conditioner. A wealth of homeowner info can ...
June 23rd, 2018: Hour 3   (00:39:44)6-23-2018
A fast and furious hour of homeowner questions including permits for a gazebo, foundation heave issue, weather stripping, tankless water heater, removing old weed suppression black plastic, home siding and a dripping sound from an air conditioner. A wealth of homeowner info can ...
June 23rd, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:44)6-23-2018
Farmer Greg of The Urban Farm provides some great tips on gardening to grow fruits and vegetables.  Observing the space to determine where to plant, watching sun patterns, ingredients for healthy organic soil, how weed are a good thing (to a point) and watering tips and tricks...
June 23rd, 2018: Hour 1   (00:37:32)6-23-2018
We open the show looking at the stars in a clear, dark sky!  Astrophysicist, former fighter pilot, and Chairman of the Oracle State Park Dark Sky Initiative Mike Weasner talks about how Oracle became the first Arizona State Park to get the initiative, star parties, astronomy p...
June 16th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:39:39)6-16-2018
Do You Need To Ventilate Your Attic?  The answer may suprise you.  Rosie discusses that topic along with more listener calls about last week's topic 'Out-sulation', epoxy flooring for an airplane hanger, shower drain issue, ceiling fans and drill bit help drilling into cement.
June 16th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:54)6-16-2018
Rosie has a follow up on raidiant barriers, explains the cost of designing and remodeling bath and kitchen, and helps callers with their home issues including insulation, neighbor's smoking problem, plumbing leak, replacing a flagstone patio, and more!
June 16th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:37:59)6-16-2018
Donna & Steve of Water, Use It Wisely talk about the many ways to conserve and properly water your trees and plants efficiently.  You can find tips on water scheduling HERE.  
June 16th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:45)6-16-2018
We're all excited to see rain as Monsoon Season officially starts.  Dr. Sky discusses Mars and its effects on the closest its been in 15 years. Our Arizona Staycation Of The Month owners Nancy & Ted from The Lazy Trout Cabins & Motel in Greer, AZ and our winner Domingo join ...
June 2nd, 2018 - Hour: 2   (00:38:57)6-2-2018
June is Dairy Month.  Julie Murphree of Arizona Farm Bureau and Kevin Danzeisen of Danzeisen Dairy discusses the process and procedures of how their milk goes from the cows to the store in glass bottles! (No cartons)
May 12, 2018 - Hour: 4   (00:38:28)5-12-2018
All month long, we're focusing on the garage.  Why Your Old Garage Door May Have To Go Blog.  Plus more listeners with home maintenance questions like home lifting (jacking), ready to assemble cabinets, and Rosie helps a listener on the cost of a kitchen remodel.
May 12, 2018 - Hour: 3   (00:39:50)5-12-2018
Rosie tackles home owner questions on electric water heaters, metal roofs, roof repair, gate door repair, kitchen remodeling and the Patio Pal from Phoenix Manufacturing.  Also how willing are you to automate your home?
May 12, 2018 - Hour: 2   (00:38:46)5-12-2018
John Eisenhower of Integrity Tree Service talks about our Tree Of The Month: Blue Palo Verde.  Also tree tips and the difference between trimming and pruning.  Plus listeners call in with their tree issues.
May 12, 2018 - Hour: 1   (00:38:18)5-12-2018
Arizona travel writer Roger Naylor explores the places, stories and good eats around the state.  He encourages everyone to explore the great state of Arizona.  He talks with Rosie about his latest adventure, his books on Route 66, Death Valley, Boots and Burgers and The Kolb ...
May 5, 2018 - Hour: 4   (00:38:49)5-5-2018
Rosie and Romey discuss ways to insulate and cool down your garage.  Your garage space can be used for more that cars and storage.  Plus listeners call in with their garage questions. More details can be found at How To Cool Off Your Garage!
May 5, 2018 - Hour: 3   (00:38:47)5-5-2018
Rosie tackles listener home improvement questions including replacing sewer line, reducing nearby road noise to quiet the home, well water treatment, caulking spaces in concrete, and landscape suggestion for a dirt backyard.
May 5, 2018 - Hour: 2   (00:39:06)5-5-2018
Julie Murphree and Stephanie Smallhouse, President Of The Arizona Farm Bureau join Romey to talk about BEEF.  May is National Beef Month. Stephanie's 5th generation family raises beef at The Carlink Ranch which has existed since 1884.  They discuss how beef gets from the f...
May 5, 2018 - Hour: 1   (00:38:07)5-5-2018
Our guest is a big time hiker and outdoor expert Sirena Dufault of Trails Inspire and her Blog Sirena's Wanderings. Sirena is an avid hiker and backpacker who adores exploring Arizona's trails, canyons, peaks and rivers and sharing them through writing and photography. She ...
April 28, 2018 - Hour: 2   (00:39:11)4-28-2018
Talking everything CHICKENS!  With Farmer Greg of The Urban Farm and Kari Spencer.  Chickens provide more that eggs on the urban farm. Different breeds, sizes, housing (coops) for roosting, caring and other info on how to raise them.  Plus listener have chicken questions. ...
April 28, 2018 - Hour: 4   (00:38:47)4-28-2018
Mark Gabbard of Sunburst Landscaping and Easy Turf discuss creating your outdoor living space. Artificial turf is a great option but there are a few things to consider including quality turf, draining and hygene. Plus other ways to enhance your space for whatever you envision u...
April 28, 2018 - Hour: 3   (00:39:08)4-28-2018
Rosie talks with Dr. Mike Manning, an Arizona allergist doctor. They discuss allergies and tests to discover what you could be allergic to. Plus ways to manage your allergies. And Bruce Yacko, the inventor of JAWS Cleaner Products (Just Add Water System). Offering eco-friendl...
April 28, 2018 - Hour: 1   (00:37:46)4-28-2018
Our guest is Eli Griffen, Manager Trail Development Resources for the Rails To Trails Conservancy. Who's mission is creating a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people.
April 21, 2018 - Hour: 4   (00:38:37)4-21-2018
Discussion on adding shade sturctures, some maintenance free, to your outdoor living space. Consider running power and water to it for various comfort ideas. Plus some more home improvement and repair questions from listeners.
April 21, 2018 - Hour: 3   (00:38:59)4-21-2018
Rosie tackles home maintenance questions from listeners. Discussions on water heater maintenance, leaky faucet counter top cabinet issue, super cooling, plumbing and electrical. Plus Romey is on location at Habitat For Humanity's REstore in Tempe.
April 21, 2018 - Hour: 2   (00:38:15)4-21-2018
Jay Harper of The Farms Choice and Rosie answer various gardening questions from listeners, discuss the blooming of The Corpse Flower in Tucson, and Romey is on location at Habitat For Humanity's REstore opening in Tempe.
April 21, 2018 - Hour: 1   (00:38:33)4-21-2018
DR. SKY gives us the latest on what's going on in outer space. Including the launch of a Space X rocket to search for new planets and stars, a runaway star larger than the sun moving at 300,000 MPH, an explanation of a 'Super Nova', and discussion on meteor showers.
April 14, 2018 - Hour: 4   (00:38:15)4-14-2018
A look at misting systems to Creating The Perfect Cooling Mist for your backyard.
April 14, 2018 - Hour: 3   (00:37:41)4-14-2018
Rosie opens up the phones to take listener questions about their house, home, castle or cabin. Plus he talks about his recent European trip.
April 14, 2018 - Hour: 2   (00:37:45)4-14-2018
Sara, the plant health director, and Rick, the tree wizard of Integrity Tree Service discuss an article The Whispering Of The Trees that tells how trees actually feed and communicate with each other to survive. Plus we take listener questions on tree issues.
April 14, 2018 - Hour: 1   (00:37:26)4-14-2018
With the tax deadline, Dr. Dean from Grand Canyon University discusses the story of how the income tax came to be during the Progressive Era from the 1890s to the 1920s. The progressives were smart thinking people who developed the income tax to solve the haphazard way the US wa...
April 7, 2018 - Hour: 4   (00:37:45)4-7-2018
Evaporative Coolers (Evacs) have been a way to keep cool in the desert for decades. But Phoenix Manufacturing has taken them to a new level. Portables with ice chests and tool boxes built in! For your backyard gatherings and garages. A wide discussion on everything 'Evap'! H...
April 7, 2018 - Hour: 3   (00:37:41)4-7-2018
An informative hour for those with aging family members. If they are staying or moving into a home, remodeling with safety features so they can live comfortably. Having a detailed plan with family members with each aspect of their lifestyle as they age. And how to live with pu...
April 7, 2018 - Hour: 2   (00:37:45)4-7-2018
An EGGcellent hour with Arizona's own Hickmans Family Farms. Decades of egg production and gardening products from The Farms Choice. Along with the Arizona Farm Bureau, they discuss their business of how eggs get from the farm to the table, their recycling efforts in packaging ...
April 7, 2018 - Hour: 1   (00:37:46)4-7-2018
Rosie visits The Arizona Hiking Shack in Phoenix as part of his effort to get out and enjoy the beautiful state of Arizona. If you can hike, climb, or paddle it, tips on getting fit for the right equiptment. Including hiking The Grand Canyon rim to rim in one day! And Jan D'At...
March 31, 2018 - Hour: 4   (00:39:27)3-31-2018
First Impression Ironworks discuss what they design and create for security doors, iron entry doors, window guards, gates, screens and more!  Eye appealing and security all in one. Click on this BLOG for the 7 features your security doors should have.
March 31, 2018 - Hour: 3   (00:39:27)3-31-2018
Getting you ready for April!
March 31, 2018 - Hour: 2   (00:40:28)3-31-2018
Growing and farming roundtable with John Eisenhower of Integrity Tree Service, Farmer Greg of The Urban Farm and Kari Spencer of The Micro Farm Project talking about tending and caring for your trees and gardens.
March 31, 2018 - Hour: 1   (00:38:55)3-31-2018
A conversation with Rita Mcguire about the history of Arizona water, the development of the CAP, the legal rights and rules of water for the state and how its managed and stored. Details how it gets from the source to the spigot!
March 24, 2018 - Hour: 4   (00:38:44)3-24-2018
Informative hour on interior treatment of windows with blinds, shades, cleaning and maintenance with B & B Blinds, New West Shutters & Blinds and state of the art cleaning with About Blind Cleaning, Inc.  So many options on blinds, shades, sun screens.  Fabrics, wood, faux ...
March 24, 2018 - Hour: 3   (00:38:06)3-24-2018
Representatives from APS (Arizona Public Service) discuss the electricity rate changes underway.  Explaining the new plans, how it affects 'super cooling' and examples using customer bills on how much more or less you could pay this summer and beyond.  Also the benefits of 's...
March 24, 2018 - Hour: 2   (00:38:46)3-24-2018
Farmer Greg of The Urban Farm says spring is blooming! His observations on where to place your garden. Sun patterns, shade, even pests. What to plant this time of year. Easy way to plant sweet potatoes. What is drip tape? And his mix for healthy soil to grow anything.
March 24, 2018 - Hour: 1   (00:38:33)3-24-2018
A fun hour filled with history, stories, music, laughter and more with Arizona's Official State Balladeer Dolan Ellis and Official State Historian Marshall Trimble. They talk about their careers, pick a song or two and Dolan's involvement with the Arizona Folklore Preserve near ...
July's Rosie-do list will help you fight bugs brought on by the monsoon   (00:00:45)6-30-2016
July’s Rosie-do list contains a list of seven items to focus on in and around your home, some of which will help bugs brought on by the Arizona monsoon.
Seven tips to help you take care of your shingle roof   (00:00:57)6-30-2016
Recently we told you how to care for your flat roof, so this week’s article is for those of you with a shingle roof.
Tips to care for your home with a flat roof   (00:00:54)6-23-2016
Many Arizona residents love the territorial style of home building that helps keep the spirit of the old Southwest alive.
Five ways to get your backyard ready for the Arizona monsoon season   (00:00:53)6-16-2016
You may have already prepared your house for the possibilities of Arizona's monsoon season, but what about your backyard?
Ready your home for monsoon season with June's 'Rosie-do' list   (00:00:44)6-2-2016
Well folks, it’s June! The heat is climbing and the beginning of monsoon season is just around the corner. Get your home ready with June's Rosie-do list.
Do-it-yourself tips for pet owners in honor of National Pet Month   (00:00:49)4-7-2016
April is National Pet Month and a good time to adopt a dog or cat. But living with pets in Arizona can be challenging. Here are some questions you may have.
Build a little muscle with your affordable DIY home gym   (00:00:41)1-14-2016
If your goal for 2016 is to get into a size smaller pair of jeans, you’ve probably wished a time or two that you could have a home gym. Here's ways to create one without spending too much.