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Rosie on the House

Rosie began remodeling in 1972 and is founder of one of the most successful remodeling companies in the nation. Tune in to KTAR News 92.3 on Saturdays, 7-11 a.m., to hear Rosie and his son, Romey, tackle projects around the house.

March 16th, 2019: Hour 4   (00:39:35)3-16-2019
Interview with John Wesley Miller of Tucson. An award winning builder of sustainable, green and universal accessibility homes. Known for his concept of Thermal Mass Storage and development of Armory Park del Sol, a community of single family sustainable homes. Plus more ideas ...
March 16th, 2019: Hour 3   (00:40:03)3-16-2019
David Burns of GreenID explains what a Whole Home Energy Audio can do for your home and possibly save you money on your energy bill. Plus listeners questions about standing backyard water, tankless water heaters, and what is a SEER Rating.
March 16th, 2019: Hour 2   (00:40:35)3-16-2019
Still time to plant some vegetables types that you could pick like a fruit. Proper soil preparation, battling weeds, pre-emergent, fighting pests and more to make your garden grow.
March 16th, 2019: Hour 1   (00:37:45)3-16-2019
Spotlighting our March Staycation destination!  Desert Caballeros Western Museum Director Dan Finley talks about their exhibits and events. Cowgirl Up! Artist Judith Durr talks about her passion and artwork. And Angie Freeman of The Flying E Ranch talks about the activitie...
March 9th, 2019: Hour 4   (00:38:40)3-9-2019
We discuss some of the 12 Low Cost Aging In Place Ways You Can Do Yourself.  Plus more caller questions on painting roof shingles, treatments for slip proof flooring and a liquid insulation for the inside of flex ducts.
March 9th, 2019: Hour 3   (00:38:25)3-9-2019
Our Rosie On The House 30th Anniversary Took Kits are in plus other items in our E Store. Our 'How To' discussion on water filters. And caller questions about tile, water softners, electric smell, paver deck issue and a recommendation on misting systems.
March 9th, 2019: Hour 2   (00:38:51)3-9-2019
John Eisenhower of Integrity Tree Service talks about our Tree Of The Month: The Desert Orchid Tree. Discussion of pests that can harm your trees. Staying ahead of weeds. And callers with questions about their trees.
March 9th, 2019: Hour 1   (00:38:49)3-9-2019
Charlie Ester, SRP Manager of Surface Water Resources, discusses the increase amount of rain, snowfall and how they manage and predict the runoff. Steve Ward talks about recycling pool water to reuse in the pool. And Kerry Dunki-Jacobs talks about her water saving invention The E...
March 2nd, 2019: Hour 4   (00:38:45)3-2-2019
Considering bringing your aging Mom and Dad home? There are many decisions and design changes, upgrades, even new construction to consider. We explore ideas, costs, and other things to consider to help them live with dignity. 
March 2nd, 2019: Hour 3   (00:36:30)3-2-2019
We're at The Tucson Festival Of Books. And questions about what questions to ask when considering a contractor, how new stucco affects the temperature inside your home, latex or oil based primers and the things you should NEVER FLUSH DOWN THE TOILET.
March 2nd, 2019: Hour 2   (00:38:43)3-2-2019
Julie from The Arizona Farm Bureau and Mark Schnepf of Schnepf Farms talking peaches. Schnepf Farms is one of the leading working farms for Agri-tourism and Agri-tainment to reconnect people with family farming. Peaches and other fruits that you can pick in season. Plus cattle...
March 2nd, 2019: Hour 1   (00:38:26)3-2-2019
The Vulture Mine and City established in 1866 is credited to the founding of Wickenburg, AZ. Rod Prat talks about its history, the reopening of the mine and rebuilding the town that you can tour. Plus other events including Tres Rios Nature Festival.
February 23rd, 2019: Hour 4   (00:38:27)2-23-2019
George Cathey of Rosie Certified Isley's Home Services gives you tips to keep your plumbing in good shape, some of the latest water saving devices and plumbers can fit gas lines for appliances in the home.
February 23rd, 2019: Hour 3   (00:38:55)2-23-2019
HISTORIC RAIN AND SNOWFALL is all everyone is talking about. The load effect on roofs. Fireplace safety and maintenance. Plumbing question about 'air hammering' when toilet is flushed. Rosie Certified Kinetico Water Systems Jon Owens talks about the advantages of their water tre...
February 23rd, 2019: Hour 2   (00:37:41)2-23-2019
Farmer Greg talks about fruit harvesting, planting tomatoes and other herbs, the proper way to create healthy soil to plant new trees and the 3 things that can kill your trees. A wealth of info to grow your own food!  
February 23rd, 2019: Hour 1   (00:38:41)2-23-2019
Ever wonder what its like to fly in a hot air balloon? Shane Cory of Aerogelic Ballooning talks about the experience they offer, what its like in the air and the history of ballooning back to the 1600's. Plus our Staycation winner to Tubac, AZ shares their experience.
February 16th, 2019: Hour 4   (00:38:46)2-16-2019
Discussion of what to consider whether is time to repair or replace plumbing fixtures.  Why its better to go to a supply parts store instead of the big box stores. Check out our BLOG on trends and repairs.  
February 16th, 2019: Hour 3   (00:37:54)2-16-2019
Rosie is back discussing what recent rains can do to a roof, use of robots in construction, and listeners call in about clogged drains, stucco cracks in a home, and what to consider when looking for a new air conditioning/heating unit.
February 16th, 2019: Hour 2   (00:38:06)2-16-2019
Jay Harper of The Farms Choice talks about planting tomatoes, peppers and lots of herbs to plant now. Plus answers listener questions on tomato plant rot and split tomatoes, fertilization, lawn weed control and more!
February 16th, 2019: Hour 1   (00:37:48)2-16-2019
The only Titan Missile Silo left from the Cold War that you can visit! The Titan Missile Museum south of Tucson. Director Yvonne Morris talks about what you'll see including a real, decommissioned Titan 2 Missile. Plus Jay Harper's family connection to Arizona Deadliest Gunfight.
February 9th, 2019: Hour 4   (00:38:58)2-9-2019
Discussion of the plumbing system in your home from supplying fresh water to disposing wastewater and sewage. From shut off valves to drains and knocking sounds, the 3 things you never flush down the toilet, and more. Plus more listener home improvement questions.
February 9th, 2019: Hour 3   (00:38:48)2-9-2019
Nearly 4 months after his accident, ROSIE RETURNS TO THE SHOW!! He discusses the costs of bathroom remodeling and takes calls from listeners about in-pane blind repair, water softening with magnets, wobbling ceiling fan, and granite counter top removal and more.
February 9th, 2019: Hour 2   (00:38:58)2-9-2019
John Eisenhower of SavATree/Integrity Tree Service talks about the tree of the month Foothill Palo Verde. Plus pruning, trimming out frost damage, the 3 calendar events when to fertilize your trees and listener questions. John explains his new partnership with SaVaTree.
February 9th, 2019: Hour 1   (00:38:42)2-9-2019
Arizona Highways Editor, author and avid hiker Roger Naylor gives his 2019 bucket list of things to see and do in Arizona. Known for exploring the state one hiking trail and one restaurant at a time.      
February 2nd, 2019: Hour 4   (00:38:53)2-2-2019
Linda and Chris from Stampede Plumbing talk about water heaters, tank and tankless. How they're constructed, function and the need to have them checked every year. Plus listeners call in their water heater questions.
February 2nd, 2019: Hour 3   (00:38:58)2-2-2019
Discussion of some of the activities about Arizona, follow up to why copper corrodes and metal rusts, Jennifer talks about the Water Resources Research Conference, Groundhog Day and our 'How To' topic on pests.
February 2nd, 2019: Hour 2   (00:36:42)2-2-2019
Julie from The Arizona Farm Bureau join Patty from Duncan Family Farms. The leading premium quality certified organic farm growing strawberries and leafy greens like baby tenderleaf. Plus what the Drought Contingency Plan means for farmers.
February 2nd, 2019: Hour 1   (00:38:40)2-2-2019
Arizona's deadliest gunfight was not in Tombstone. But in a remote canyon in the Galiuro Mountains in 1918. Author Heidi Osselaer tells the story of the draft resistance during World War I and tragedy at the Power's family cabin in her book 'Arizona's Deadliest Gunfight'.  Plus...
January 26th, 2019: Hour 4   (00:38:35)1-26-2019
Thinking of a DIY project with tile? Joe Fortuna of Mexican Tile And Stone has lots of tips, tricks and what you'll need working with tile. From floors to backsplashes. Preping the floor or wall, thinset, mortar, tools and proper cutting. Joe gives you what you need to know!
January 26th, 2019: Hour 3   (00:38:32)1-26-2019
With a Drought Contingency Plan in the works for Arizona, we go over the many ways to conserve and save water from Water, Use It Wisley. Plus cleaning the exhaust fans in home that you likely haven't touched in a long time.
January 26th, 2019: Hour 2   (00:38:40)1-26-2019
Farmer Greg of The Urban Farm focuses on this time of year to plant citrus and deciduous trees. The importance of chill hours, root stocks and proper trimming and pruning. Why gallon size isn't as important as trunk size. And 'buyer beware' tips when looking at trees from big box...
January 26th, 2019: Hour 1   (00:38:35)1-26-2019
Our guest is Dr. Buck! He talks about 'Buckeye Days' in Buckeye AZ. Plus his background as a stunt double for actor Tom Selleck and working The Ponderosa Ranch filming 'Bonanza'. And a list of parades around Arizona.
January 19th, 2019: Hour 4   (00:37:56)1-19-2019
You'll be suprised to know LED lighting technology/design/innovation is constantly changing. Allen Childers of Statewide Lighting discusses the many types, designs, colors and more about lighting for your home. Plus David May joins in from The Dallas International Lighting Show...
January 19th, 2019: Hour 3   (00:37:52)1-19-2019
Jeff Carmichael of REEis Air Conditioning And Home Performance talks about why its important to change your air filters regularly. What types of filters to use and the importance of maintenance on your unit to keep it running efficiently and longer.  Plus a great update on Ros...
January 19th, 2019: Hour 2   (00:38:45)1-19-2019
Jay Harper of The Farms Choice talks about roses. The time to plant and prune for beautiful and bigger blooms. Winter lawn tips and using less water but getting good results on plants and lawns. Plus caller questions on planting orange trees, mulberry tree bark issue, climbing ...
January 19th, 2019: Hour 1   (00:38:00)1-19-2019
More people, places and things to see in Yuma and Tubac as part of our Arizona Staycations including an interview with Shilo Inns Of Yuma. Dr. Sky updates night time sky events. And details on hiking and reservations to one of the best spots in Arizona, beautiful Havasupai ...
January 12th, 2019: Hour 4   (00:38:46)1-12-2019
Here are ideas for spiffing up living spaces in a weekend. Not every room will need all these jobs, of course, but doing two or three of these fixes could transform a room that used to make you cringe. Little thing could make a big difference. BLOG
January 12th, 2019: Hour 3   (00:38:48)1-12-2019
Highlighting products from the Home Electronics Show in Vegas. A survival solution to making water in the desert and a door to protect delivered packages.  President CEO of Casa Grande Chamber Of Commerce Helen Neuarth at the Casa Grande Home Show. Jason from First Class Green ...
January 12th, 2019: Hour 2   (00:38:59)1-12-2019
John Eisenhower & Sarah Maitland of Integrity Tree Service discuss the Tree Of The Month Chinese Elm, a great shade tree that adapts to limited growing areas.  More pruning tips. A discussion on Plant Growth Regulators and how they work.  Plus callers have various tree questi...
January 12th, 2019: Hour 1   (00:38:30)1-12-2019
Steven Hill talks about The Hills Of Casa Grande Pioneer Heros Of Arizona Museum. With a historic collection dating back to the era of early native American artifacts, mammoth bones, a Buffalo Bill collection and much more. The Casa Grande Home Show. And travel author Roger Nayl...
January 5th, 2019: Hour 4   (00:39:19)1-5-2019
Do you know what your homeowner's insurance covers?  Are home warranties a good or bad thing? And a DIY weekend task to install the proper water supply lines. Clay Jansen of Phocus Insurance talks about policy coverages. Like what constitutes a water discharge or overflow, Act...
January 5th, 2019: Hour 3   (00:37:01)1-5-2019
Discussions about January is Radon Awareness Month, our digital home maintenance tool Home Zada, looking out for shady contractors, a Rosie update and The Mighty Electricians helps with a caller who had an GFCI outlet issue.
January 5th, 2019: Hour 2   (00:38:56)1-5-2019
John Boelts of Desert Premium Farms joins Julie of The Arizona Farm Bureau to talk about one of the biggest farms in the country producing lettuce and other leafy greens. Yuma is one of the top producers of lettuce in the country. John talks about his farming methods and how ...
January 5th, 2019: Hour 1   (00:38:48)1-5-2019
Executive Director Of The Yuma Chamber Of Commerce John Courtis & Executive Director of Visit Linda Morgan talk about the history, people and places to visit in Yuma, Arizona. A big economy of agriculture, tourism and military has grown to a population of over 100,00...
December 29th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:57)12-29-2018
We look at the top 5 most popular Rosie On The House blogs of 2018 involving air conditioning, garage cooling, pavers, outsulation and handling urban pests. Plus listener questions about wrapping pipes for cold weather, a 1941 home with original plumbing has a shower drain issu...
December 29th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:40:00)12-29-2018
Talking about Cajun 'nicknames', New Years events, and question on keeping the heater on in a vacant home when its cold. Plus Linda from Stampede Plumbing has some tips for preventing water pipe damage from cold freezing temperatures.
December 29th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:37)12-29-2018
Carolyn Niethammer talks about the many edible desert plants that can be found during the year and the history of their preparation dating back to the native American days. Plus Farmer Greg from The Urban Farm talks about his Fruit Tree Program, planting trees and growing your...
December 29th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:55)12-29-2018
We spend the hour celebrating Rosie's LSU Tiger heritage as they take on University Of Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl! And give you some pointers on Cajun tailgating, food and pronunciations. The radio 'Voice Of The Tigers' Chris Blair drops by to talk about the game and thei...
December 22nd, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:43)12-22-2018
We update the progress on Rosie's Recovery, the new 2019 calendar, tools and products available in our E-Store, and Romey's million dollar idea on how to combat 'porch pirates' and other assorted topics.
December 22nd, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:45)12-22-2018
Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Misty Hyman talks about her stunning upset win in the 200 meter butterfly in the 2000 Sydney games, her innovative technique that won her the gold and what's she doing today. Arizona's Official Balladeer Dolan Ellis' story about a mystery Christmas t...
December 22nd, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:43)12-22-2018
Farmer Greg discusses his third of an acre Urban Farm and shares his decades of growing experience from citrus and fruit trees to vegetables and herbs. Tips on starting your own gardens by observing the space, exposures thru the four seasons and his building blocks for healthy so...
December 22nd, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:39)12-22-2018
We look back at some of the places and people we visited and sent listeners to for our Arizona Staycations. Including Ramsey Canyon/Sierra Vista, Montezuma's Castle & Tuzigoot National Monuments, Jerome and Bisbee.
December 15th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:50)12-15-2018
We update Rosie's recovery and read some of the good wishes sent by listeners and Rosie's Mom. More tool talk on the tools featured in the Rosie On The House 30th Anniversary Tool Kit. Scams, metals that rust and corrode and other home improvement info. You can purchase the tool ...
December 15th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:32)12-15-2018
If you're buying a home or looking for income producing property, John Gluch of The Gluch Group has some great ideas for the buyer or seller. We discuss some of the tools and checklists to assist in your decisions. And talk about the pros and cons of buying homes for cash, home...
December 15th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:39:26)12-15-2018
Jay Harper of The Farms Choice talks about care for your Christmas plants, gardening your leafy greens and root plants, frost protection for your trees and answers an assortment of questions from listeners.
December 15th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:31)12-15-2018
What does 'Rockin' Reggie Vinson and Alice Cooper, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Bob Hope and Billy Graham have in common? Reggie has performed with them on records and live shows. From playing on Alice Cooper's 'Schools Out' and 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' to John Lennon's...
December 8th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:39:04)12-8-2018
We read some of the best wishes for Rosie's recovery, supply lines for sinks, toilets and washers, leaving your pool empty, home warranties and stacked drywall that got wet before install. And a checklist from Rosie Remodeling to make notes in planning a kitchen remodel.
December 8th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:39:02)12-8-2018
More on Rosie's recovery after his accident in October. And questions on water shut off valves inside the home, the proper supply lines for connecting sinks, toilets and washers, checking for roof leaks from the attic, pool retiring and home warranties.
December 8th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:58)12-8-2018
John Eisenhower of Integrity Tree Service talks about the Tree Of The Month, Eldarica Pine. Takes the shape of a Christmas tree and good windbreaker.  Tips on winter care, pruning and answers listener questions on moving bougainvillea, best time to plant fruit trees and fruit ...
December 8th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:49)12-8-2018
We discuss Rosie's condition after an accident that's left him in the hospital for a month and a half. Romey and Jennifer discuss his road to recovery. And how you can send best wishes so he can get back to doing what he loves, hosting Rosie On The House!!
December 1st, 2018: Hour 4   (00:36:40)12-1-2018
You think all hammers are the same? Not even close. Romey takes you thru the stories, history and descriptions of the many types of hammer. Plus how to properly use one when working with a nail. All month we're looking at tools in our Rosie On The House 30th Anniversary Tool Box...
December 1st, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:39)12-1-2018
Prescott, Arizona is know as 'Arizona's Christmas City'. We talk about the annual parade and courthouse square lighting, plus other holiday events. We talk with Raigan of The Hike Shack in Prescott about the many hiking trails around the town and nearby forest. Plus Jennifer's...
December 1st, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:35)12-1-2018
Prescott was founded in 1864 as the Territorial Capital of Arizona. Its history has been preserved from the tour of historic Victorian homes to the many buildings that date back decades to a century. Bill Otwell of Otwell Associates Architects discusses his restoration backgro...
December 1st, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:43)12-1-2018
The holidays aren't complete with Egg Nog. Julie from the Arizona Farm Bureau and Fill Your joins Kevin from Danzeisen Dairy to talk about their rich, creamy, tasty Egg Nog. Danzeisen make the traditional and introduced pumpkin spice and peppermint egg nog sold in...
November 24th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:38)11-24-2018
Romey takes a rather humorous look at the movie 'The Money Pit' (Tom Hanks & Shelly Long) to draw parallels between situations that happen in the movie and explains the reality of those situations. The point being when buying a home, do your homework from inspection to finance so...
November 24th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:54)11-24-2018
Talking with Brenda And Lucas of City Of Phoenix Recycling educating us on what can be tossed in our recycling bins. How the process works at the recycling center. And why you never throw plastic bags in the bins and what it does to the machinery.
November 24th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:33)11-24-2018
The Urban Farm's Farmer Greg gives you planting and caring tips for your winter garden. Even with the different winter zones in Arizona, its still a good time to plant plenty of vegetables and trees. Citrus is starting to ripen and pick. And it all starts with healthy soil.
November 24th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:41)11-24-2018
Arizona Highway's Editor In Chief Robert Stevie talks about a special edition of the magazine. Photography collection of former Arizona Senator and Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. An avid photographer with a passion of recording the history and beauty of Arizona. Featurin...
November 17th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:56)11-17-2018
When buy a home, you need a good inspector, realtor, and the right financing. We have all three in one hour! Good advice from Randy Hotchkiss of Hotchkiss Financial, Joelle Khan, Terra Antigua Realty and Seal Of Approval Real Estate Services' Dave Woityra. Its our Tucson Trifecta...
November 17th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:39:53)11-17-2018
Listeners got questions, we have some answers on fertilizing with manure, watering ocotillo, a 1960's home with no insulation, power washing an existing brick patio and a listener who's building an energy efficient home with sustainable materials.
November 17th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:56)11-17-2018
Jay Harper discusses planting just about anything here from flowers to vegetables and trees. Plus caring for poinsettias and tips on cutting your Christmas tree in the forest (provided you have a permit). Listener questions include a lack of fruit on citrus trees, killing grass w...
November 17th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:48)11-17-2018
Daniel Green and Scott Garzuzi of R.I.M Training teach and train what to do when faced with trauma events like CPR, First Aid, active shooter, car accidents and other violent events. Preparing your survival mindset and intervention. From corporate to individuals, they discuss th...
November 10th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:37)11-10-2018
John Bodrozic of Home Zada discusses how this digital home maintenance app can record a history of your home. Assets, Equity, Expenses, Maintenance and Repair Costs and plans for higher expenses like roofs and air conditioning units. Details of tracking projects and home histor...
November 10th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:50)11-10-2018
A listener is insulating the attic and wants to know how to seal around recessed lights and speakers in the ceiling. We welcome a new partner S.A.W. Design and Fiberglass Vigas. (What is a vigas and why does it need repair?) And tips on how to clean your cabinets with Ray Of Li...
November 10th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:24)11-10-2018
John with Integrity Tree Service discuss our Trees Of The Month: The Pistache and The Mesquite. Care for your trees in the fall from pruning to watering, things to consider when a tree produces a little or a lot of leaf litter and wood chips versus compost. They're not the same...
November 10th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:00)11-10-2018
'Roamin' Rich is on a mission to preserving the historic Route 66 one alignment at a time. He talks about the history of 'The Mother Road', The Route 66 National Historic Trail Designation Act, and his current project to restore the landmark Painted Desert Trading Post near Ch...
November 3rd, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:58)11-3-2018
The first step to owning a home is financing. Harold Perkins of Galaxy Lending Group helps you crunch the numbers with a deep discussion into home values, prices, interest rates, downpayments, equity credit and VA loans.
November 3rd, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:45)11-3-2018
Romey and Jen got a rare opportunity to visit The Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant outside of Phoenix. They talk about the operation, efficient use of water resources and what it takes to generate 32 million megawatts of power to customers. Plus Harold Perkins of Galaxy Lending Gro...
November 3rd, 2018: Hour 2   (00:36:34)11-3-2018
Arizona Farm Bureau's Julie Murphree and Executive Director of The Arizona Pork Council Tom Miller discuss the 33 Million Dollar pork industry in Arizona. Tom gives us the facts about raising pigs, how smart they really are and how a simple slogan gave the pork industry huge awar...
November 3rd, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:38)11-3-2018
The Tonto National Monument is a hidden jewel! NPS Ranger Christa Sadler talks about the stories behind the ancient cliff dwellings inhabited over 700 years ago. How they're constructed, still standing today and how you can hike to the lower and upper dwellings. Plus Jan D'atri ...
October 27th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:26)10-27-2018
Apples, peaches, pears and more!  Farmer Greg talks about his Urban Orchard.  What types of fruit he grows in this Arizona climate and ways to prep and plant your trees for a large or small orchard.  Plus the types he's tried that hasn't worked.
October 27th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:17)10-27-2018
Rosie tackles some of the listeners homeowner projects and fixes.  And ABC Glass Company stops by to talk about what their name implies, GLASS!  From fixing broken glass widows and shower doors to custom made glass shelving, tables and more!
October 27th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:38)10-27-2018
Rosie Remodeling's paint expert Don Brees discusses painting tools.  His take on painter's tape, brushes, rollers, corner sponge applicators and some of the latest tools to get the job done right and clean up easier.  And our staff tested 3 paint apps designed to help pick colo...
October 27th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:39)10-27-2018
Water management in Arizona was important in order to grow crops and live in the desert.  Planning dating back to the early 1900's has served the state well.  Agriculture and city living has thrived with less usage of water.  Now how do we plan to keep agriculture going while ...
October 20th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:56)10-20-2018
Choosing paint colors and color schemes aren't done by accident.  Color Paint Supervisor for Sherwin Williams Karen D'Andrea discusses how they work with clients to choose the colors for their paint project.  
October 20th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:39:41)10-20-2018
Updates on our free 2019 home maintenance calendar, a caller wants to know how to grow grass under a ficus tree, and Jim Thomas of About Blind Cleaningtalks about their unique widow covering cleaning process for blinds, curtain and using Green Earth Cleaning Products.
October 20th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:45)10-20-2018
A good time to fertilize your trees and plant your fall gardens and flowers.  Jay has some tips to help.  Plus caller questions on tree seed droppings sprouting around the roots, bug issues in agave plants, weed growth and shade tree ideas.
October 20th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:43)10-20-2018
With record rainfall for October in the state, Mike Conway of the Arizona Geological Survey explains fissures.  What are they, how do they form, the recorded fissures in the state and the difference between a fissure and sinkhole.  Follow along on the Arizona Geological Survey...
October 13th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:39:06)10-13-2018
Joe and Joe of The Arizona Painting Company discuss the details on painting inside and outside your home.  Prep work, patching, washing, waterproofing, types of paint for the job and application techniques from brushing to backrolling.  You can follow along on our BLOG.  
October 13th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:45)10-13-2018
Rosie tackles listener home improvement calls including insulating a garage without costing a lot and underlay suggestions for replacing a tile roof.  Plus a discussion checking security systems like smoke detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, radon gas and security break in alar...
October 13th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:49)10-13-2018
John of Integrity Tree Service and guest Barbara Eiswerth of Iskashitaa Tucson discuss how the Iskashitaa Refugee Network prevents food waste while refugees integrate into the community.  Plus John details the Tree Of The Month: Pomegranate.  Plus other tree tips including...
October 13th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:39)10-13-2018
Laura Burkhardt of Arizona's Montezuma Castle National Park talks about the best preserved cliff dwellings in North America.  The castle's 20 room high rise nestled in a towering limestone cliff.  The story of ingenuity, survival and prospering in desert landscape over 800 ye...
October 6th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:56)10-6-2018
Rosie and Romey discuss choosing the right paint for the exterior and interior of your home.  Also prep work and proper techniques about painting.  Rosie's thoughts on certain paints.  And a caller asks about elastomeric paint. Follow along on our BLOG
October 6th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:04)10-6-2018
Since Rosie hears from listeners about his rants on power rates from APS and SRP, he invited Tucson Electric Power's  Tim Charlie, Renewable Energy Techincal Specialist, talking about his job to help customers save money and energy between on and off peak hours. 
October 6th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:39:04)10-6-2018
Arizona's Chili Pepper farmer Ed Curry is intense about his chilis!  His genetic work led to a pepper thats the standard of the green and red chili in the country.  His chili seeds are sold all over the world including Hatch, NM.  The home of the famous Hatch Chilis.  He de...
October 6th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:48)10-6-2018
Editor of Arizona Highways Magazine Robert Stieve discusses two new books about The Grand Canyon National Park and 'Covering The Holidays', the December cover collection from 1938-2017.  Plus the current issue on ghost towns and some of the best hikes for fall.
September 29th, 2018: Hour 4   (00:38:51)9-29-2018
Justin Rohner took the best of agriculture and landscaping and combined them out of necessity.  He calls it 'agriscaping'.  Creating edible landscapes around your home.  He talks about how he created it and what it can intale to make your own.
September 29th, 2018: Hour 3   (00:38:54)9-29-2018
Go Conquer Fitness' personal trainer and Rosie's daughter Katie Stumbo gives tips and meal suggestions to keep you in shape.  In particular, Rosie!
September 29th, 2018: Hour 2   (00:38:54)9-29-2018
We talk with Brenda and Lucas of The City Of Phoenix Recycling who educate us on the correct things than can be recycled and put in the recycling containers.  How the process works at the recycling centers.  And why you never put plastic bag in the containters and what it doe...
September 29th, 2018: Hour 1   (00:38:48)9-29-2018
Desert Foothills Landscaping takes landscaping into a work of art you live in.  Creating your own desert landscape as interactive, unique, stimulating your imagination.  They discuss some of their best projects and how they create incredible outdoor living enviroments.