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Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 23rd, 2019   (01:40)5-23-2019
I have 4 questions about the Hacienda Healthcare case.
KTAR Legal Expert Monica Lindstrom   (03:04)5-23-2019
Who's liable for this latest Hacienda Healthcare incident, and what they should do for the victim and her family? Monica Lindstrom goes over legal aspects of this horrendous story.
Arizona DPS Trooper Kameron Lee   (03:25)5-23-2019
It's a roadtrippin' kind of weekend! DPS State Trooper Kameron Lee discusses how to prepare properly for this strange northern Arizona weather.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 22nd, 2019   (01:36)5-22-2019
Pretty nice weather this time of year.
Valley Political Expert Stan Barnes   (03:07)5-22-2019
Can an agreement on a state budget be reached soon? Stan Barnes goes in depth.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 21, 2019   (01:31)5-21-2019
R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what is left for them.
Jim Sharpe discusses the proposed Arizona State budget   (03:24)5-21-2019
What's going on with the Arizona budget? Jim Sharpe goes into it.
Jim Sharpe talks about the recently resolved Amber Alert   (02:20)5-21-2019
Jim Sharpe and Jim Cross discuss the circumstances behind the abduction of a 17 year old girl, and how Surprise PD caught the kidnapper.
ABC News Political Analyst/DC Insider Alex Castellanos   (04:25)5-21-2019
Will we actually go to war with Iran? And will Trump's 2016 strategy to gain the White House change in 2020? Castellanos answers those questions.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 20th, 2019   (01:34)5-20-2019
Trying to save a few babies lives.
KTAR Reporter Ali Vetnar's upcoming story for 5-21-19   (03:52)5-20-2019
Talks about her ride-along experience with the Phoenix Police Department's Crisis Intervention Team, and what their approach is to handle someone with potential mental health conditions.
Arizona's Morning News discusses the unusual cool weather in Phoenix   (03:13)5-20-2019
It's crazy weather, and KTAR Senior Reporter Jim Cross goes into the numbers and probabilities of this kind of weather at this point on the calendar.
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery   (04:20)5-20-2019
Discussed his "Don't Leave Me Behind" campaign that addresses and looks to prevent children and pets in hot cars.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 17th, 2019   (01:42)5-17-2019
Losing Patrick Peterson to suspension will hurt on many levels.
KTAR News' Chad Benson of the Chad Benson Show   (04:29)5-17-2019
Grumpy Cat passed away at the age of 7 years old. Chad Benson talks about it. and Trump's latest immigration proposal.
KTAR News Sports Anchor Paul Calvisi   (03:52)5-17-2019
Talked about Arizona Cardinals All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson's 6 game suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs.
NBC Meet The Press Moderator Chuck Todd   (04:27)5-17-2019
Went over the President's latest immigration plan, how receptive the country is to it, and the latest Democratic presidential candidate to throw their hat into the 2020 nomination.
Jim Sharpe Commentary May 16th, 2019   (01:33)5-16-2019
Why do people still engage with Robocallers?
Jim Sharpe talks the immigration crisis   (03:39)5-16-2019
Alaska Airlines Employee Dan Brosch   (05:27)5-16-2019
Discussed how Alaska Airlines employees towed the Fallen Soldier Cart 1500 miles, from Seattle to Phoenix, and that Mr. Brosch will be escorting it the rest of the way to Sky Harbor Airport.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 15th, 2019   (01:34)5-15-2019
Get busy America. Take that as you will.
Jim Sharpe discusses Senator Sinema's trade war stance   (03:32)5-15-2019
Jim Sharpe discusses the Democratic Senator going against party lines about the trade war between the United States and China, and covers high taxes that are levied on the benefits of Gold Star families.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 14th, 2019   (01:37)5-14-2019
When life gives you lemons, make it the state drink.
ABC News Political Analyst/DC Insider Alex Castellanos   (03:16)5-14-2019
How do Senator McSally and Senate candidate Mark Kelly stack up against each other? Castellanos goes over the latest numbers, the current political state of Arizona as well as a brief political overview of the nation.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 13th, 2019   (01:36)5-13-2019
Lighten up, Francis.
Congresswoman Debbie Lesko   (05:15)5-13-2019
Has reintroduced the "Make Education Local Act" legislation. What is it? Congresswoman Lesko goes in depth.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 10, 2019   (01:38)5-10-2019
Dynamite job, California.
Arizona Chamber of Commerce CEO Glenn Hamer   (03:22)5-10-2019
In the wake of President Trump increasing Chinese tariffs, the Chinese Vice Premier is in America for trade talks. Glenn Hamer discusses how these new and higher tariffs will affect Arizonans.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 9th, 2019   (01:36)5-9-2019
`It's about time to take this border crisis seriously..........Seriously.
Jim Sharpe talks about the illegal TitleMax repos.   (02:55)5-9-2019
Car title loan company TitleMax has repossessed cars without an outstanding title loans. After the snafu, cars have been returned with visible damage and mechanical issues. Jim Sharpe sounds off.
Arizona Senator Martha McSally   (05:36)5-9-2019
Border Patrol apprehension numbers are off the charts. Martha McSally weighs in on solutions, and calls for Congress to act. Also discussed President Trump's reaction to a risque comment about illegal immigration said at a rally.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 8th, 2019   (01:39)5-8-2019
You may wanna cover your kids ears for this.
Valley Economist Jim Rounds   (02:35)5-8-2019
What's up with the recent stock market volatility? How's your 401k and stock portfolio holding up through it all? Jim Rounds goes in depth.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 7th, 2019   (01:33)5-7-2019
Who's running the prison again?
Senior Director for National Security and Counterterrorism Programs for the McCain Institute Nicholas Rasmussen Interview   (04:09)5-7-2019
Discussed the biggest terrorist threats to Arizona, and other recent attacks on religious institutions across the globe
ABC News Political Analyst/DC Insider Alex Castellanos   (03:56)5-7-2019
Dished on the shifting political environment of Arizona, and how Biden stacks up against Trump in the AZ.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 6th, 2019   (01:38)5-6-2019
Some Grand Canyon tourists are nuttier than others.
Acting White House Director of Office of Management and Budget Russ Vought   (03:54)5-6-2019
Despite the recent great job numbers, Trump's tweet regarding the raising of Chinese tariffs has stock markets plunging. There's also a $4.5 billion request for more border money. Russ Voughts gives insight into a very active economic day.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 3rd, 2019   (01:38)5-3-2019
You may be able to show off those sweet nunchucku skills soon.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 2nd, 2019   (01:31)5-2-2019
So many homeless living in Maricopa County. Why?
Tucson Sector Chief Patrol Agent Roy Villareal   (03:56)5-2-2019
Discusses the pilot program that will put families attempting to cross the border through DNA testing, and if the number of border crossings is still increasing
Mother of fallen Mesa Police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, Mary Ann Mendoza   (04:26)5-2-2019
Fallen Mesa Police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza and other fallen Mesa police officers were honored with the unveiling of a bronze statue of Sergeant Mendoza. His mother, Mary Ann Mendoza, discusses her son, the statue unveiling, and if enough is done to prevent wrong way driver-invol...
Arizona Senator Martha McSally   (05:06)5-2-2019
Will the White House get their $4.5 billion in funding for border security? And how did Senator McSally's meetings with the Mexican Ambassador and the Mayor of Yuma go? McSally joined Arizona's Morning News for a rundown on the latest behind-the scenes happenings with the border ...
Jim Sharpe Commentary for May 1st, 2019   (01:36)5-1-2019
The best first pitch.
KTAR Senior News Reporter Jim Cross   (02:30)5-1-2019
Reported on the fire that ravaged St. Joseph's Catholic church in North Phoenix earlier this morning.
Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls   (04:30)5-1-2019
Discussed his Oval Office meeting with President Trump on the border immigration crisis to come up with viable solutions and improvements to curb the migrant traffic.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 30th, 2019   (01:38)4-30-2019
No more joke sentences. Incarcerate more rapists.
KTAR Medical Expert Terry Simpson   (03:30)4-30-2019
Speed dating to find a doctor?! Banner Desert is hosting an event for parents to find a pediatric provider, but is it a good way to find a pediatrician? Dr. Terry Simpson gives his perspective on this unique way to find the right one.
ABC News Political Analyst/DC Insider Alex Castellanos   (03:31)4-30-2019
Joe Biden has the lead in the early polls, but what will the Democrats address in their run for the presidency in 2020? And how did Trump's meeting with Schumer and Pelosi go? Alex Castellanos gives the deets.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 29th, 2019   (01:32)4-29-2019
The Phoenix VA is doing great? Not so fast...
Data Doctors' Ken Colburn   (03:50)4-29-2019
Phoenix is one of 20 cities that will implement Verizon's 5G mobility service. Data Doctors' Ken Colburn weighs in on the next big technological leap in cellular service.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 26th, 2019   (01:43)4-26-2019
Should've been the number 1 overall pick
98.7 FM, Arizona's Sports Station's Vince Marotta   (03:44)4-26-2019
Glazed over the happenings of the 2019 NFL Draft, including his take on Kyler Murray going to the Cardinals.
United States Drug Czar Jim Carroll   (04:57)4-26-2019
Discussed the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on 4/27, the out-of-control opioid crisis, and what inroads are being taken to curb the crisis.
98.7 FM, Arizona's Sports Station's Ron Wolfley   (04:50)4-26-2019
"The NFL's Most Colorful Color Analyst" recalls the 2019 NFL Draft.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 25, 2019   (01:36)4-25-2019
Joe Biden's running for President. Will being who he is work against him?
Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs   (05:56)4-25-2019
Congressman Biggs got his thoughts in on what the Cardinals should do in today's NFL Draft. Also discussed Joe Biden's official announcement to run for President, Trump's announcement of sending troops to the U.S.-Mexico border in lieu of recent events, and whether or not impeach...
98.7 FM, Arizona Sports Station's Vince Marotta talks the NFL Draft   (03:21)4-25-2019
To pick Kyler Murray, or not to pick Kyler Murray? Vince Marotta of the Bickley and Marotta Show on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM prognosticated on what he thinks the Cardinals should do with the number 1 overall draft pick of the 2019 NFL Draft.
KTAR Sports Anchor Paul Calvisi   (04:03)4-25-2019
The NFL Draft is today, so what will the Cardinals do? Select Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray? Trade the 1st overall pick? Cardinals Sideline Reporter and KTAR Sports Anchor Paul Calvisi speculated on what could happen in the draft.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 24th, 2019   (01:31)4-24-2019
Sometimes the absolute worst can be the absolute best.
National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd   (03:41)4-24-2019
Mexican smugglers dressed in tactical gear turned their assault rifles on National Guard troops across the border to escort a family "sneaking" into the country. Brandon Judd weighs in on the incident.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 23, 2019   (01:38)4-23-2019
No easy solution for officer-related shootings.
KTAR Medical Expert Terry Simpson   (04:31)4-23-2019
In the wake of a child's death from being left in a hot car yesterday, Dr. Terry Simpson goes over the dangers of hot cars, what precautions should be taken to avoid leaving your child in the hot car, and what can be done to avoid getting the measles.
ABC News Political Analyst/DC Insider Alex Castellanos   (03:31)4-23-2019
Will the Dems move for Trump's impeachment? How many more Dems are running for President? Alex Castellanos goes in depth.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 22nd, 2019   (01:34)4-22-2019
Not an easy fix, but the numbers in officer-related shootings can go down.
Nature Conservancy, Arizona Chapter Director Patrick Graham   (04:02)4-22-2019
Earth Day is today, and Patrick Graham discusses the need to use Phoenix's abundant solar energy to lower emissions and have cleaner air.
KTAR Reporter/Wildfire Expert Jim Cross   (02:48)4-22-2019
Talked about the current fires burning in Arizona, and the outlook for the upcoming wildfire season.
Retired Phoenix Police Sergeant/Author Darren Burch   (04:04)4-22-2019
Discussed the released report of a study of shootings involving police, and the possible idea of police working alongside mental health professionals on patrol to reduce the number of officer-related shootings.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 19th, 2019   (01:32)4-19-2019
Maricopa County is still growing, but is that a good thing?
KTAR Reporter Ali Vetnar   (02:59)4-19-2019
Discussed the recent scandal of ASU's Economic Department installing software requiring students to pay to submit homework, and to fail 30% of students enrolled in the courses.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 18th, 2019   (01:36)4-18-2019
Circle the wagons and shoot outward, not inward, so the comrades don't win.
ABC News Political Analyst/DC Insider Alex Castellanos   (03:27)4-18-2019
Discussed Attorney General William Barr's press conference about the findings of the redacted Mueller Report.
KTAR Show Host Chad Benson   (04:00)4-18-2019
Talked about William Barr's press confeference going through the redacted Mueller Report, and his recent trip to the U.S. Mexico border.
KTAR Reporter Peter Samore   (04:00)4-18-2019
Discusses the politics that are behind the immigration crisis.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 17, 2019   (01:36)4-17-2019
Just blown away.
Valley Political Expert Emily Ryan on the Distracted Driving Bill in lurch   (04:01)4-17-2019
What's the holdup on passing the Distracted Driving Bill through, and why can't Republicans agree on it? Emily Ryan explained.
KTAR Reporter Peter Samore on the border   (04:03)4-17-2019
Continues his coverage of the border immigration crisis on location, discussed what's being done by non-profit organizations to avoid homeless shelters filling up, and leaving migrants to the streets.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 16th, 2019   (01:37)4-16-2019
Republicans need to improve their image.
Retired Phoenix Police Sergeant/Author Darren Burch   (04:02)4-16-2019
Road rage is a very real problem, and Darren Burch discusses his past experiences with road rage-related crimes, and what people can do if they feel the urge to rage.
ABC News Political Analyst/DC Insider Alex Castellanos   (03:53)4-16-2019
Goes over President Trump's proposed idea of sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, and talks about the increasing weaponization of immigration.
KTAR Reporter Peter Samore   (04:33)4-16-2019
Discusses what happens at the Ports Of Entry on the U.S.-Mexico border, and what impact the border immigration crisis is having on cities with Ports of Entry.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 15th, 2019   (01:37)4-15-2019
Trying to find the middle ground in the border immigration crisis.
Former Starbucks CEO and future (?) Presidential Candidate Howard Schultz   (03:58)4-15-2019
Will he make a formal announcement of his possible candidacy for President of the United States? Howard Schultz answers that question, plus discusses his visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, sounds off on the immigration crisis, and what needs to be done to end the crisis.
Enrolled Tax Agent Linda Reader   (03:20)4-15-2019
Haven't filed your taxes yet? Need an extension? Linda Reader is here to help clear up those questions.
KTAR Reporter Peter Samore   (03:41)4-15-2019
Recounts his personal experience at the U.S.-Mexico border and the things he learned about the immigration crisis.
Jim Sharpe on the Immigration Crisis   (04:36)4-15-2019
Jim and Jayme discuss the in and outs of the immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 12th, 2019   (01:38)4-12-2019
Arizona's Morning News host Jim Sharpe explores the latest news with Mike Bibby.  
Data Doctors' Ken Coburn   (03:24)4-12-2019
Is it illegal that the humans behind Amazon's Alexa listen in on recorded conversations? Is it anything to be worried about? Ken Coburn goes in depth.
NBC Meet The Press Moderator Chuck Todd   (03:49)4-12-2019
Goes over Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Nogales, Arizona to get a firsthand look at the immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, Also glazes over on what needs to happen to solve the border crisis.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 11th, 2019   (01:37)4-11-2019
Julian Assange: Loser or Lionheart?
Jim Sharpe discusses Vice President Mike Pence's visit today.   (03:22)4-11-2019
Gives his perspective what may happen with the veep heading to the U.S.-Mexico border, and if anything will change on the issue of illegal immigration.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 10th, 2019   (01:38)4-10-2019
The differences of immigration policy between 2 2020 Senate candidates.
Jim Sharpe discusses the immigration policy differences of 2020 Senate candidates Martha McSally and Mark Kelly   (03:14)4-10-2019
Where do they both stand with the immigration issue? Jim Sharpe highlights the differences of the two.
National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd   (04:49)4-10-2019
Goes over the March immigrant border crossing surge, with the highest immigration totals since 2008, and discusses Vice President Mike Pence's upcoming visit to the border.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 9th, 2019   (01:30)4-9-2019
Some stories have me wondering.
Arizona Senator Martha McSally   (06:13)4-9-2019
Discussed ex-DHS Secretary Nielsen's resignation, what needs to happen at the border to curb illegal immigration, and if she has any ideas or suggestions for Nielsen's replacement.
Valley Economist Jim Rounds   (04:01)4-9-2019
For the first time since the Labor Department began tracking job turnover, the number of unfilled jobs outnumber the people applying. Jim Rounds discusses that, and the youth minimum wage proposal that may not happen.
ABC News Political Analyst/DC Insider Alex Castellanos   (03:44)4-9-2019
Discusses the staff shakeups under Trump's watch, how much progress is being made on illegal border immigration, and does he know what he wants for his border policy?
Jim Sharpe Commentary for April 8th, 2019   (01:35)4-8-2019
More D-Backs fans at D-Backs home games would be nice.
ABC News Consultant/Former Acting Undersecretary for Intelligence at DHS   (04:39)4-8-2019
What is the impact of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's resignation? What direction will the department head from there? John Cohen explains.