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ABC News Correspondent David Wright   (00:03:46)8-15-2018
Discussed the numbers and details behind the rampant pedophilia in the Pennsylvania Catholic Church over the last few decades.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 15th, 2018   (00:01:33)8-15-2018
Instead of seething against sick priests, show love towards kids.
ABC News Political Analyst Alex Castellanos   (00:03:19)8-14-2018
Discussed the latest on Omarosa's recordings of White House personnel, including President Trump, and Trump's subsequent reaction.
Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally   (00:05:12)8-14-2018
Discussed Trump's lack of mentioning Senator John McCain's name, in lieu of signing the National Defense Authorization Act, named after Senator McCain.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 14th, 2018   (00:01:34)8-14-2018
Flying the mentally unstable skies.
ABC 15 Morning Anchor Kaley O'Kelley Returns to Phoenix   (00:03:34)8-13-2018
Discussed her triumphant return to Phoenix after several years in Dallas, TX.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 13th, 2018   (00:01:35)8-13-2018
Taking a break from political bickering to help the children at Phoenix Children's Hospital.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 10th, 2018   (00:01:30)8-10-2018
Spaaaaaaace Forrrrrrrrce!!!!!!!
NBC Meet The Press' Chuck Todd   (00:03:58)8-10-2018
His guest on Sunday will be Omarosa Manigault Newman, who released a book that goes into detail about President Trump behind the closed White House doors.
ABC News Correspondent Jim Ryan   (00:03:28)8-9-2018
Reported on the findings in a New Mexico compound of 11 emaciated children, who was keeping them there, and why they were there.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 9th, 2018   (00:01:37)8-9-2018
Behind the mystery of Margot Kidder's death.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 8th, 2018   (00:01:33)8-8-2018
Moderate micro-local political talk.
Republican National Committee Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany   (00:04:22)8-8-2018
Weighed in on the O.H. Predictive Insights poll that showed moderates leaning towards the Democrats, and what it looks like for Republicans in the upcoming elections.
Valley Political Expert/Think Tank Host Dr. Mike O'Neil   (00:03:55)8-8-2018
Special elections nationwide are showing several GOP strongholds leaning towards a Democrat vote. What does it mean for the upcoming elections in Arizona? Dr. Mike O'Neil gave his insight into this trend.
ABC News Political Analyst Alex Castellanos   (00:03:31)8-7-2018
Discussed Trump's stance on Iran, and the futile vote to remove his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. CEO Rick Seaney   (00:03:47)8-7-2018
Too early to start travel plans for the holidays? Too late for bargains for fall travel? Rick Seaney explained.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 7th, 2018   (00:01:36)8-7-2018
Defacing a campaign sign? Quite the no-no.
ABC News Correspondent Ryan Burrow   (00:04:40)8-6-2018
Went into the numbers and possible reasons behind an usually violent weekend in Chicago.
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas   (00:05:34)8-6-2018
Now that school is back in session, will the students return to an improved school system? Diane Douglas explained.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 6th, 2018   (00:01:30)8-6-2018
Will the #redfored teacher raise make a quality difference for the kids?