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Police officers answer the Silent Witness telephone line 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They take your information and direct it to the proper department for action.rn

50-Info 06/24/2018   (13:02)6-24-2018
50-Info 06/24/2018 Lt. J Johnson, Phoenix Homeland Defense Bureau
50-Info 06/17/2018   (13:01)6-17-2018
Guest is Chris Lynn, "Feeding Matters"
50-Info 06/10/2018   (13:07)6-10-2018
50-Info 06/10/2018 guest is Councilman Terry Roe, City of Chandler
50-Info 06/03/2018   (12:50)6-3-2018
Peoria Police are guests: PIO Brandon Shepherd, Det. Lisa Scott, Dep. Chief Benny Pena
50-Info 05/24/2018   (13:00)5-27-2018
50-Info 05/24/2018 Sgt. Joshua Clark, Officer Frank Smith, Phoenix Police Reserve
50-Info 05/20/2018   (13:04)5-20-2018
50-Info 05/20/2018 Retired Sergeant Darren Burch as guest about his book "Twisted but True"
50-Info 05/06/2018   (00:12:53)5-6-2018
50-Info 05/06/2018 Lt. Barb Alexander and Matt Teirling of DRAG Program
50-Info 04/29/2018   (00:14:59)4-29-2018
Deborah Ostreicher, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
50-Info 04/22/2018   (12:58)4-22-2018
50-Info 04/22/2018 Kristin Rowan dir. Marketing Phoenix Comic Fest, Denise Gary Kids Need to Read
50-Info 04/15/2017   (13:02)4-15-2018
50-Info 04/15/2017 Commander Charlie Consolian, Cactus Park Precinct
5-0 Info 04/08/2018   (13:00)4-8-2018
Rick Flum & Amy Smith of the Phoenix Community Response Squad check in with us!
50-Info 04/01/2018   (13:02)4-1-2018
50-Info 04/01/2018 Mac Watson new foster father and Judy Turkle Aid to Adoption of Special Kids
50-Info 03/25/2018   (13:00)3-25-2018
50-Info 03/25/2018 Jim Markey Retired Sex Crimes Sergeant
50-Info 03/18/2018   (13:01)3-18-2018
50-Info 03/18/2018 Bob Jenkins, Marine and 9-11 survivor, talks about being in tower during the attack, part two of two
50-Info 03/11/2018   (12:59)3-11-2018
50-Info 03/11/2018 Bob Jenkins, Marine and 9-11 survivor, talks about being in tower during the attack, part one of two
50-Info 03/04/2018   (13:02)3-4-2018
Judge Watts
50-Info 02/25/2018   (12:46)2-25-2018
Retired police Sergeant Darren Burch talks about his book "Twisted but True"
50-Info 02/18/2018   (13:02)2-18-2018
50-Info 02/18/2018 guest is Larry Abbott, Boy Scouts of America
50-Info 02/11/18   (12:31)2-11-2018
50-Info 02/11/18 Guest is Theresa of Ironwood High, talking about upcoming public event
50-Info 02/04/18   (12:51)2-4-2018
50-Info 02/04/18 Denise and Danielle, Kids Need to Read