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November 22, 2017 - Hour 1   (31:48)11-22-2017
Yesterday, Trump backed Republican candidate for Alabama Senate, Roy Moore. Governor Ducey weighed in on it today. You'll hear what he said...
November 22, 2017 - Hour 2   (29:42)11-22-2017
Something stinks in Ahwatukee; it's a smell so rancid, it's making people sick. We took your calls to hear about smells that made you physically ill...
November 22, 2017 - Hour 3   (28:55)11-22-2017
The NFL might make its national anthem protest problem worse! We tell you how!
November 22, 2017 - Hour 4   (22:41)11-22-2017
Something stinks in Ahwatukee. It's a smell so rancid that it's making people ill. You call and tell us what smell made you physically ill!
Sheriff Paul Penzone   (15:55)11-21-2017
Sheriff Paul Penzone joins Mac and Gaydos for his monthly exclusive interview. We ask him about "God's Army." Does the Sheriff support the group patrolling the streets of North Phoenix or does he think they're vigilantes?
November 21, 2017 - Hour 1   (33:07)11-21-2017
President Trump takes a stand on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Was it the right move or should he have just stayed silent?
November 21, 2017 - Hour 2   (31:10)11-21-2017
A famous newsman and a Democratic Congressman are the latest to be accused of sexual harassment. 
November 21, 2017 - Hour 3   (29:47)11-21-2017
How do you avoid arguments at Thanksgiving dinner? Easy, ask a hostage negotiator!
November 21, 2017 - Hour 4   (23:26)11-21-2017
President Trump takes a stand on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Was it the right move or should he have just stayed silent?
John Hook, Fox 10 Anchor   (11:34)11-20-2017
Mac and Gaydos talk with Fox Ten anchor at five and nine p.m., John Hook about Charles Manson's death and what made the killer so uniquely evil.
November 20, 2017 - Hour 1   (33:07)11-20-2017
President Trump has a new nickname for Arizona Senator Jeff Flake!
November 20, 2017 - Hour 2   (30:30)11-20-2017
The Cardinals play the role of turkey just before Thanksgiving!
November 20, 2017 - Hour 3   (28:39)11-20-2017
Remember the woman who had a '[blank] Trump' bumper sticker on her car? Well, she's doubled down and actually added a new sticker!
November 20, 2017 - Hour 4   (22:32)11-20-2017
A war is brewing between an Arizona Senator, the Mesa Mayor, and the President of the United States!
Rick Klein, ABC News Political Director   (9:27)11-17-2017
The President weighs in on Sexual Harassment allegations against a Senator but not a Candidate.
Vince Marotta, Co-host of Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM   (5:02)11-17-2017
Arizona Cardinal fan favorite, Larry Fitzgerald has signed a one-year extension.
November 17, 2017 - Hour 1   (32:30)11-17-2017
All Arizona Daily Download......the five biggest local stories of the day. Senator AL Franken was accused of sexual harassment yesterday and has now apologized three times.  It was announced today Arizona Cardinal Fan Favorite , Larry Fitzgerald has singed a one-year contract. ...
November 17, 2017 - Hour 2   (31:09)11-17-2017
Tomorrow is National Adoption Day, If You're an adult who says you can't foster or adopt, Mac will tell you why you can. There's a networking event that's inviting White people to "Come Meet A Black Person". Is it offensive or a good idea? The President weights in on sexual haras...
November 17, 2017 - Hour 3   (29:02)11-17-2017
Presidential Essentials: Only the Need-to-Know stuff about President Donald Trump. Does an apology for sexual harassment matter? Arizona Cardinal Fan Favorite, Larry Fitzgerald has singed a one-year contract extension.
Lee Sepanek, Christmas lights display   (12:21)11-16-2017
Some people think the City of Phoenix shut down a thirty-year-old Christmas tradition. Did they? We talk with "Christmas" Lee Sepanek about his 250,000 light display that will be dark this year.