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  • CrossFit dangers: 5 common injuries and how to deal with them

    This article is Sponsored by Novocur. With the exception of signing up for a military boot camp, CrossFit training offers results that surpass virtually any other exercise regimen. It seems everyone knows someone who got in shape with CrossFit and the craze continues to grow. “CrossFit seems to have literally conquered the world of fitness,” […]
  • How chronic pain can affect your love life

    This article is Sponsored by Novocur. A great intimate relationship can be fun, romantic and exciting but people who experience chronic pain often miss out on the ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling of being in love. Sometimes the emotional impacts of chronic pain can be as debilitating as the pain itself. Depression, anxiety and anger often coincide […]
  • Losing weight could mean relief for chronic pain sufferers

    This article is Sponsored by Novocur. Add chronic pain to the list of health problems linked to being overweight. A study of more than 1 million Americans found a link between obesity and pain, even among people who were otherwise healthy, reports Prior to the study, the general assumption was overweight individuals experienced more pain […]
  • New stem cell procedures help Weekend Warriors recover faster

    This article is Sponsored by Novocur. At the inception of human life, a miraculous process occurs. Cells begin dividing, replicating and changing to create all the muscles, tissues and organs creating a new person. Unlocking that process could be the key to curing virtually any injury, illness or disease. Regenerative medicine is a game-changing area […]
  • 4 keys to understanding chronic pain and insomnia

    This article is Sponsored by Novocur. The relationship between sleep and pain is complex. Chronic pain can cause sleep deprivation, and the lack of sleep may heighten the sense of pain, making getting a good night’s sleep almost impossible. Many patients with back pain also experience sleep deprivation issues. A sleeping disorder associated with chronic […]
  • The surprising link between sugar and chronic pain

    This article is Sponsored by Novocur. The connection between sugar and diabetes has been well established. But high sugar diets aren’t just hazardous for diabetics. It turns out, the sweet stuff appears to be a bigger health risk than ever imagined. The connection between obesity and sugar is a complicating factor for many health issues. […]
  • 5 tips to avoid knee surgery

    This article is Sponsored by Novocur. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a recreational jogger, a reluctant golfer or a city league softball player, probably no part of your body endures more abuse than your knees. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports total knee replacements in the U.S. exceed 700,000 every year. That number […]
  • 5 common running injuries you can avoid

    Cooler weather means people will be headed outdoors for outside activities. Runners especially love this time of year. The wide variety of upcoming races in the Valley give runners extra motivation to step up their game. Increased training and activity also ups the potential for race-related injuries. Here are some common problems runners experience and some […]
  • 7 delayed injury symptoms after a car crash

    Vehicle accidents are generally horrific experiences — even when the damage is not severe. Everyone reacts differently to a crash. Some experience a mental fog, making it difficult to think or focus. Others might find their minds flooded by thoughts and concerns. In addition to the mental trauma and emotional disorientation, sometimes vehicle accidents cause […]
  • Is your gut problem a pain in your back?

    When you are in the mountains or in a canyon, it can be difficult to determine the source of sounds. The nooks and crannies of the geography do strange things to the sound waves. Sometimes a noise from a distant ridge seems close while a nearby sound might be barely audible. Identifying the cause of […]