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    Mac and Gaydos deliver pizzas to winning class in REDucation contest

    On Friday, Mac and Gaydos got the honor of delivering pizzas to Mrs. Krystle Yates’ 4th Graders from Sunset Heights Elementary in Peoria, Arizona, also known as the winners of our REDucation contest from January.
  • In this photo taken on Thursday evening, Dec. 4, 2014, the Rev. Jarrett Maupin, a Phoenix leader in the Black community, speaks at Civic Space Park during a rally/ march to Phoenix Police headquarters which he organized to protest the police killing of Rumain Brisbon, an unarmed black man. The mother and girlfriend of Brisbon, an unarmed drug suspect fatally shot by a Phoenix police officer who mistook a pill bottle for a gun, do not want the incident to become about race. The deadly shooting Tuesday, Dec. 2, of  Brisbon, 34, demonstrates the challenges law enforcement agencies face at a time of unrest over police tactics. Phoenix police say the officer, who is white, feared the suspect was armed during their struggle, but some critics say the officer went too far. Despite the department's efforts to be transparent with information, protesters marched Thursday night. (AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Cheryl Evans)

    Civil rights activist wants Phoenix-area NAACP boss to step down after incident

    A Phoenix civil rights activist is calling for the head of a local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter to step down after making several inappropriate comments toward a television reporter.
  • Cindy McCain says she'll NEVER release tax returns

    Cindy McCain talks Syrians refugees’ plight, trafficking in Arizona

    In an interview with Mac and Gaydos, Cindy McCain opened up about a recent trip to Turkey and her thoughts about trafficking in Arizona.
  • (Facebook/Mac and Gaydos)

    Relive 2015 through the high and low moments of Mac & Gaydos

    From llama drama to Donald Trump's appearances, this year has been a joyous rollercoaster for Mac & Gaydos and we are so glad to have shared all the best moments with you, our Arizona listeners.
  • lion

    Gaydos meets Solomon the lion from Wildlife World Zoo

    Grey Stafford from the Wildlife World Zoo brought the two and half old male lion to the KTAR studios. The African lion makes his home in the Valley.
  • Bad lighting, timing gives German leader Hitler mustache

    You know those moments in photos when the stars align and an entirely unintended image is captured?
  • Twerking girl manages to light self on fire

    Miley Cyrus and her grotesque twerking on the VMA’s is still being talked about. Ever since that performance, you knew some young girl would think that was cool and try to replicate the performance on video. Well, this girl wanted to tape herself twerking and give it to her boyfriend as a gift, a stupid […]
  • Delta passenger’s confirmation code goes viral

    No way am I getting on that plane.
  • How Gaydos reacted to the Yarnell Hill memorial service

    How Gaydos reacted to the Yarnell Hill memorial service

    Thousands of people were in attendance and thousands more watched on TV as 19 fallen firefighters were honored with a memorial service in Prescott, Ariz., on Tuesday.
  • Witnessing a plane crash

    I can’t imagine what must have been going through this man’s mind as he captured on video the one thing he thought he’d never see. A plane crashing. His reaction along with the women he was with was almost as chilling as the actual plane crash in San Francisco. Take a look at this raw […]