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  • Four hidden threats many homeowners miss

    The Southwestern desert has two distinct wet seasons most years. Summer brings monsoonal flows, and winter can be accompanied by heavy rains. The reality is frequently a stark contrast to the image of non-stop sunshine and winter golfing. “The North American Monsoon System is perhaps the least-understood of all of large-scale circulations patterns that affect the United […]
  • 5 mistakes homeowners make in the spring

    Every spring, wise homeowners go through a checklist to make certain their property is ready for the upcoming seasons. Most remember to clean up the landscape, check the air-conditioning system, repair broken sprinkler heads, tune up the mower and so on. However, during this springtime process, some homeowners don’t take the time to do a […]
  • Avoid the nightmare: 6 tips to choose a great contractor

    It’s the start of a new year and spring is just around the corner. It’s also a time many people choose to launch home improvement projects. One of the biggest challenges for homeowners planning a project is choosing a reliable, reputable contractor. To make the process easier, many turn to review and rating sites like […]
  • The 5 worst things you could do for your roof

    The basic requirements for human existence are food, clothing and shelter. One could argue that the most critical component of any shelter is the roof. Chances are you worry each day about what you will wear or what you plan to eat. But with the onset of cooler weather, children going back to school, the start of […]
  • 6 signs you need a new roof

    This article is Sponsored by KY-KO Roofing. With all the recent rain in Arizona and more on the way, it might be obvious for some when you need a roof repair. For many homeowners, the first indication they have a roof problem is the discovery of water leaking through to a wall or ceiling. But […]