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  • Valley playwright marks SB 1070 anniversary

    Tuesday marks the three-year anniversary of Gov. Jan Brewer signing Arizona's controversial SB 1070 immigration law.
  • Gov. Brewer: Federal government must do more for Arizona’s border security

    Governor Jan Brewer said the federal government has not done enough to secure Arizona's border.
  • Securing the border

    Border security is the most contentious part of immigration reform. The passage of several immigration laws in Arizona and across the country were in direct response to a perception of a porous border, lax federal enforcement and business and workers abusing the system. By making laws as draconian as possible — through walls, punishing employers, […]
  • Sen. Bob Worsley’s solution to immigration issues

    Arizona Senator Bob Worsley is pushing for illegals to come out of the shadows while still allowed to stay in America.
  • Group welcomes Afghan refugees to Valley

    A few weeks after losing her brother-in-law in the attacks on the World Trade Center, Carolyn Manning came across an article about a family that had recently arrived in Phoenix.
  • It’s time for Arizona to get in the game with Mexico

    As the Gang of Eight pushes forward on immigration reform, the prospect of real change gives us the opportunity as Arizonans and Americans to ask, What do we want from our relationship with Mexico?
  • Living the American Dream in the heart of the Sonoran Desert

    In elementary and high school my friends were Smith, Jones, Garcia, Perez, Diaz, Yee and Wong. The year was 1953 and the population of Phoenix was 300,000. We, Caucasians, lived, went to school and played with the Latino and Asian kids, among many others. Our community included multiple cultures and defi ned cultural diversity. I guess we were practicing equal respect for the various cultures and ethnicities, but really we were just living in Phoenix.
  • Border security: An achievable imperative

    Border security is an imperative to addressing national security and transnational criminal threat concerns, as well as a practical necessity to effectively administer a reformed immigration system.
  • The Real Arizona Coalition: What we’ve learned

    Over the past year, O'Connor House leaders and I participated with The Real Arizona Coalition on one of the most important, complex and divisive topics of our time: federal immigration reform. The many discussions have resulted in a consensus that can lead to some concrete solutions at long last to our diverse immigration policies.
  • The story behind the Real Arizona Coalition

    We are native Arizonans. We have always been proud of our rich heritage and our contributions to the community. Lisa Urias is Mexican-American and Denise D. Resnik is Jewish. But it seems this “Real Arizona” that we have always known and loved became lost in a whirlwind of vitriol immediately after Senate Bill 1070 was […]

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