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    Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s contempt-of-court hearings to proceed in fall

    Attorneys for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be in court Friday in matters related to the lawman's contempt-of-court hearings.
  • Phoenix police lieutenant: Illegal immigrants and crime

    Lt. Lauri Burgett, 26-year veteran of the Phoenix Police department, spoke with Rob and Mike on the relationship between crime and immigration.
  • Grant Woods voices support for Gang of 8’s immigration bill

    Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods said he supports an immigration bill being proposed by a group of U.S. senators.
  • Arizona construction suffers under SB 1070

    The controversial immigration law SB 1070 has apparently affected Arizona's construction industry since the bill was signed by Gov. Jan Brewer in 2010.
  • Hope, fear collide for local immigrant on expired visa

    An undocumented worker is counting on immigration reform to give her family a better future.
  • Immigrant Phoenix sisters see future with DREAM

    Immigrant Phoenix sisters see future with DREAM

    Deferred Action has given Valley sisters Dulce and Viviana Vazquez a hopeful future.
  • Immigration reform’s crossroads to impact Arizona’s economy

    After years of barreling down the rough road of contentious debate, which was destined for repeated dead end, the nation finally appears headed toward comprehensive immigration reform — including a pathway to citizenship.
  • Russell Pearce: Gang of 8 a threat to United States

    Former Arizona Sen. Russell Pearce said an immigration bill proposed by a group of senators is a danger to the United States.
  • Latino education and Arizona’s economy

    Finally, there is hope. Arizona is emerging from the Great Recession. Unemployment is down. Housing prices are rising. Tourists are back. Small shops and restaurants are opening their doors.
  • Education, innovation and economic growth

    Reform of our nation's immigration system is a divisive issue and the imperative for lawmakers to produce a comprehensive bill that is both equitable and benefi cial to our economy has never been more urgent.