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  • AP IMPACT: Meth fills hospitals with burn patients

    Associated Press ST. LOUIS (AP) – A crude new method of making methamphetamine poses a risk even to Americans who never get anywhere near the drug: It is filling hospitals with thousands of uninsured burn patients requiring millions of dollars in advanced treatment _ a burden so costly that it’s contributing to the closure of […]
  • Britain OKs television ads for abortion clinics

    LONDON (AP) – Britain’s broadcast advertising body has given the go-ahead for private abortion clinics to advertise their services on television. The Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice says there is no justification for barring private clinics that offer post-pregnancy services, including abortions, from advertising on television. Nonprofit post-pregnancy services are already allowed to advertise on […]
  • America hits the brakes on health care spending

    Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) – Is health-care relief finally in sight? Health spending stabilized as a share of the nation’s economy in 2010 after two back-to-back years of historically low growth, the government reported Monday. Experts debated whether it’s a fleeting consequence of the sluggish economy, or a real sign that cost controls by private […]