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  • Opioid maker used rap video to push powerful painkiller

    BOSTON (AP) — Employees at a drug company accused of bribing doctors rapped and danced around a person dressed as a bottle of the highly addictive fentanyl spray in a video meant to motivate sales reps to push the drug. The video was shown to jurors this week in the closely watched trial in Boston […]
  • Year in space put US astronaut’s disease defenses on alert

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly a year in space put astronaut Scott Kelly’s immune system on high alert and changed the activity of some of his genes compared to his Earth-bound identical twin, researchers said Friday. Scientists don’t know if the changes were good or bad but results from a unique NASA twins study are raising […]
  • Boil-water advisory ends in Dayton, Ohio

    DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — Boil-water advisories have ended for the Dayton, Ohio, area. City authorities said late Friday morning that water samples were clear of bacteria, and Montgomery County followed later in the day after concluding water was safe to drink without boiling first. Some 100,000 people began their day under a boil-water advisory. Crews […]
  • $1M bond set for suspect accused of setting deputy on fire

    RAVENNA, Ohio (AP) — A judge has set a $1 million bond for a man charged with setting an Ohio sheriff’s deputy on fire, causing serious burns when the deputy and other officers tried to arrest him on a felony warrant. Forty-five-year-old Jay Brannon appeared in court Friday afternoon in Ravenna after being charged with […]
  • Teen sickened after schoolmate gives her marijuana edible

    FAIR LAWN, N.J. (AP) — A 13-year-old girl has been accused of giving edible marijuana gummy bears to some classmates at her school, causing another girl to be hospitalized. The investigation began last week after a 14-year-old Fair Lawn girl became ill after school and police were called. The girl was taken to a hospital […]
  • Anesthesia, if limited, can be safe for baby’s brain

    Anesthesia during a short surgery doesn’t harm a baby’s brain development, according to an experiment involving hundreds of infants in seven countries. While the study can’t answer broader safety questions about repeated or prolonged anesthesia, it may ease the worries of millions of parents whose children have been put to sleep for common procedures. “These […]
  • Medicare ambulance rides may no longer end up at ER

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Medicare wants to change how it pays for emergency ambulance services to give seniors more options besides going to a hospital emergency department, officials said Thursday. Other options could include going to an urgent care center, a doctor’s office, or even treatment at home under supervision of a doctor via telehealth links. […]
  • Trump gains weight, now considered obese; cholesterol down

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has put on some pounds and is now officially considered obese. The White House on Thursday released results of his most recent physical, revealing that his Body Mass Index is now 30.4. That’s based on the fact that he’s now carrying 243 pounds on his 6-foot, 3-inch frame. That’s […]
  • First lady makes Valentine’s Day art with pediatric patients

    BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — Melania Trump showed love for her new hometown during a Valentine’s Day arts-and-crafts session with pediatric patients Thursday. At a station where children wrote their “favorite things” on construction paper hearts, the first lady went with “My favorite city is Washington.” She signed the heart with her name and stuck it […]
  • Ex-Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper supports universal health care

    HENNIKER, N.H. (AP) — John Hickenlooper, the former governor of Colorado who is considering a run for president in 2020, said Thursday he supports universal health care and thinks the U.S. eventually should provide it. But as other Democrats already in the race endorse “Medicare-for-all,” Hickenlooper told a crowd at a New Hampshire college that […]