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  • Synthetic pot leads to nationwide spike in hospitalizations

    A huge nationwide spike in hospitalizations last month caused by a class of drugs often called "synthetic marijuana" illustrates the potency and dangers of the chemicals used to make them and the shifty tactics authorities believe manufacturers are using to evade regulation.
  • Listeria contamination in Blue Bell plants goes back 2 years

    Blue Bell Creameries knew there was listeria in one of the company's plants as far back as March 2013, according to a government investigation. But the company didn't issue any recalls or shut down its production until after the products were linked to listeria illnesses this year -- including three deaths in Kansas.
  • Listeria found in Blue Bell ice cream plant in 2013

    Blue Bell ice cream had evidence of listeria bacteria in its Oklahoma manufacturing plant as far back as March 2013, a government investigation found. The Texas-based company continued to ship ice cream produced in that plant after what the Food and Drug Administration says was inadequate cleaning.
  • Decomposing turkeys and chickens lead to odors, flies

    Millions of dead chickens and turkeys lie in stinking, fly-swarmed piles near dozens of Iowa farms, casualties of a bird flu virus that's swept through the state's large poultry operations in the last month.
  • Ebola is found in doctor’s eye months after virus left blood

    more than 4,700 -- plans on Saturday to declare the outbreak over in that country unless new cases are discovered.
  • Indiana officials hopeful HIV outbreak may be subsiding

    After months of mounting HIV cases, a rural county that's facing Indiana's worst-ever HIV outbreak is seeing a dwindling number of new infections, possibly signaling that the outbreak is winding down, a state health official said Thursday.
  • FDA schedules meeting on twice-rejected female libido drug

    The Food and Drug Administration will ask a group of outside medical experts next month to evaluate a much-debated experimental drug designed to boost sexual desire in women.
  • Study: Vaccination against measles may have other benefits

    A new study suggests the measles shot comes with a bonus: By preventing that disease, the vaccine may also help your body fight off other illnesses for years.
  • La Scala cancels Pollini’s Expo concert due to tendinitis

    La Scala has announced the cancellation of a concert in its Expo 2015 series by pianist Maurizio Pollini because he's suffering from tendinitis.
  • At a Glance: Coping with grief at work

    The sudden passing of Dave Goldberg, the popular Silicon Valley executive and husband of Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, touches a subject most workers probably don't consider until they have to. In the U.S., many companies offer a few days' paid leave after the death of a close family member. But grieving is a process that takes much longer than that. Experts and those who have dealt with loss offer a few coping strategies: