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  • Research finds Twitter useful in tracking epidemics

    Researchers at BYU are currently studying how, through filters and geolocation, Twitter can help catch epidemics and outbreaks ahead of the curve.
  • Dr. Google? Americans go online for health info, but Pew says doctor still primary

    Most Americans looked online for health information in the last year and one-third used the Internet as a diagnostic tool, says a survey from Pew Research Center. But health professionals still provide most care-related information and guidance.
  • ER visits tied to energy drinks double since 2007

    Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A new government survey suggests the number of people seeking emergency treatment after consuming energy drinks has doubled nationwide during the past four years, the same period in which the supercharged drink industry has surged in popularity in convenience stores, bars and on college campuses. From 2007 to 2011, […]
  • Expert points to link between obesity and cancer risk

    While only seven percent of Americans surveyed in a recent poll mentioned cancer as a consequence of obesity, local experts emphasize that the link between obesity and cancer is real.
  • Tackling a child’s weight issues is a touchy subject

    America is in an "obesity epidemic," but how is a parent supposed to address real concerns about a child's weight and overall health without unleashing unwanted effects or smashing a child's confidence and self-esteem?
  • Overweight-only gym fosters supportive atmosphere

    Associated Press DALLAS (AP) – Downsize Fitness is an exclusive health club, evocative of the nation’s trendiest gyms. But there’s a strict requirement to join: You must be 50 pounds or more overweight. The chain wants its members to feel comfortable while exercising, so there are no mirrors inside and the windows are fogged. Even […]
  • Ky. court upholds decision in penis removal case

    Associated Press LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – A Kentucky man lost his bid Friday to force a doctor to pay damages for removing a cancer-riddled section of his penis during what was scheduled to be a simple circumcision. The Kentucky Court of Appeals found that a jury correctly concluded that 66-year-old Phillip Seaton of Waddy consented […]
  • Respiratory virus season underway in Arizona

    While many are focused on the holiday season, local health experts are warning that another season is also now underway -- respiratory virus season, which is leading hospitals to take visitor precautions.
  • 5 Health food basics

    Ease into healthy eating by following simple tips like, adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, cutting back on processed foods and understanding food labels.
  • Many may be unknowingly affected by top health risk

    With recently published research reporting that high blood pressure is the leading health risk worldwide, a massive number of individuals may be experiencing internal damage without even knowing it.