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  • Pioneer in spreading Lamaze childbirth method in US dies

    When Elisabeth Bing became interested in childbirth techniques in the 1950s, women were often heavily medicated, dads were generally nowhere near the delivery room and expectant parents had far less information than many do today.
  • INSIDE WASHINGTON: Insurers pass tax along to the states

    There’s more than a touch of absurdity in the way an industry fee in President Barack Obama’s health care law is being passed along to state taxpayers. As Alice in Wonderland might say, a curious tax just got curiouser. The burden to states could mount to $13 billion in less than a decade. The Health […]
  • Morocco king eases restrictions on abortion for incest, rape

    Moroccan King Mohammed VI has ordered that laws restricting abortion be loosened, allowing it in the case of rape, incest, danger to the mother's health or fetal malformation.
  • 1,450 Blue Bell workers losing jobs after listeria problems

    Blue Bell Creameries will lay off more than a third of its workforce following a series of listeria illnesses linked to its ice cream that prompted a nationwide recall of all its products, the Texas company announced Friday.
  • Coroner, doctor: B.B. King died after series of mini strokes

    B.B. King's physician and the coroner in Las Vegas say the 89-year-old blues legend died of a series of small strokes attributable to his longstanding battle with type 2 diabetes.
  • Cardiologists, veterinarian work together to fix cat’s heart

    A California cat named Vanilla Bean with a congenital heart defect got a rare chance at another life.
  • Latest war adds new generation of mental trauma in Iraq

    The group of women, members of Iraq's Yazidi religious minority, first did deep breathing as a relaxation technique. Then, as their children played in the center of the room, they talked about the traumas they had lived through when Islamic State extremists rampaged through their town.
  • Post consolidates cereal-making business in Minnesota

    Post Holdings Inc. said Friday it will merge two of its cereal businesses, headquarter them in Minnesota and close a New Jersey office as it separately grapples with a widening bird flu outbreak that has forced it to discontinue some products and tweak prices.
  • Nigeria: 28 kids killed by lead poisoning from gold mining

    Twenty-eight children have died from lead poisoning from illegal gold mining in a remote west-central village, Nigerian health officials said, while doctors still are treating thousands from an earlier outbreak.
  • Wyden zips among issues, colleagues, re-election bid

    Running flat out for a new term at home and tiptoeing through tough issues in the Capitol, Ron Wyden brags that he's "different, like Oregon."