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  • Lawyer: Officer didn’t target black teens at Texas pool

    A white Texas police officer was not targeting minorities when he wrestled a black teenage girl to the ground and brandished his gun outside a pool party, his lawyer said, but rather was fraught with emotion after responding earlier to two suicide calls.
  • Georgia woman who used abortion pills still faces legal woes

    A Georgia woman spent nearly three days in jail without bond before prosecutors decided police had wrongly charged her with murder after being told she had used pills ordered online to terminate her pregnancy.
  • California settles heat-death lawsuits, agrees to improve

    Family members of two farm workers who died from suspected heat-related illnesses and a labor union have settled their lawsuits against California on the condition that the state do more to ensure laborers are safe when temperatures rise.
  • Blue Bell: Listeria source likely ID’d at Oklahoma plant

    Blue Bell Creameries believes the listeria found at its Oklahoma facility is likely linked to a non-sanitary room, though the company has not been able to pinpoint a single source for the contamination at its Texas plant, according to a report released Wednesday.
  • Officials monitoring rodents for plague at Grand Canyon

    Summertime in Arizona's higher terrain means an increased risk of residents and tourists coming into contact with rodents that carry the plague. Health officials spend the warmer months monitoring squirrels, mice and prairie dogs for the rare but sometimes fatal disease. They also warn the public to avoid contact with wildlife and recommend that pets have flea collars or be sprayed routinely.
  • FDA panel backs Amgen cholesterol drug for some patients

    Federal health advisers said Wednesday that a highly-anticipated cholesterol-lowering drug from Amgen Inc. should be approved for patients with dangerously high levels of the artery-clogging substance.
  • Study: Rape prevention training works, cuts sex assault risk

    about 3 percent in the training group versus more than 9 percent of the others.
  • Big Easy Foods recalls some stuffed chickens sold nationwide

    A Louisiana food company is recalling some stuffed chickens sold nationwide because the label didn't show wheat, a potential allergen.
  • NYC Health Department proposes high-sodium warning on menus

    New York City's Health Department wants all chain restaurants to warn customers about products that are high in salt.
  • Health head: Congress’ problem if court voids health law aid

    Congress and the states will need to find an answer if the Supreme Court strikes down the federal subsidies that are a foundation of President Barack Obama's health care law, his health secretary told lawmakers Wednesday.