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  • China patient gets life for stabbing medical staff

    BEIJING (AP) – A Chinese court has sentenced a teenager to life in prison for killing a medical intern and stabbing three other workers at a hospital in northeastern China. The attack by 17-year-old Li Mengnan was part of a recent spate of violence by patients against medical staff that has been seen as a […]
  • NM peanut capital at heart of national recall

    Associated Press ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) – When Jo Chambers heard about a peanut butter recall that included her daily staple of Trader Joe’s almond butter, she worried she might get sick. “At first I thought, am I going to die over this?” Chambers said. But she returned to the store to stock up on the […]
  • NYC, rabbis clash over circumcision ritual

    Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) – A group of rabbis are clashing with New York City health officials over the safety of an ancient circumcision ritual. Three rabbis and three Jewish groups sued the city Thursday in an attempt to block enforcement of a new regulation requiring written parental consent for the rite, which health […]
  • 21 accused in NYC of selling meds on Craigslist

    Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) – The Craigslist ad offered Percocet pills for sale, but warned: “No LE please.” Meaning: No law enforcement. Like that made a difference. The 40-year-old man accused of placing the ad was among 21 people arrested in an attempt by the New York Police Department to make an example out […]
  • UK Health Secretary backs 12-week abortion limit

    LONDON (AP) – Britain’s new health secretary has said he favors reducing the limit for women to have abortions from 24 weeks of pregnancy to 12, sparking criticism from opposition lawmakers and women’s rights activists. Jeremy Hunt, who took up the job just a few weeks ago, said he believed that 12 weeks was “the […]
  • Amy Donaldson: The fight against childhood obesity starts at home

    The fight against childhood obesity starts at home. The fight against childhood obesity starts at home.
  • Harvard/Yale study links teen obesity to sugary beverages

    New research validates the word of doctors and health advocates who warn that sugar-sweetened beverages play a significant role in the obesity epidemic.
  • Morning-after pills available at 13 NYC schools

    NEW YORK (AP) – The New York City Department of Education is making the morning-after-pill available to high school girls at 13 public schools. The DOE says girls as young as 14 will be able to get the Plan B emergency contraception without parental consent. Parents have been notified about the CATCH pilot program and […]
  • Cancer deadlier now than heart disease for U.S. hispanics

    Cancer has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death for U.S. Hispanics, and experts estimate cancer could overtake heart disease as the top U.S. killer overall as early as this year.
  • Study: Stress in the workplace increases heart attack risks

    People with straining, rigorous jobs have nearly 25 percent increased risk of heart attack, according to a new study published in the journal The Lancet.