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  • Grocers: Vermont GMO law could lead to fines of $10M a day

    Vermont's first-in-the-nation law requiring the labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms could cost the nation's grocers up to $10 million a day in fines, according to a letter from an industry organization that is suing the block the law.
  • Pro-vaccination dad Perez Hilton plans Father’s Day at home

    Sunday will be Perez Hilton's first Father's Day with his baby girl, but he won't be going out to celebrate.
  • Lawyers file document laying out Hinckley release conditions

    Lawyers for the government and Ronald Reagan's would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr. have come to an agreement on certain conditions he would abide by if he is allowed to live full-time outside a mental hospital, but they still disagree about how far officials should be allowed to go in monitoring him.
  • Medicare project: House calls for frail seniors cut costs

    The humble house call is being put to the test to see if it can improve care and cut costs for some of Medicare's frailest patients -- and new data suggests it can work.
  • Thailand reports first confirmed case of deadly MERS virus

    Thailand confirmed on Thursday its first known case of the deadly MERS virus, a 75-year-old man who recently arrived from Oman for treatment of a heart condition.
  • Global raids lead to 600 seizures of wildlife contraband

    A series of raids conducted across Asia, Africa and Europe resulted in more than 300 arrests and over 600 seizures of assorted wildlife contraband -- from several tons of ivory and rhino horns to whale ribs and sea horses, authorities said Thursday.
  • South Korea’s MERS deaths reach 23

    South Korea said Thursday that 23 people have died and more than 6,700 are isolated at homes and medical facilities as officials continue their efforts to put the MERS outbreak under control.
  • California on cusp of offering young immigrants health care

    In a move that adds momentum to efforts to integrate immigrants, California is on the cusp of extending state-subsidized health care coverage to children from low-income families who are in the country illegally.
  • Rhode Island toddler dies of suspected bacterial infection

    More than a dozen children at a day care have been given preventative antibiotics as a precaution after a toddler there died of a suspected bacterial infection, the state Department of Health said Wednesday.
  • Congressional GOP plans to continue health law subsidies

    Congressional Republicans will move to temporarily continue health care subsidies for millions of people if the Supreme Court overturns the aid, according to plans discussed Wednesday in the House and Senate.