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  • Maryland governor’s challenge: Balance work, cancer therapy

    When Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan dropped the bombshell news Monday that he has "very advanced" and "very aggressive" cancer of the lymph nodes, he pledged to keep working and to balance his cancer treatment with the pressing demands of his new administration.
  • Things to know: Maryland governor plans for cancer treatment

    Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Monday that he has been diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes, calling it "very advanced and very aggressive." Hogan vowed to continue to work, though he acknowledged that he will miss some days while he undergoes intensive chemotherapy treatments. Here are five things to know about Hogan's announcement:
  • Bleak prospects for injured survivors of Nepali quake

    The powerful earthquakes that shook Nepal in April and May took more than 8,700 lives, but they also injured more than 22,000 people who are now struggling to recover from broken bones, lost limbs and other injuries, uncertain if they will ever be able to return to the lives they once knew.
  • Niagara recalls bottled spring water on E. coli concern

    Niagara Bottling has recalled 14 brands of bottled spring water produced at two Pennsylvania manufacturing plants after the operator of one of its contracted springs failed to reveal evidence of E. coli bacteria at the spring source.
  • Maryland governor says he first detected tumor while shaving

    Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says he is moved by the outpouring of support he's receiving from around the state and country after revealing his recent cancer diagnosis.
  • Samsung heir apologizes for MERS spread at Samsung hospital

    The heir of the Samsung business empire bowed deep in apology Tuesday as criticism mounted over a Samsung hospital's role in spreading Middle East respiratory syndrome in South Korea.
  • Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says he has cancer of lymph nodes

    Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Monday he has "very advanced" and "very aggressive" cancer of the lymph nodes, but he said he will fight for a full recovery and continue to work as the state's chief elected official.
  • Feds paying for sewer analysis of pot usage in Washington

    The federal government is chipping in money for a three-year pilot study using sewage samples to determine levels of marijuana use in two Washington cities -- research that could help answer some key questions about pot legalization, the University of Puget Sound announced Monday.
  • Chile authorities declare, then lift environmental emergency

    Authorities in Chile's capital shut down hundreds of businesses and ordered hundreds of thousands of cars off the streets Monday as a gray carpet of smog caused an environmental emergency in the city hosting the Copa America soccer tournament.
  • Doctors warn against dangers of skinny jeans: Don’t squat

    Attention wearers of skinny jeans: don't squat -- at least not for long.