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  • Professor: Loss of family programming cost for quality TV

    It's no coincidence that a drop in family-friendly programming occurred as some of TV's best shows began to air, a media professor said.
  • It takes a village: The family side of Luke Air Force Base

    They say it takes a village to raise a child. Luke Air Force Base has become that village to help military spouses raise their children while their spouse is away on deployment. The lives of Senior Master Sgt. Plez Glenn and his wife, Master Sgt. Tenequa Glenn, were turned upside down when Tenequa was deployed […]
  • Teen pregnancy on the decline in the Valley

    Popular shows like “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” have been said to glamorize teen pregnancy but they may be helping more than harming. Ashley Butler, community outreach director for Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services, said Valley teen pregnancy rates are on the decline. She believes shows like “Teen Mom” accurately depict the struggles of teen […]
  • Therapist: Families need to carve out one night a week

    In today’s world, families are constantly pulled in 1,000 different directions. Things like work projects, sports and homework get in the way of “traditional” family time at home. “I think a lot of people, with their busy schedules, aren’t sitting down at the dinner table at night, so they have to be a little more […]
  • Healthy Steps for Young Children Program to focus on child and caregiver communication

    A national initiative at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center is reinventing the way families communicate with their child's health care specialist.
  • Turning over ‘A New Leaf’ for the Valley’s homeless population

    The city of Phoenix may be making progress on cutting down the number of homeless veterans, but families are still struggling in the metro area.
  • Teaching your kids to save is key

    For many parents, it’s hard to know when money should go from a “mommy and daddy issue” to a family issue. A local family, the Richards, have found that sooner is far better than later. Rick and Melissa Richards taught their children, 11-year-old Anna and 8-year-old Josh, when they were each 7 years old. Their […]
  • Expert: Teach children about finances now not later

    During the recession, Arizona became known as one of the least financial literate states in the country. Last year, it became one of 17 states that requires financial literacy courses in high school, but is that enough? Financial expert and planner, Laurie Bagley said, “That’s too late.” She said its all about the digital age […]
  • Technology: Helpful or harmful in connecting families?

    The age old question in a new age of technology is, “How is this affecting the family dynamics?” In an article from HowStuffWorks, five reasons are given as to why technology could be causing problems among families. The reasons were as follows: School performance, quality time, a less empathetic generation, blurred boundaries and, the chief […]
  • Doctor: Disparity between social media, reality a struggle for millennials

    From Generation Y to Generation I, could it be that iPods and iPads have kids thinking it’s social “ME”-dia? Dr. Jean Twenge, author of “Generation Me” and “The Narcissism Epidemic,” said the struggle between social media and social reality is now the status quo. “Leave blame out and just say this is how the culture […]