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  • Scripture of the Day 05.21.12

    Mark 16:15 — He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Follow @KTAR923
  • Quote of the Day 05.21.12

    I am never bored anywhere; being bored is an insult to oneself. — Jules Renard Follow @KTAR923
  • Brian and Kerry are debt free!

    Brian and Kerry start the show off right – with a debt-free scream! They are from California and have come to Dave’s studio to shout that they’ve paid off $210,000 in 43 months! They earn $140,000 a year sold a BMW and a motorcycle to accelerate the process. Brian talks about how life-changing the whole […]
  • Blake’s Bumps for 05.17.12

    Embrace Ashes Donna Summer She Works Hard For The Money Widespread Panic Ain’t Life Grand Pearl Jam Dissident Switchfoot Free Rancid Fall Back Down The Cult Wake Up Time For Freedom Velvet Revolver The Last Fight Casting Crowns Set Me Free Follow Blake’s Bumps on Twitter or Tumblr. Follow @KTAR923
  • A Common Mistake

    Question: Chris in Arizona and his wife are at odds. She wants to pay off the truck first and Chris wants to start with the smallest debt. She thinks paying off the truck will free up more money to attack the other debts. Dave sees how she wants to pay on something with a big […]
  • Scripture of the Day 05.17.12

    Matthew 13:16 – But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. Follow @KTAR923
  • Quote of the Day 05.17.12

    Either control your own destiny, or someone else will! – John F. Welch, Jr. Follow @KTAR923
  • Dave’s Thoughts On Prenups

    Question: James in Tennessee asks Dave why he doesn’t like prenuptial agreements. He’s considering marriage, and he owes $50,000 on a home worth $120,000. Dave is happy to explain his stance on prenups. Answer: I would not do a prenuptial agreement in this case. The number of people hitting on people for $120,000 is almost […]