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  • How can I tell if hackers have any of my passwords?

    If you’ve been using the internet for more than a couple of years, you can assume that one or several of your passwords have been compromised.
  • What is a secure method of encrypting email messages?

    Email continues to be the most common communication channel for small businesses to interact with their clients, but it’s also one of the least secure.
  • Should I be using a VPN service on my smartphone?

    There are a number of reasons for using a Virtual Private Network, especially for mobile devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Tech-related resolutions to keep in mind as 2019 approaches

    With 2019 quickly approaching, a number of tech resolutions can help keep your personal information safe from potential hackers.
  • Need help wading through all streaming TV service options?

    There’s never been a better time to switch to a streaming TV service, but the downside to so many choices is that it makes the decision much more confusing.
  • How do USB security keys work and should I get one?

    Your online assets have long been one of the major targets of hackers and the only thing keeping them out of your accounts is your passwords.
  • Which Android should I consider if I’m switching from an iPhone?

    As the sophistication of smartphones improves, the gaps between brands and platforms has narrowed, leading users to wonder if they should switch from iPhone to Android.
  • What is SIM hijacking and how do I prevent it from happening to me?

    Due to the level of reliance with our smartphones, an effective scam known as SIM swapping or SIM hijacking has been on the rise.
  • It’s rare for browser extensions to be dangerous, but take precautions

    Allowing anything into your browser can potentially allow others to monitor everything you’re doing or modify what you’ll actually see as you’re surfing the web. Thoroughly evaluate browser extensions before installation.
  • Should I use a service that scans dark web for my personal information?

    A service being offered by various security companies is a Dark Web Scan, which sounds pretty impressive based on the name. But should you use it?