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  • Smart home basics: things you need to know to get started

    Smartphone technology gave users new levels of freedom. Your phone became a mobile office, a computer, a camera, a social media hub, a gaming system and much more. The next level in the technology revolution is embracing smart home capabilities. Smart homes can save money while being environmentally friendly and can even potentially save lives […]
  • The best television shows on the internet

    Younger people cannot imagine a time when there were only three program choices on a 13-inch black-and-white TV and one had to change channels using a dial on the front of the television. Back then, if you missed a show when it originally aired, you wouldn’t be able to see it again until it was […]
  • Football is here: 6 tips to make this your best season ever

    As the heat of the summer starts melting away, the fall football season starts kicking into gear. With a little preparation, you can make the 2016 season the best ever and impress your friends and family with your tailgating and pigskin party skills. Here are some tips for becoming the football hostess with the mostest. Ramp […]
  • Protect your family with these 7 home security features

    In the recent past, most home security systems fulfilled a single function: They triggered an alarm if there was an unauthorized entry into a residence. While protecting a house against intruders remains an important component of home security, today’s systems offer far more versatility. It is similar to comparing old rotary telephones to modern smartphones. […]