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  • 5 ultimate, all-time Golden Globe award snubs

    This article is Sponsored by CenturyLink. Through its 73-year history controversy erupts annually before and after the Golden Globe Awards are nominated and then announced. Ninety-three members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association choose the winners of the Golden Globe Awards for excellence in film and television and they often leave out films and programs […]
  • The best holiday TV classics you won’t want to miss

    This article is Sponsored by CenturyLink. For some holiday lovers, a year without watching the classics would be like a year without Santa Claus. Luckily, thanks to Prism TV’s ability to search, record and view on the go, you won’t have to miss out on Christmas film traditions. Here are a few holiday films you won’t want […]
  • Women or men, young or old: Who really watches the most TV?

    This article is Sponsored by CenturyLink. A generation or so ago, watching television involved sitting in front of a square box and manually flipping through a dozen channels. Many households had a single set, which could create contention as family members competed to see who got to choose the program. Obviously, the current situation is […]